Top 6 Beaches In Congo, Central Africa

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo maybe isn’t everyone’s top pick for a vacation destination. 

But this small country in Central Africa boasts amazing exotic beaches just waiting for you to discover them. 

Planning on visiting Pointe-Noire, the Congo’s most western coastal city? 

This list of the top 6 beaches in Congo will guide you to the best places to relax and enjoy the sun.

6 Beaches in Congo To Visit

1. Côte Sauvage Beach

Côte Sauvage Beach Congo

Nature is at its most beautiful! The long beach at Côte Sauvage is the best Pointe-Noire offers. 

It’s great for strolling, surfing, sitting, meditating, and taking in breathtaking views. 

There’s a good selection of modern and international bars and eateries for all budgets. Seafood is the top choice for locals and tourists. 

The beach tends to be busier on Sundays, but it’s always clean and easy to relax, especially with a cold beer! 

With strong undercurrents, the sea is sometimes choppy, so swimmers are advised not to go out too far.

Côte Sauvage Beach Attractions: food and eateries, surfing, relaxing

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2. Mvassa Beach

Mvassa Beach is among the most beautiful beach locations. It’s located to the south of Pointe-Noire. 

Mvassa attracts fewer visitors because it’s small compared to the nearby beaches. 

But it’s a hot spot for surfing, swimming, and diving due to its sheltered location. 

It’s best to hire a quad bike or ATV to get to Mvassa because the road is unpaved.

Mvassa Beach Attractions: swimming, diving, surfing

3. Côte Mondaine Beach

You’ll find Côte Mondaine southwest of Ndili. The beach is famous because it’s quiet, sheltered, and close to the city center. 

The restaurant La Pyramid is a popular choice for locals and visitors. Other superb establishments include Palm Beach and Villa Madiba. 

This beach is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches you’ll ever find! Enjoy strolling along the beach and viewing the sunrise and the sparkling water. 

There’s little shade from the sun, but the views are fantastic, and the beach is not heavily populated during the week. 

A perfect, serene getaway! It can be crowded on weekends and public holidays, though.

Côte Mondaine Beach Attractions: restaurants, strolling, sightseeing

4. Pointe Indienne Beach

Pointe Indienne Beach Congo

Pointe Indienne Beach is Close to Mabindou. This beautiful stretch of sandy beach lies only 19 kilometers north of Pointe-Noire. 

It’s a superb day trip to escape the city’s hustle. An extremely popular destination for locals on the weekend, and it can get a little busy. 

It has plenty of restaurants and hotels nearby. If you go during the week, chances are you can spend some quality alone time. 

There’s hardly anyone there. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy surfing or a quiet swim in the afternoon, without crowds!

Pointe Indienne Beach Attractions: peaceful, surfing, restaurants

5. La Baie de Loango Beach

Loango Bay is a rocky area on the coast of Congo. It has sheltered waters which makes it ideal for swimming; there are no strong currents. 

It’s a beach with several clusters of rocks that attract many sea turtles. It’s famous for the green turtles, leatherback, hawksbill, and olive turtles that visit the beach all year. 

There’s plenty of history at Loango Bay; for a long time, it was associated with the slave trade. 

In the past, many colonizers departed from this site with their slaves.

La Baie de Loango Beach Attractions: historic site, turtle watching, swimming

6. Muanda Beach

Muanda is unique – it’s located where the Congo River enters the ocean. It’s the only extended urban area in the Congo. 

But it has 38 kilometers of fantastic coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean that you can enjoy. 

You’ll love the colonial and modern architecture on the show as a favorite seaside resort for locals and visitors. 

Muanda beach and others like Beach de la Tonde offer super clean sandy beaches for everyone to enjoy. 

Close to the mangrove swamps and forests of coconut trees, you’ll enjoy spectacular views. 

A healthy hand-crafts industry also offers masks, baskets, and other souvenirs.

Muanda Beach Attractions: quad biking, Hippos Island, relaxing, and fishing (grouper and barracuda)


Every trip to the Congo would be complete with visiting some of the top 6 beaches listed above, if not all. 

Whether you want serene and peaceful surroundings or a beach with plenty of activities like surfing and quad biking, the Congo has you covered!

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