20 Best Beaches In Sri Lanka (#13 Best To See Turtle)

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When you visit some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Sri Lanka has to be high on your choice list. 

This Asian paradise has some of the most picturesque and sensational scenes you’d ever see. Most tourists to have touched down on the beaches in Sri Lanka always return.

Sri Lanka is a perfect holidaying spot with balmy weather, clear blue waters, sandy beaches, and more.

But to make doubly sure you get the experience you sorely need, creating the perfect choice is vital. 

That’s why you’ve got to look through this list of Sri Lanka’s 20 most beautiful beach destinations. 

And there’re unique locations you’re sure to identify with quicker than a flash. 

Check it out!

20 Beaches In Sri Lanka

1. Hiriketiya Beach

  • Hiriketiya Beach Location – Matara
  • Hiriketiya Beach Attractions – Surfing, beach resorts, and sunbathing

Sri Lanka’s signature horseshoe bay, Hiriketiya Beach, is a spot where there’s a lot of fun stuff to do. 

This beach receives some of the meanest waves in Sri Lanka and is a tourist hotspot.

There’s so much in store for you, with clear blue waters and powdery sands over a lot of shade. 

Also, many beach resorts around this shore provide excellent hospitality services.

2. Secret Beach

  • Secret Beach Location – Mirissa
  • Secret Beach Attractions – Swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling

Need a sweet spot to relax in Sri Lanka? You’ve got to check out Secret Beach. This beach has a lot of fun and lies in one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful links to the ocean.

The beach gets its name from its secluded location and surrounding natural environment. Secret Beach has a genuinely picturesque outlook making it a place to be. 

Visitors to this over 1km beach come for its perfect shade spots, fun activities, and vibrant underwater life.

3. Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka
  • Negombo Beach Park Location – Unawatuna, Galle 
  • Negombo Beach Park Attractions – Water sports and other activities, sunbathing and swimming.

Located on an over 1km stretch of Unawatuna’s coastal corridor, Unawatuna Beach is a place to visit. 

With many visitors trooping to this spot for water-based activity, Unawatuna welcomes thousands yearly. 

Other guests come to the beach for its golden sand and clear blue water. 

And if you’re a tourist with a soft spot for boating trips, you’d surely find something you like on Unawatuna Beach. 

4. Negombo Beach Park

  • Negombo Beach Park Location – Negombo
  • Negombo Beach Park Attractions – Canoeing, swimming, and beach resorts

Negombo Beach Park is right for you if you don’t want to stay at a resort by the beach and need a great time.

This destination stretches over 2km and isn’t far from St. Anthony’s Church, a famous tourist spot. 

Visitors to Negombo keep coming back based on the scenic beauty they get in touch with on their first visit. 

Negombo Beach Park is an excellent place to visit, with so many things to do and surrounding nature. 

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5. Jungle Beach

  • Jungle Beach Location – Unawatuna, Galle
  • Jungle Beach Attractions – Swimming, tropical plants, and canoeing

Searching for a not-too-crowded destination that promises excellent relaxation? Jungle Beach is an excellent location to visit.

Jungle Beach is a spot many tourists visit in the wild and stretches over 2km. In most seasons throughout the year, tourists prefer populated beaches. 

But if you’re a tourist that needs urgent alone time, then it’s a great choice to check out Jungle Beach. 

Also, resorts near this beach provide top-class accommodation should you need to head into the jungle again. 

6. Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka
  • Hikkaduwa Beach Location – Hikkaduwa, Galle
  • Hikkaduwa Beach Attractions – Turtle watching, sunbathing, and beach resorts

In Galle District, it’s easy to get spoiled for choice with so many surrounding beaches. 

This beach spans over 2km and has a thriving chain of hotels and resorts. 

Visitors come for golden, powdery sands while others troop in for the turtle watching. 

Early in the year and mid-month, turtles head to several spots on Hikkaduwa Beach. 

It’s also a top destination for getting a much-needed suntan. 

And if you’re looking for shade, there are lots of spots to chill out and appreciate Hikkaduwa’s beauty. 

7. Polhena Beach

  • Polhena Beach Location – Matara
  • Polhena Beach Attractions – Snorkeling, sea turtles, and beach resorts

One of Sri Lanka’s top beach destinations, Polhena Beach is truly a picturesque, dynamic spot. 

This beach centers on a sandy cove with numerous places featuring rocky plains and protruding clear blue waters. 

If you’re keen on a spot to snorkel, Polhena has vibrant underwater life waiting for you. 

Also, many resorts and beach resorts litter the area, ensuring you get the best experience every time.

