Dresses For Beach Pictures Tips To Look Stunning

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Getting dresses for beach pictures is essential if you’re keen on creating a timeless portrait. Detailing is crucial to get the gorgeous photo session you’re planning.

And as expected, style options may differ when selecting dresses to hit the beach.

Several factors must be considered to make the most of hitting the beach for a classic portrait. 

And in this post, we’ll look at the best dresses for beachside pictures in specific scenarios.

And that’s not all!

Color choices are as important as dress picks, so we’ll take a brief look at hues best for beachside pictures.

Let’s begin!

Beach Wedding Dress Ideas

If you’re planning a photoshoot after your beach wedding, there are several ideas to draw from.

Select from any of these theme ideas below to get unforgettable classic portraits.


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Wearing all white is an excellent selection for beach wedding photo shots. Color-coordinated outfits may be cumbersome to draw up, but plain white always works.

Brides could opt for plain white gowns flowing or up to knee length. The groom will indeed look better in a plain white shirt and pants. 

Shoes are permissible if the beach wedding photo has a casual undertone.

And if you’re keen on a large family beach wedding photo, all-white is an excellent theme.

White and tan/grey

If all white isn’t your style, consider adding tan undertones to your white clothing. 

With tan and grey-colored clothes, it becomes less hassling to blend several elements around the beachhead.

Aqua blue

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Blending with the water in the background of your photographs is more comfortable with aqua-blue clothing. Aqua blue and other hues seamlessly merge with your group and the ocean.

Light aqua blue with white merges is excellent for males and females who’ve just tied the knot.

Light green and yellow

If you’re at a beach destination with a lot of palm-fringed or greenery-laden backdrop, light green/yellow clothes are great.

Consider adding dark shorts or pants to tops made with this color combination. And if you can, go for options with fewer decorations.

Family Beach Pictures

Family Beach Pictures

Getting suitable dresses for family photo sessions isn’t as tricky as you’ve imagined. Several ideas are available; all you need to do is keep your creativity cap on.

All females in your family beach photos can opt for a maxi dress theme. Girls will also look better with flowy gowns with spaghetti straps or more expansive liners.

Guys can decide to go with shirts and plain trousers or shorts.

Emphasizing the image you’re trying to project is vital, so take cues from your background.

If the beach you’re planning to take the portrait in is airy, spacious clothes could add more detail to photos.

Leverage ideas from several family beach photos online. Most stock images use dark or bright colors in family beach portraits.

Solo Visits

Unlike family beach pictures, you can be more flexible when selecting dresses for solo beachside photos.

Guys can hit the beach in shorts and get a lit photo taken. Girls can also leverage casual clothing or wear light gowns and accessories. 

Sunglasses are great for adding more style to your beach photos.

Timeless Portraits

Classical portraits can’t be dated to a particular time, making them ideal for creating a lasting impression. 

If you’re looking at creating a timeless photo shoot, consider opting for non-trending clothes.

Clothes in vogue are likely to be tied to a particular year or decade, wiping the elegance off your photo shoot. 

But with regular clothing, it would be difficult for anyone to place your photos at a certain age. 

What’s not to love about that?

Casual Couple Visits

Guys gunning for a gorgeous beach photo can leverage deep V-neck shirts on shorts for their photographs. 

Conversely, ladies can max out their portraits with a loose lace dress or maxi skirts.

And if you’re keen on patterns (even if they’re not necessary), some great choices are available. 

Patterns shaped as stars can add more to your casual couple photo sessions, and it’s a great, evergreen detail.

Gorgeous beach photos for couples with matching clothes also work, and several matchy-matchy options are available for you to leverage.

Group Visits

Sleeveless shirts are great for group photo sessions. You can make the most of white shirts, khaki shorts, or pants for a memorable group photo.

Color Choices to Get the Best Beach Photography Session

Nothing should be left ajar when selecting colors to enhance your photo shoot. Make the most of these recommendations to get a fantastic color combination in all your photos:

  • Solid colors direct attention toward you instead of your clothing.
  • Avoid striped wear; they’re distractions from the main photo details. They also rarely match the beach background.
  • Select warm hues to blend nicely with your immediate beach environment.
  • White and black go with most clothing, so try them out.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What should I wear for beach pictures?

Pick colors that blend into the surrounding environment, like sea glass, navy, aqua, turquoise, etc. Also, select colors that work well with skin tones like blue, red, brown, black, pink, etc.

What is the best color to wear for beach portraits?

Portraits work better with colors that aren’t too dark, particularly if captured during the day. Light colors work for portraits at all times and are great for sunset shoots.

What is the best color to wear for outdoor pictures?

Muted colors (not too sharp) and white shirts are excellent options for outdoor pictures. If you like, darker colors can complement your choice of a light top.

Females will look better in portraits with white, blue, pink, and several other gown colors.


As you can see above, selecting the best dresses for beach pictures isn’t as hard as you thought. There are so many ideas you can maximize to look fantastic at any time on the beach.

Make the most of what this post offers, and get a fabulous outfit for visiting beaches in any season.

And since most of these options don’t cost a killing to snap up, you’re sure of multiple options without hassle!

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