Ibeno Beach: A Top Choice To Visit In Nigeria

Ibeno Beach Nigeria

The Ibeno beach, located at Eket, Akwa Ibom state, is a marvel several visitors throng to each year.  The picturesque scenery and seamless merging with nature make Ibeno a top choice. I’ve been to Ibeno beach on several occasions. And throughout my time at this beach, I picked up a lot of tips you could … Read more

Llamani Beach Albania: A Travel Guide

Llamani Beach in Albania

Llamani Beach is part of the town of Himare, known for its lovely beaches and crystal blue water. It has come a long way from being a tiny, sleepy fishing village. The Albanian people are welcoming and love having visitors in their country. This area is still populated with many ethnic Greeks, so that you … Read more

12 Fascinating Beaches In Ghana To Visit

Beaches in Ghana

When you get to any international airport in Accra, it’s sure you’d be greeted with ‘Akwaaba Chale,’ Ghana’s famous greeting meaning ‘welcome my friend.’ And when you get to the Aborigines, Ankobra, Bojo, Busua, and Coconut Grove beaches in Ghana, it’s sure you’d know you’re a genuinely welcome friend. This country has over 500km of … Read more

Ifoko Beach: The Perfect Getaway For Beach Lovers

Ifoko Beach Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful country full of the warmest people. They enjoy it when tourists come to their nation to see the sights.  Ifoko Beach is one of the must-see spots for anyone coming to the country. One of the essential things about Ifoko Beach is that this beach is manmade.  Unlike other beaches in … Read more

Top 5 Beaches In Britain

Beaches In Britain

Formally referred to as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Britain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and three other seas. With over 12000 kilometers of coastline, Britain lacks coastal towns and stunning beaches. In this article, we listed five beaches in Britain you must visit. Let’s get into it! Five Beaches … Read more

11 Unspoiled Beaches In Angola

Beaches In Angola

Angola is an African nation that borders Nambia. The country’s terrain varies from Atlantic beaches and winding rivers to deserts.  There is also a heavy Portuguese flavor in the country from its time as a territory. Portuguese is still the official language of Angola.  But the treasure in this country is the beaches. The country … Read more

20 Best Beaches In Sri Lanka (#13 Best To See Turtle)

Beaches in Sri Lanka

When you visit some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Sri Lanka has to be high on your choice list.  This Asian paradise has some of the most picturesque and sensational scenes you’d ever see. Most tourists to have touched down on the beaches in Sri Lanka always return. Sri Lanka is a perfect holidaying … Read more

Top 6 Beaches In Congo, Central Africa

Beaches In Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo maybe isn’t everyone’s top pick for a vacation destination.  But this small country in Central Africa boasts amazing exotic beaches just waiting for you to discover them.  Planning on visiting Pointe-Noire, the Congo’s most western coastal city?  This list of the top 6 beaches in Congo will guide you … Read more

20 Wonderful Beaches In Australia

Beaches In Australia

Australia is well-known for its surf, so there is no surprise it is replenished with marvelous coastlines and reefs.  A wide variety of beaches and bays extends from one district to the other, each with its individuality.  Bondi, Bronte, Noosa, Semaphore, and Cape Byron beaches in Australia are very famous for their attractions. From the … Read more

Top 15 Spectacular Beaches In Guatemala

Beaches In Guatemala

Guatemala is a coastline-rich country in Latin America. When you get to Guatemala, you’d instantly notice the diverse, intriguing culture of the locals. There’s so much relaxation you’ve got to get in that vacation period, so it’s best you set out to one (or more) of Guatemala’s beaches.  Balneario El Chulaquito, Champerico, El Paredon, Iztapa, … Read more