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8. Pasikuda Beach

  • Pasikuda Beach Location – Pasikuda, Batticaloa 
  • Pasikuda Beach Attractions – Swimming, sunbathing, and canoeing

Sited on the gorgeous edge of Sri Lanka with the Indian Ocean, Pasikuda (green algae bay) is exceptional. 

With a natural outlook on its shore head, along with clear blue waters, you’ve got to visit. 

Are you looking for an excellent spot to sunbathe or a not-too-crowded place to swim? Pasikuda Beach is an excellent choice, without a doubt.  

9. Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli Beach Sri Lanka
  • Nilaveli Beach Location – Nilaveli, Trincomalee
  • Nilaveli Beach Attractions – Swimming, sunbathing, and beach resorts

With so many spots to relax and unwind in Trincomalee, you’ve got to visit Nilaveli Beach first. 

This beach has a remarkable merge with the ever-connecting ocean. 

This beach doesn’t get many visitors yearly, so if you’re searching for some alone time, choose this spot. 

It’s got a lot of locations to chill along its over 1km beachhead. It’s a great beach to sunbathe, swim, and get a total dose of relaxation every time. 

10. Kallady Beach

  • Kallady Beach Location – Kallady, Batticaloa
  • Kallady Beach Attractions – Canoeing, swimming, and beach resorts

With a relatively less populated beachhead and some of Sri Lanka’s most exquisite views, Kallady Beach is a spot to behold.

Situated in Batticaloa and spanning just over 2km, this beach is an excellent tourist spot. 

Most beach-goers come for the beautiful sands and clear blue beach waters, and others for various boating activities. 

This beach is famous for its tropical environment and some of the most beautiful sunset scenes you’ll ever see.

11. Dewata Beach

  • Dewata Beach Location – Katugoda, Galle
  • Dewata Beach Attractions – Surfing, swimming, and nearby tourist attractions

Renowned as an excellent surf spot with its surf school, Dewata Beach is one of Galle’s top beaches.

Wave seekers troop onto this beach for a go at the waves, but other activities attract more guests. 

Most tourists come for the beautiful scenes this beach offers; they’re great spots to appreciate Sri Lanka’s splendor.

12. Goyambokka Beach

  • Goyambokka Beach Location – Sriyanga Sanjeewa, Tangalle
  • Goyambokka Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, swimming, and beach resorts

Many tourists can’t get enough of Goyambokka Beach, which stretches over 1km. 

Visitors to this beach mostly come for its excellent shade provided by numerous palm and coconut trees.

And with clear blue ocean water merging naturally with the beach’s shore, it’s also an excellent spot for a suntan.

You’re sure to find loads of tents by the beach for tourists, so you’d quickly get comfy in Sri Lanka’s balmy weather.

13. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Sri Lanka
  • Turtle Beach Location – Hikkaduwa, Galle
  • Turtle Beach Attractions – Swimming, canoeing, and sea turtles

Turtle Beach attracts many guests based on its serenity and closeness to sea turtles’ sanctuaries. 

Most visitors visit this beach for its golden sands and high waves if the surf’s up. 

Also, boating and other activities are common around Turtle Beach, so expect it to g crowded throughout the year. 

14. Morawala Beach

  • Morawala Beach Location – Pitipana, Negombo
  • Morawala Beach Attractions – Surfing, sunbathing, and beach resorts

Many visitors troop to Morawala Beach yearly for its extensive, beautiful features. 

With a total length of well over 2km, this beach has many places to relax.

Several beach houses line this beach providing top-notch services for guests. 

With clear blue waters and some of the most beautiful scenes on a Sri Lankan beach, it’ll be odd if you don’t pay a visit. 

15. Madiha Beach

  • Madiha Beach Location – Matara
  • Madiha Beach Attractions – Surfing, windsurfing, and canoeing

Do you need to ride on some of Sri Lanka’s biggest waves? Madiha Beach should be a top spot for you.

This beach is mainly secluded throughout the year and gets most of its visits from surfing enthusiasts. 

There’re lodges and beach houses along this beach’s shore and a lot of fun stuff to do. 

16. Kirinda Beach

  • Kirinda Beach Location – Kirinda
  • Kirinda Beach Attractions – Beach resorts, swimming, and windsurfing

These three words best describe Kirinda Beach – Rocky, sandy, and exceptionally private. Visitors to Kirinda Beach come for the quiet time they’re sure to get. 

It’s an excellent spot to relax and loosen up, with many rocky high points along this beach. 

Resorts are available at this beach, and it’s an excellent spot for couples and families to spend the holidays.

