16 Wonderful Beaches In Belize You Must Visit

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Belize is a small nation that sits on the eastern coast of Central America, with over 240 miles of coastline. 

It has the pure blue water of the Caribbean on one side and lush jungles on the West. It is primarily surrounded by Guatemala and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. 

Once you leave the land and head offshore, you can visit the mini islands that dot the coast, called cayes. 

There are over 450 cayes that are part of Belize. 

Tourists can venture into the jungles to explore Mayan ruins when not enjoying the sun and sand. 

There is no shortage of things for a visitor to do. 

Let’s examine the 16 best beaches in Belize.

15 Mind-blowing Beach Destinations in Belize

The Best 16 Beaches In Belize

 If you’re looking for some of the best beaches in Belize, check out the list below.

1. Old Belize Beach

  • Old Belize Beach Location: George Price Highway, Belize
  • Old Belize Attractions: historical sites, giant water slide, water activities

Old Belize is almost like a type of resort. Visitors can take in many activities all in one location. 

There are train rides that can take you around the area to get a feel for the history and culture of Belize. 

There are also restaurants sprinkled throughout the area that serves exquisite food. 

Many beaches within Old Belize offer the chance to sunbathe and participate in water activities. 

You can also enjoy a 90-foot water slide and boat rides from the marina. This is an excellent destination for all age groups, couples, and families.

2. Caye Caulker Beach

Caye Caulker Beach Belize
  • Caye Caulker Beach Location: Caye Caulker, Belize
  • Caye Caulker Beach Attractions: wildlife preserve, bike riding, sunbathing

Caye Caulker is one of the many mini islands off the coast of Belize that reside in the Caribbean. 

This island is virtually free from cars, and the locals live a very casual lifestyle. 

You will find people driving around on bikes or golf carts, and it isn’t uncommon to see animals resting on the road. 

When visiting here, expect a much more laid-back vacation. 

Tourists’ biggest draws are the multiple nature preserves found throughout the Caye showcasing anything from marine life to birds.

3. Goff’s Caye Beach

  • Goff’s Caye Beach Location: Goff’s Caye, Belize
  • Goff’s Caye Beach Attractions: sunbathing, wildlife observation, historical site

Goff’s Caye is about 30 minutes by boat off the coast. This extremely tiny caye sits right on the edge of the Belize Barrier Reef. 

This caye is not inhabited. Visitors have the place to themselves. The island has been preserved and is free from commercialism. 

Goff’s Caye is also a registered historical site since the mini island was the site of a colonial-era settlement.

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4. Corozal Beach

  • Corozal Beach Location: Corozal, Belize
  • Corozal Beach Attractions: sunbathing, shopping, fishing

The town of Corozal is located almost 90 miles from Belize City but is less than 10 miles from the Belize/Mexico border. 

It is also located near a hub of retail shops in Belize that are duty-free. This draws tourists to the area to take advantage of those savings. 

Additionally, since Corozal doesn’t have the same attractions and amenities as other Belize resort towns, many visitors flock to Corozal to take fishing trips. 

The town is well known as a fishing village.

5. Belizean Beach

Belizean Beach
  • Belizean Beach Location: Belize
  • Belizean Beach Attractions: sunbathing, swimming, historical sites

Belizean Beach is a beach that doesn’t draw the level of crowds that other nearby beaches face. 

Here you can spread out and enjoy yourself while you are relaxing. 

Close to the beach, you will find many historical sites, governmental buildings that you can tour, and art galleries to visit.

6. Alaia Beach

  • Alaia Beach Location: San Pedro Town, Belize
  • Alaia Beach Attractions: luxury hotels, fine dining, sunbathing

Alaia is a beach that is part of San Pedro. This beach includes many luxury hotels and resorts, along with all the amenities that come with them. 

The area has coined “ barefoot luxury” as the picture they want to sell to their guests. 

The primary mode of transit through this resort is a golf cart. Visitors staying at the hotels in this area can rent villas on the beach to spend their day.

7. Maya Beach, Placencia

  • Maya Beach, Placencia Location: Maya Beach, Placencia, Belize
  • Maya Beach, Placencia Attractions: swimming, canoeing, snorkeling

Maya Beach is a part of the Placencia Peninsula. This beach is on a small, slender island of the coast with only about 225 year-round residents. 

Both the beach and the population of the area are pretty tiny. This makes it an ideal location to enjoy peace on your vacation. 

This beach doesn’t have a reputation for partying. The water is perfect for those who want to swim or participate in other activities like diving or snorkeling.

8. Ambergris Caye Beach

Ambergris Caye Beach Belize
  • Ambergris Caye Beach Location: Ambergris Caye, Belize
  • Ambergris Caye Beach Attractions: sunbathing, water sports, scuba diving

This is the largest of all of the islands and Cayes located off the coast of Belize. 

Its proximity to the Belize Barrier Reef offers opportunities for those who enjoy snorkeling and diving. 

There are also many chances to take boating trips and excursions. 

Being the largest of the islands, there are many historical sites, restaurants, and other activities to enjoy. 

This Caye is also the most populated and draws many visitors annually.

9. Hopkins Beach

  • Hopkins Beach Location: Stann Creek, Belize
  • Hopkins Beach Attractions: zip-lining, nature preserves, water sports

Hopkins is a very tiny village located in the Southern part of Belize. Over the last few years, the area has become a tourist hot spot. 

While only about 1000 residents of Hopkins, the village has become renowned for being friendly and welcoming to visitors. 

This town is known for showcasing the culture of Belize through Garifuna drumming. You can also visit a jaguar preserve, visit Mayan ruins, or go zip lining.

