13 Beach Outfit Ideas For Father

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Looking for some ideas on what to wear to the beach this summer? Check out these 13 beach outfit ideas for your father.

We’ve covered you, from relaxed and comfortable looks to stylish and put-together ensembles. 

So whether you’re hitting the sand with your family or taking a weekend road trip to the coast, try one of these outfits!

13 Cool Beach Outfit Ideas For Father

1. Cool and Casual

Beach please travel Tees T-Shirt

Dads always love playing around, so help him do that with this outfit. Like the shirt says, “Beach, please.” Before you know it, he’ll ask you for more fun in the sun.

Items: Striped baseball shirt, Khaki shorts, Aviators, Classic boat shoes.

2. Fun in the Sun

Give your dad a preppy look that is perfect for hanging around on the beach or by the pool. You can’t go wrong with this outfit, plus it’s super easy to recreate yourself!

Items: Popover shirt, Swim trunks, Sperry Top-Siders, Ray-Ban aviators.

3. Casual Cool

Dress your dad in this sporty look for just chillin’ around on the sand or by the pool. He will love to wear these pieces all summer long!

Items: Striped polo shirt, Swim trunks, Sandals, Sun hat.

4. Beach Boy

Beach Boys Good Vibrations T-Shirt

Create this casual look for your dad, perfect for a day trip to the beach or a BBQ with friends.

Pairing these shorts with a tee and sandals will be perfect for all his summer activities.

Items: Short-sleeved T-shirt, Swim trunks, Sandals, Sun hat.

5. Dressed-up Dad

Channel your inner style icon and help inspire your dad to try something new by giving him this stylish look. 

Though it may seem like an unusual pairing, trust us when we say he’ll be the best-dressed guy at the beach in these swim trunks and tailored button-ups.

Items: Casual shorts, Button-up shirt, Deck shoes

6. In a hurry!

Suppose your papa is always in a rush and doesn’t have the time to think of an outfit; give him this one that he’ll be able to pull together in 2 seconds flat. 

It’s a relaxed look that’s perfect for just about every occasion.

Items: Short-sleeved T-shirt, Board shorts, Sandals

7. Island Vibes

Alimens & Gentle Cotton Regular Fit Short Sleeve Casual Hawaiian Shirt for Men

Give your dad this laid-back island look; he’ll be in love. With only three items (tops and bottoms), it’s easy to recreate, and he’ll love how stylish he looks while still feeling comfortable.

Items: Long-sleeved thermal, Board shorts, Sandals

8. Fun in the Sun… Again!

Ditch the beach towel and give your dad this cute look for a day at the pool instead! With these swim trunks and polo shirt combo, he’ll be game for whatever you have planned.

Items: Striped polo shirt, Swim trunks, Sandals

9. Casual Day Out

This casual look is perfect for a day out with friends or your dad’s boys! Since it includes shorts and a tee, it’s easy to recreate and wear.

Items: Tee, Swim trunks, Deck shoes

10. Dressy for Dad

Though this look may be dressy, it’s perfect for your dad to wear on any occasion.

It makes him look put together but still has that relaxed vibe he loves. You can even recreate this yourself if you want!

Items: Button-up shirt, Swim trunks, Sandals

11. Perfect Dad

Give your dad this preppy look that is perfect to wear all day. He’ll be ready for whatever you have planned with a sun hat and deck shoes.

Items: Short-sleeved t-shirt, Swim trunks, Sun hat, Deck shoes.

12. Happy Father’s Day to You!

Happy Father's Day From Your Favorite Child T-Shirt

Help your dad stand out this Father’s Day with this happy outfit that will make him smile. The shirt has a “cool dad” vibe, but the shorts are more colorful, giving it that fun pop your dad will love!

Items: Short-sleeved T-shirt, Swim trunks, Sandals

13. The Coolest Dad Around

Channeling the iconic Steve Harrington from Stranger Things, this outfit is perfect for your dad to show off on his social media. Just kidding, but it will make him look extra stylish!

Items: Long-sleeved thermal, Board shorts, Sandals

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To Sum Things Up

So there you have it, ten outfit ideas for Dad. Some are more conservative and daring, but all look great on him. 

Thanks for reading!

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