17. Crow Island Beach

  • Crow Island Beach Location – Colombo
  • Crow Island Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, recreational parks, and bird watching

While on Crow Island Beach, you’re sure to get spoiled for choosing what fun stuff to do first. 

This beach was recently re-opened a few years after significant renovations and has never been better.

It stretches over 3km and has some of Sri Lanka’s most exceptional views. You may not want to leave if you catch a glimpse of the sunset on Crow Island Beach. 

And that’s not all!

This beach features bright sands, calm waters, and many people to socialize with during your stay. 

18. Tangalle Beach

Tangalle Beach Sri Lanka
  • Tangalle Beach Location – Tangalle
  • Tangalle Beach Attractions – Swimming, canoeing, and sunbathing

Need an urban beach with a lot of tropical scenery? Tangalle Beach is an excellent choice for you. 

Located in a beautiful area of Tangalle with many activities, this beach remains sensational.

It spans over 2km and has a breathtaking view of the ocean and surrounding islands. 

Visitors to this beach come to sunbathe, go on boating trips, and more. 

Also, you’d notice many tourists taking a cool breeze under the palm trees that litter Tangalle’s beachhead. 

Other tourists seem to fancy a dip now and then in this beach’s calm and clear blue water. 

And there’re resorts around too to get you exceptionally hospitable accommodation close to the beach. 

19. Matara Beach

  • Matara Beach Location – Kotuwegoda, Matara
  • Matara Beach Attractions – Swimming, windsurfing, and boating

On Matara Beach, there’s a lot of fun waiting for you. This beach spans over 2km and has some of Sri Lanka’s top scenic views and weather. 

Matara Beach is excellent for relaxation, with balmy weather, sandy beaches, and clear water. 

Tourists to this beach usually visit for windsurfing and boating activities, and there’re several resorts to get a nice rest. 

This beach also sports beachheads for docked boats, which tourists use to get a better glimpse of the Sri Lankan sunset. 

20. Ventura (Bentota) Beach

  • Ventura (Bentota) Beach Location – Bentota
  • Ventura (Bentota) Beach Attractions – Swimming, watersports, and beach villas

On Ventura Beach, you will surely be engrossed in Sri Lanka’s most scenic and exceptional relaxation spots. 

Loads of tourists visit this beach to encounter nature like never before. 

Spanning just over 2km, this beach promises its visitors watersports and other equally enticing activities. 

It won’t be odd to see many tourists gathered around the beach’s shore getting a suntan. Many high spots on this beach promise an excellent view of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful scenes. 

Since many tourists swear by Bentota Beach to be a great spot, it’s sure to be a great choice to pay a visit to.

