The 10 Marvelous Beaches In Brunei

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The Kingdom of Brunei is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, the place has many surprises and amazing sights that are worth your time. 

No wonder thousands of tourists from various parts of the world decide to spend a few days exploring different national parks and trying out recreational activities. 

Brunei is also known for its majestic shoreline that stretches up to 160 kilometers. 

To make the most out of your visit to Brunei, you should check out the Top 10 Beaches in Brunei.

Top 10 Beaches In Brunei

Here are our top 10 picks for the best beaches in Brunei.

1. Berakas Beach

Berakas beach itself is located inside a recreational park of the same name. 

Berakas Beach is popular with the locals because of its family-friendly facilities, such as a playground for the kids. 

You can spend an afternoon relaxing and swimming while at the beach. Grilling and barbecuing are famous family or group activities at the beach. 

You must rent a car and head toward the Muara-Tutong Highway to get there. Plenty of signs lead you to the beach, so you shouldn’t get lost. 

If you are looking for a place to stay, you can check in at the Jalan Tasek Lama Radisson Hotel, which is 11 kilometers from the beach.

Berakas Beach Attractions: nature tripping, picnics, cooking, jogging

2. Jerudong Beach

Jerudong Beach in Brunei

Jerudong Beach is a thirty-minute drive away from Bandar Seri Begawan. Jerudong Beach, known for its lovely view, is perfect for family picnics and sightseeing. 

The beach is clean, and it comes with ample parking space. Many stalls sell drinks and snacks. 

Buy some and rest on top of the large rocks. You should try eating lunch or dinner at their local food court, just a few minutes from the beach by car. 

They are known for serving Malay and Singaporean dishes.

Jerudong Beach Attractions: picnics, fishing, photography, local fish market

3. Kuala Belait Beach

Kuala Belait beach has fine gray sand perfect for strolling during the sunset. It also has a playground nearby where you can leave kids to run around and play. 

There are several cottages where you can relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. 

You can stay at the Sea View Hotel, just a few meters from the beach. It provides good amenities, including an outdoor swimming pool.

Kuala Belait Beach Attractions: relaxation, strolling, visiting Jubilee Park

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4. Meragang Beach

Meragang beach is a popular hangout for the locals. The beach offers a clear and relaxing view of the sunset over the South China Sea. 

You can take a dip in the sea or lounge by the beach while reading a good book. 

If you love to know more about marine species and wildlife, you can stop by the Marine Biodiversity Center near the beach. 

If you love shopping, you should stop at the Gadong Shopping Center. Also, there is a night market nearby that sells affordable and yummy food.

Meragang Beach Attractions: great views, sea turtles, diverse shopping

5. Muara Beach

Muara Beach Brunei

Muara beach is famous among tourists who love nature-tripping and hanging out at the beach. 

Also, take time to explore the recreational area and allow your kids to run around the playground or stroll the beachfront. 

Swim with caution because the beach is known for its riptides. You can rent a grill from the management and cook some barbecue and hot dogs. 

Several kiosks sell food, drinks, and even souvenirs.

Muara Beach Attraction: sightseeing, picnics, strolling

6. Pantai Seri Kenangan Beach

Visit the Tutong district and stop by Pantai Seri Kenangan, the “unforgettable beach. “ It is popular with locals and tourists because there are many things to do. 

You can swim at the beach, rent huts, hang out with friends or rent an ATV to explore the entire beach. 

You can also play beach volleyball and frisbee and build sandcastles.

Pantai Seri Kenangan Beach Attractions: kite flying, sightseeing, food tripping, perfect sunsets

7. Penanjong Beach

Penanjong Beach, this local beach, overlooks the South China Sea, which gives you a magnificent view of nature. 

The government developed a portion of the beach into a recreational area great for family gatherings or quick vacation holidays. 

The waters are clean, which makes them perfect for snorkeling.

Penanjong Beach Attractions: snorkeling, kayaking, nature park

8. Serasa Beach

Serasa beach is excellent for picnics and barbecues. There are many food stalls where you can grab some snacks. 

It would help if you also tried the Thai restaurant in the vicinity that receives good reviews from customers. 

You can dip in the beach’s shallow waters or try out windsurfing.

Serasa Beach Attractions: sightseeing, watersports, Brunei Yacht Club

9. Tanjung Batu Beach

Tanjung Batu Beach Brunei

If you want more adventure, you should head to Tanjung Batu Beach. It’s famous for its pristine coral reefs and several popular diving spots. 

You can also snorkel with other tourists and discover marine species like eels, octopuses, whales, and even dolphins. 

If you plan to hang out, you can buy some snacks and drinks nearby and spend time sitting on the seawall waiting for the sunset. 

If you wish to shop for souvenirs, many vendors sell artistic handicrafts.

Tanjung Batu Beach Attractions: diving, fishing, picnics, and biking

10. Tungku Beach

Tungku Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Brunei because of its fine sand and rocky platforms. 

The beach has a beautiful sunset view, giving the place a romantic vibe. You can go swimming and fishing or explore the resort on foot. 

There are also ATVs for rent if you wish to go farther. 

The beach is clean, and the facilities are well-maintained. This is a good vacation spot to visit if you want the kids to enjoy themselves.

Tungku Beach Attractions: surfing, ATV rides, photography


If you plan to stay in Brunei, you should spend a few days exploring the beaches. 

Also, remember to check out other sights such as the Sultan Bolkiah Complex, the famous water village in Kampung Ayer, the mangroves in Brunei that are home to the probosci’s monkey, and various museums and recreational parks. 

Most people live in floating homes that have become a part of the tourist attractions in the country.

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