Best Beaches In Exuma: Your Ultimate Guide To Bahamas Beach

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Are you daydreaming about soaking up the sun on a pristine Bahamian beach? Exuma is the hidden gem you’re looking for. Picture an archipelago where soft sands meet crystal-clear turquoise waters, and each beach offers an experience as unique as a seashell.

From the stretches of powdery shoreline on Great Exuma to the quieter, dreamy coves of Little Exuma, each sun-drenched spot in this tropical paradise offers a quintessential Bahamian experience.

Imagine wading into the shallow, warm waters right off Tropic Of Cancer Beach – also known as Pelican Beach – the longest stretch in the Exuma chain, perfect for a tranquil day of snorkeling.

Or consider the convenience and liveliness of Jolly Hall Beach, where powdery soft sand and welcoming turquoise waters are just a short drive north of Georgetown.

Nearby amenities can make your beach day a breeze, just in case you fancy a spontaneous tropical cocktail.

What about a beach touted as one of the best in the world? Emerald Bay’s mile-long expanse allows you to revel in its calm waters at any time of day. That moment just before sundown, the golden hour, truly makes a daily swim here nothing short of magical.

Whether you’re traveling with little ones or on a solo adventure, Exuma’s diverse coastline has a spot reserved just for you in this serene slice of heaven.

Discovering Exuma’s Geographic Charm

Exuma beckons with its stunning archipelago and the undeniable allure of its twin centerpieces, Great and Little Exuma. Ready to explore? Let’s dive in and see what makes these spots so special.

The Exuma Cays: A Peek Into the Archipelago

Exuma Cays, Bahamas
Exuma Cays, Bahamas (Flickr)

Have you ever daydreamed about a chain of 365 cays, each offering its slice of paradise? Well, that’s the Exuma Cays for you — a year’s worth of islands for every mood and moment!

Nestled in the sapphire waters of the Bahamas, this archipelago is a treasure trove of secluded beaches and exclusive hideaways.

  • Stocking Island: Renowned for its incredible beaches.
  • Tropic of Cancer Beach: Also known as Pelican Beach, this beach is famous for its long stretch of sand and shallow turquoise waters, perfect for snorkeling.

Each cay tells its own story, with vibrant coral reefs and soft sands. Fancy swimming with pigs or snorkeling among starfish? The Exuma Cays might be your next favorite anecdote to share.

Great and Little Exuma: Twin Jewels of the Bahamas

Great Exuma and Little Exuma, the main islands of the Exuma district, are the heart and soul of this paradise. Great Exuma, connected to Little Exuma by a small bridge, is known for its laid-back vibe and rustic charm.

  • Forbes Hill Tropic Breeze: Experience powdery soft sands and crystal clear waters just a stone’s throw from bustling Georgetown.
  • Jolly Hall Beach: Nearby hotels and restaurants make this spot convenient for sun-seekers.

This duo offers a glimpse into Bahamian culture amid extraordinary natural beauty. So, are you thinking of slipping into the rhythm of island life yet?

In your journey through Exuma’s cays and twin islands, you’ll find more than just a picturesque scene; you’ll encounter a vibrant tapestry of life above and below the sea.

So pack your bags and prepare to be enchanted by Exuma’s geographic charm. Why resist the call of these sun-kissed beaches, right?

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Highlighting Exuma’s Top Beach Destinations

Exuma’s beaches are the stuff of daydreams, where soft sands meet crystal clear waters. But, ever wonder which ones stand out? Let’s dip our toes into the sands of Exuma’s most beloved shorelines.

The Renowned Tropic of Cancer Beach

Cancer Beach, Bahamas
Cancer Beach, Bahamas (Flickr)

Tropic of Cancer Beach, or Pelican Beach, is the longest in the Exuma chain. Its expanse of powdery white sand and shallow, turquoise waters are perfect for snorkeling.

Imagine basking in the sun at 23.5°N latitude, which the beach is famously named after. It’s an Instagrammer’s paradise.

Coco Plum Beach: A Haven for Sand Dollars

Coco Plum Beach is one for the treasure hunters. Low tide reveals countless sand dollars, sprinkling the shore like little oceanic coins waiting to be discovered.

Did you know these creatures are living sea urchins before they wash ashore? Remember only to take pictures and leave the live ones be as you revel in this tranquil stretch of Exuma beauty.

Jolly Hall Beach: A Blend of Serenity and Activity

Jolly Hall Beach, Bahamas
Jolly Hall Beach, Bahamas (Flickr)

Can’t decide between a peaceful beach day or a bit of nearby hustle and bustle? Jolly Hall Beach has got you covered. With its incredibly soft Exuma sand and crystal-clear water, serenity is just a few steps away.

Yet, you’re never too far from comfort, with a few hotels and restaurants just a short walk away. The perfect balance, wouldn’t you agree?

