Malkiya Beach: A Must-Visit Beach In Bahrain Experience

Malkiya Beach

Malkiya Beach is one of the best beaches in Bahrain that has the most coveted spot for local and international holiday seekers.  An immersive experience is possible with several spots around this beach. Several visitors make the most of relaxing at this beach. A combo of picturesque beach sands linked to the calm waters makes … Read more

Top 5 Top Beaches In Jordan

Beaches in Jordan

You might think Jordan is most famous for its ancient and majestic cities and deserts, and not its amazing beaches in Jordan.  But apart from enjoying the country’s historical sites, superb hiking trails, and adventures in the desert, Jordan offers some superb beach destinations.  Relax and enjoy some of the best scenery bordering the Dead … Read more

18 Best Beaches In Oman 

Beaches In Oman

In the Middle East, you can imagine deserts stretching into the horizon and lots of hot destinations. You may be right about the heat but wrong about some conceptions of Oman. The beaches in Oman are spectacular, to put it mildly.  Seeb, Qurum, Shati al qurum, Yitti (yiti), and Salalah beach are well known for … Read more

The 10 Marvelous Beaches In Brunei

Beaches in Brunei

The Kingdom of Brunei is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, the place has many surprises and amazing sights that are worth your time.  No wonder thousands of tourists from various parts of the world decide to spend a few days exploring different national parks and trying out recreational activities.  Brunei is … Read more

20 Best Beaches In Sri Lanka (#13 Best To See Turtle)

Beaches in Sri Lanka

When you visit some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Sri Lanka has to be high on your choice list.  This Asian paradise has some of the most picturesque and sensational scenes you’d ever see. Most tourists to have touched down on the beaches in Sri Lanka always return. Sri Lanka is a perfect holidaying … Read more

13 Best Beaches In Bahrain

Beaches In Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a stunning island nation located directly in the Persian Gulf. The island chain is a combination of natural and artificial islands.  It is a given that all those islands will produce an endless number of beaches to visit.  Locals and tourists alike will be able to find something for everyone. … Read more