Facts About The Best Beaches In Sri Lanka

Beach NamesCity/AreaVisit TimeThings to do
Dehiwala BeachMount LaviniaJanuary- DecemberCanoeing, Seafood
Dalawella BeachUnawatunaJanuary- DecemberPalm tree rope swing, diving
Negombo BeachNegomboNovember- MayCanoeing, fishing
Weligama BeachWeligamaNovember – MaySurfing, canoeing
Rumassala South BeachUnawatunaMay – SeptemberDiving, sunbathing
Koggala BeachKoggalaNovember – MayTurtle hatchery, surfing, sunbathing
Dutch Bay BeachTrincoNovember – MayCanoeing, sunbathing
Akurala BeachAkuralaNovember – MaySunbathing, surfing
Marakolliya BeachTangalleNovember – MayBeach sports, canoeing
Uppuveli BeachTrincoMay – SeptemberWindsurfing, Dolphins watching
Midigama BeachMidigamaNovember – MaySnorkeling, surfing
Main Surf Point Arugam BayArugan bayMay – SeptemberSurfing, canoeing
Moragalla BeachMoragallaNovember – MayCanoeing, diving
Kalutara BeachKalutaraNovember – MarchDiving, sunbathing
Mihipipanna beachUnawatunaNovember – MarchCanoeing, diving
Pitiwella BeachGalleMay – SeptemberSunbathing, surfing
Narigama BeachHikkaduwaNovember – MaySurfing, diving
Lapoint Surf CampBaliNovember – MaySunbathing, surfing
Calido Beach KalutaraKalutaraNovember – MaySurfing, diving
Pottuvil pointPottuvilMay – OctoberSurfing, diving
Calido BeachKalutaraNovember – MayCanoeing, diving
Habaraduwa BeachHabaraduwaNovember – MaySurfing, diving
Sk Town BeachMataraNovember – MarchDiving, sunbathing
Batticaloa Beach.BatticaloaNovember – MarchCanoeing, diving
Kalkudah BeachKalkudahNovember – MarchCanoeing, diving
Peanut Farm BeachArugan bayJune – OctoberSunbathing, surfing
Ambalangoda BeachAmbalangodaNovember – MaySunbathing, diving
Koddiyar BayTrincoNovember – MaySunbathing, island tour
Mount Laviniya BeachColomboNovember – MayCanoeing, diving
Passekudah BayBatticaloaNovember – MayCanoeing, diving
Parewella Natural Swimming AreaTangalleNovember – MaySurfing, diving
Balapitiya BeachBalapitiyaNovember – MaySurfing, canoeing
Lakshawaththa BeachMataraNovember – MarchSunbathing, surfing
Beach of BonavistaGalleNovember – MarchSurfing, canoeing
Taprobane IslandTaprobane IslandJanuary- DecemberDiving, river cruises
Kalkudah BayKalkudahNovember – MaySunbathing, canoeing, diving
Seven Rich Beach ResortGalleJanuary- DecemberSpa, seafood
Dutch BayTrincoNovember – MayDiving, canoeing
Manayaweli BayTrincoNovember – MayCanoeing, diving
Ahungalla BeachGalleNovember – MayTurtle watching, diving
Arugam BayArugan bayNovember – MarchSunbathing, surfing
Kaluthara BeachKalutaraNovember – MarchCoconut trees, diving
Pasarichenai BeachArugan bayNovember – MarchDiving, canoeing
Thennadi BayKalkudahNovember – MarchDiving, sunbathing, canoeing
Katukurunda BeachGalleNovember – MarchSurfing, canoeing
Medilla Natural Swimming AreaTangalleNovember – MarchSunbathing, diving, surfing
Niyana Wella BeachMirissaNovember – MarchSurfing, diving
Onel Bay HouseMataraNovember – MarchSeafood, sunbathing
Ahara Gourmet GalleryGalleNovember – MarchSeafood, surfing, diving

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sri Lanka have a beach?

Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and has over 30 beaches. Most Sri Lankan beaches are located in Negombo, Colombo, and Batticaloa.

What is the best time of year to visit Sri Lanka beaches?

Visiting Sri Lankan beaches from around May – December is the best option. Most tourists visit during this period, although all Sri Lankan beaches get visits year-round.

What are the top beaches in Sri Lanka?

Unawatuna Beach
Negombo Beach
Hikkaduwa Beach
Nilaveli Beach
Kallady Beach
Goyambokka Beach
Kirinda Beach
Tangalle Beach
Turtle Beach

How much is a tourist visa for Sri Lanka?

Single, 90-day tourists to Sri Lanka only need to pay $35 for a visa. Couples also pay the same fee for a 90-day trip. If you plan to extend your stay, you must apply for a visa before entry.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Sri Lanka?

According to government authorities, US tourists are advised to exercise caution in Sri Lanka. But most parts of Sri Lanka remain mostly safe for tourists.

Is it safe to swim on Sri Lanka beaches?

Most beaches in Sri Lanka have undertows that could prove dangerous for swimming. If you need to swim on any Sri Lankan beach where it’s allowed, ensure you’re not alone.

Most beaches that allow swimming in Sri Lanka always have lifeguards on duty during the day.

What should you not wear in Sri Lanka?

Since Sri Lanka has balmy weather, you must pack light clothes for your journey. You can also get flip-flops, tank tops, hiking shoes, shorts, etc., for the trip.

Are Sri Lanka beaches expensive to visit?

Traveling to Sri Lankan beaches could cost around $1000 for all expenses. Most cities have competitively-priced accommodations for tourists, and there’s nothing with an expensive price tag.

Can I travel to Sri Lanka beaches without a visa?

Visitors from the US and about 30 other countries can travel to Sri Lanka without a visa. However, all visitors must apply for a visa on arrival and possess a passport valid for six months before entry.

Where can I surf on Sri Lanka beaches?

Hikkaduwa Beach
Arugam Bay
Secret Beach
Negombo Beach
Mirissa Beach
Weligama Beach
Hiriketiya Beach

How much money should I take to Sri Lanka beaches?

Having a fun day at any Sri Lankan beach won’t save you more than $100. Most spots are open to the public, so you may only need to spend on refreshments and transportation.

But note that couples may have to spend more and double in some cities.

Final Thoughts

The beaches in Sri Lanka promise a great time whenever you visit. And with this collection, you’d know where to catch the most fun. 

All the choices here offer attractions you’d love and a whole lot more.

Visit today, and get the best relaxation Sri Lanka has to offer. 

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