Adventure and Leisure: Activities in Exuma

With its blend of vibrant marine life and serene beaches, Exuma invites you to dive into water sports or relax by the sea. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or searching for tranquility, these shores have something for everyone.

Exhilarating Water Activities for Thrill-Seekers

Have you ever imagined yourself gliding across the water with the sun on your back? Kayaking in Exuma lets you paddle through the clarity of turquoise waves, offering spots like the Moriah Harbour Cay National Park for a picturesque journey.

  • Snorkeling: Fans of underwater exploration can marvel at the aquatic wonders.
    • Tropic of Cancer Beach – Known for its pristine snorkeling conditions.
    • Boat Tours – Join a guided expedition to swim with turtles at Hoopers Bay.

For those yearning for an adrenaline rush, the thrill of a boat tour combines high speeds with spectacular island views. Discover hidden coves and maybe even some dolphins tagging along.

Relaxing Endeavors for the Peace-Seeking Soul

On the lookout for a serene escape? Great Exuma’s beaches are your haven of rest.

  • Swimming: Embrace the calm, crystal waters at Jolly Hall Beach—just a few minutes from Georgetown.
  • Outdoor Activities: With numerous tranquil beaches, find your spot, unroll a towel, and let the sun’s warmth be your companion.

For a truly laid-back experience, indulge in the subtle art of “beachcombing” along the sandy stretches. Let the gentle lapping of the waves soundtrack your day as you collect shells or enjoy the view.

Wildlife Encounters on Exuma’s Beaches

Exuma’s beaches offer more than sun and sand; they’re a gateway to unique wildlife encounters. Imagine swimming alongside friendly sea creatures as they go about their day—certainly a story to tell, right?

Swimming with Turtles and Stingrays

Have you ever dreamt of gliding through the water with marine life? Exuma’s clear waters make swimming with turtles and stingrays a dream and a reality. Sea turtles, often found near coral reefs, are common on these beaches.

Gentle and graceful, these creatures welcome snorkelers into their underwater world. Just remember to respect their space and observe silently. On the adventurous side, don’t miss the chance to swim with the stingrays.

Despite their reputation, these rays in Exuma are known for being especially docile. Flapping their wings like oceanic birds makes for an unforgettable experience.

Pig Beach: Where the Pigs Swim With You

Pig Beach, Bahamas
Pig Beach, Bahamas (Flickr)

Have you ever heard of a beach ruled by pigs? Welcome to Pig Beach, where the famous swimming pigs of Exuma call home. Not only do these pigs swim, but they’re also pretty friendly.

Imagine taking a dip and seeing a group of pigs paddling out to greet you! These are no ordinary pigs; they’re Exuma celebrities. While watching and swimming with these ocean-faring pigs is tremendously fun, it’s also important to interact with them responsibly.

Avoid feeding them anything harmful, and always keep a safe distance to allow them and the surrounding nurse sharks, who share these waters, to feel comfortable in their natural habitat.

Dining and Cuisine Near Exuma’s Sands

Imagine you’ve spent the day lounging on the pristine sands of Exuma. Your perfect day can be topped off with some delightful culinary experiences that cater to your craving—a refreshing cocktail or local seafood delights.

Beach Bars and Restaurants with Ocean Views

You’ve got sand between your toes and a hankering for something tasty. Exuma’s coastline is dotted with various beach bars and restaurants that serve incredible ocean views along with their menus.

Picture yourself at a laid-back beach bar, sipping on a Bahama Mama while the sunsets. Or treat yourself to a seafood feast as you look out over the water, the gentle sea breeze enhancing the flavors of your fresh fish dish.

  • Santanna’s Bar & Grill: A must-visit for a casual yet memorable dining experience.
  • Blu on the Water: Climb the rocky road to find this gem with photogenic views and various seafood.

Chat ‘N’ Chill: A Culinary Experience on Stocking Island

Chat ‘N’ Chill, Bahamas
Chat ‘N’ Chill, Bahamas (Flickr)

Have you really been to Exuma if you haven’t set foot on Stocking Island to visit the infamous Chat ‘N’ Chill? This isn’t just dining; it’s an island experience that combines great food with a casual beachside atmosphere.

Accessible only by boat, Chat ‘N’ Chill is an institution known for its unique vibe and tasty eats.

  • The Special: Try their conch salad, made right before you, or go for the grilled specials—they’re a hit!
  • Sunday Pig Roast: Don’t miss out on their weekly pig roast, a tradition that has brought people together for years.

Bring your appetite and maybe some new friends—you’re in for a day of good food and good times right by the Exuma sands.

Practical Tips for Visiting Exuma

Are you planning a trip to the sun-kissed beaches of Exuma, Bahamas? Let’s map out the when and how of your island adventure to ensure that your beach days are as breeze-filled as the ocean itself.