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10. Turneffe Atoll Beach

  • Turneffe Atoll Beach Location: Coast of Belize
  • Turneffe Atoll Beach Attractions: diving, fishing, privacy

Turneffe Atoll is a private club located on an atoll near the Belize Barrier Reef. It is one of the three atolls located in the reef. 

This atoll isn’t located very far off the coast, about 20 miles. This is a great vacation destination for those who like to fish or participate in other outdoor activities. 

Tourists come from around the world to participate in fishing and diving excursions. 

There are also several excellent hotels and resorts for visitors to stay in, so they don’t need to travel back and forth to the mainland.

11. South Water Caye Beach

South Water Caye Beach Belize
  • South Water Caye Beach Location: Southern Belize
  • South Water Caye Beach Attractions: spa treatments, fine dining, luxury amenities

South Water Caye is an excellent place for those seeking to stay in luxury resorts. Visitors will find many lodging and dining options available to them. 

This caye is also not very far from the mainland, just a few miles offshore. The privacy of this resort makes it great for sunbathing and swimming.

12. Silk Caye Beach

  • Silk Caye Beach Location: Placencia, Belize
  • Silk Caye Beach Attractions: nature tours, snorkeling, scuba diving

Originally called Queen Caye, the Silk Caye is now the place for tourists to go when looking for the best place to snorkel in Belize. 

That is the primary attraction in the area. The water is the most fantastic shade of blue, which makes it perfect for underwater excursions and watching sea life in their habitat. 

The water is so clear you can see virtually everything.

13. Glover’s Reef Atoll Beach

  • Glover’s Reef Atoll Beach Location: NE Caye, Glover’s Reef, Belize
  • Glover’s Reef Atoll Beach Attractions: kayaking, historical ruins, water sports

Glover’s Reef Atoll Beach is partially submerged and is one of three atolls off the coast of mainland Belize. 

The name Glover comes from a 17th-century pirate who used the atoll as his home base for all the loot he plundered. 

This is one of the bigger atolls at 20 and 7 miles in width. You can find many places to dine and rent water sports equipment.

14. Sapodilla Caye Beach

  • Sapodilla Caye Beach Location: Sapodilla Cayes, Belize
  • Sapodilla Caye Beach Attractions: marine reserve, fishing, sunbathing

The Sapodilla Caye sits off the shore of mainland Belize and in the Gulf of Honduras. It is one of the most southern points of the country’s cayes and atolls. 

This is a place to enjoy ultimate peace since this caye is uninhabited. You can come and enjoy nature the way it was intended. 

Many boat tours can help you transit to and from the caye. There is no lodging or other activities in the area since there are no inhabitants.

15. Laughingbird Caye Beach

Laughingbird Caye Beach Belize
  • Laughingbird Caye Beach Location: Stann Creek District, Belize
  • Laughingbird Caye Beach Attractions: national park, sunbathing, snorkeling

Welcome to another uninhabited caye in Belize. Laughingbird Caye has been turned into a national park to preserve the nature and beauty of the area. 

This caye got its name from a seagull that inhabited the area. Its “voice” sounded like a laugh. 

You can spend time here relaxing or scuba diving/snorkeling to see all the cool marine life near the caye. 

It can take 30 minutes to an hour to get here from the closest region of Placencia.

16. Venezia del Caribe Resort and Spa

  • Venezia del Caribe Resort and Spa Location: 3.5 North of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Belize
  • Venezia del Caribe Resort and Spa Attractions: spa treatments, sunbathing, dining

Venezia del Caribe Resort and Spa is a part of the Wyndham Resort chain, which runs properties across the globe. 

Visitors to this resort can expect high-quality spas and fine-dining restaurants. 

There is also a beach on the property where one can go and enjoy the sun while having a cocktail. 

It is near the town of Ambergris Caye. This is the place to stay if a person is looking for luxury on their vacation.

Rank By Attractions In Belize

RankBeachCity/AreaBest Time to VisitAttractions
1Old Belize BeachGeorge Price highwayJanuary – MayBoating, water slides, sunbathing
2Caye Caulker BeachCaye caulkerNovember – MarchSunbathing, snorkeling, boating
3Goff’s Caye BeachBelize cayesDecember – AprilSunbathing, snorkeling, boating
4Corozal BeachCorozalNovember – MarchBoating, diving, sunbathing
5Alaia BeachSan PedroJanuary – MaySunbathing, diving
6Maya Beach, PlacenciaPlacenciaJanuary – MayFishing, snorkeling, wildlife watching
7Ambergris Caye BeachAmbergris cayeDecember – AprilBoating, diving, sunbathing
8Hopkins BeachHopkinsDecember – AprilFishing, boating, sunbathing
9Turneffe Atoll BeachTurneffe AtollNovember – MarchDiving, fishing
10South Water Caye BeachDabgrigaDecember – AprilSnorkeling, boating
11Silk Caye BeachPlacenciaJanuary – MaySnorkeling, palm climbing, boating
12Glover’s Reef Atoll BeachGlover`s reefNovember – MarchDiving, fishing, boating
13Sapodilla Caye BeachPunta GordaJanuary – MaySnorkeling, scuba-diving, fishing
14Laughingbird Caye BeachPlacenciaJanuary – MayDiving, marine life watching
15Venezia del Caribe Resort and SpaAmbergris cayeNovember – MarchSpa, sunbathing


Belize is a stunning country that has so much to offer tourists. The water surrounding the coast, cayes, and atolls is some of the most beautiful worldwide.

Visitors will be greeted by friendly locals and a wide variety of activities. There is something for everyone here. 

When booking your next trip, add one of the top sixteen beaches in Belize to your itinerary.

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