Best Time to Visit: Weather and Seasonality

When do you get to enjoy Exuma at its finest? Between December and April. This period avoids the hurricane season and provides warm, sunny days perfect for beach hopping or snorkeling in the clear waters.

Despite a slight evening chill, the weather is typically dry and less humid, guaranteeing comfortable days under the Bahamian sun.

Getting Around the Exumas: From Water Taxis to Boat Rentals

Curious about cruising the cays? Here’s the scoop: While some beaches on Great and Little Exuma are a simple road trip away, many enchanting spots are tucked away on smaller isles, accessible only by boat.

  • Water taxis are convenient, whisking you across the waters to various destinations with their reliable schedules.
  • Fancy a more personal voyage? Boat rentals allow you to explore at your own pace and discover hidden coves and isolated strands of sand with your itinerary.

Remember, when you’re charting out “things to do” in Exuma, a seafaring adventure should be at the top of your list for a true taste of this tropical paradise!

Accommodations: Staying in Paradise

Are you looking to indulge in luxury or find your own secluded spot in Exuma? I’ve got just the places for you to lay your head after a sunny day exploring the beaches.

Grand Isle Resort: Exemplary Comfort and Scenery

Perched on an emerald-green hillside, Grand Isle Resort offers a slice of luxury with a panoramic view of Exuma’s sparkling waters. Your stay here is more than just a room – it’s an experience.

Picture this: you wake up in a plush bed, step out onto your private balcony, and breathe in the tranquility of Exuma Point Beach. Don’t forget the amenities! With a pool, spa, and on-site dining, your every whim is catered to. Fancy a luxurious escape? Grand Isle is your answer.

  • Amenities at Grand Isle Resort Include:
    • Private Balcony or Terrace
    • Infinity Pool
    • Full-Service SeaStar Spa
    • Fine Dining
    • Fitness Center

Finding Hidden Gems: Unique Exuma Stays

You’re in the Bahamas, so why not venture off the beaten path? Exuma offers a sprinkling of unique stays, ranging from quaint B&Bs to private villas.

If you’re flying in from Nassau, imagine – in less than an hour, you could be sipping a drink on a balcony at Exuma Palms Hotel or mingling with fellow travelers at the charming Hideaways Exuma.

Are you looking for a home away from home? Airbnbs across the island offer amazing reviews and personalized experiences. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront villa or a cozy room with a view, Exuma has a spot that will make your vacation unforgettable.

  • Examples of Unique Exuma Stays:
    • Exuma Palms Hotel: Beachfront location and island charm
    • Hideaways Exuma: A welcoming atmosphere with island-style accommodations
    • Airbnbs: Diverse choices ranging from luxurious to budget-friendly

Remember, choosing the perfect place to stay is the cornerstone of any memorable vacation. So whether you’re here for grandeur or genuine island vibes, Exuma’s accommodations can deliver what you want.

Off the Beaten Path: Exploring Hidden Exuma Beaches

Ready for an adventure beyond the usual tourist spots? Exuma’s hidden beaches offer secluded tranquility and unspoiled beauty that waits for your footprints. Let’s find your slice of paradise.

Forbes Hill Beach and Other Secluded Spots

Have you ever dreamed of having a beach all to yourself? Forbes Hill Beach is your chance to claim that fantasy. Often overlooked because of its more famous neighbors, this gem offers soft sand and crystal-clear waters with only the soundtrack of gentle waves and rustling palms.

How to get there? That’s the easy part. Look for a small sign off Queen’s Highway, take a short trail, and behold—the beach is yours.

But wait, why stop there? The Exuma archipelago is dotted with private spots like this. With its local legends and stunning sunsets, Three Sisters Beach could be your next stop. Have you heard about Hidden Grotto?

It’s a must-see and an ideal setting for some underwater selfies. Be ready to hop on a boat to reach these insider favorites.

The Mystique of Moriah Harbour Cay National Park

Imagine kayaking over translucent waters to discover beaches that redefine serenity. This is Moriah Harbour Cay National Park for you, a haven for nature lovers and those who prefer their beaches blissfully empty.

There are no shops, no noise, just an ecosystem bursting with life. Sandbars and shallow waters make it a sanctuary for stingrays, baby sharks, and a rainbow of fish. Don’t forget your snorkel gear – the marine life here is like a live documentary!

And what’s better than Pelican Beach’s soft, powdery sands under your feet while you watch pelicans dive and fish? From the turquoise shallows perfect for snorkeling to the dance of the sea oats, every view is postcard-worthy. Keep that camera handy!

Get ready to leave footprints on beaches where most haven’t. Exuma’s hidden beaches are more than just a place to sunbathe; they’re an invitation to connect with nature in its purest form.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the discoveries begin!

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