11 Unspoiled Beaches In Angola

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Angola is an African nation that borders Nambia. The country’s terrain varies from Atlantic beaches and winding rivers to deserts. 

There is also a heavy Portuguese flavor in the country from its time as a territory. Portuguese is still the official language of Angola. 

But the treasure in this country is the beaches.

The country is moderate on tourists because Angola has strict entry requirements. 

But if you want to see their beaches, apply for your visa, and get ready to check out the top eleven beaches in Angola. 

You will be happy that you took the time and extra effort to see these unspoiled treasures.

11 Best Beaches In Angola

Here is a list of eleven of the best beaches in Angola you should consider visiting:

1. Baia Azul Beach

When translated into English, Baia Azul means blue bay. And blue the water most certainly is. 

The vibrant blue color of the water rivals some places in the Caribbean and the South Pacific. It has been said the water shifts from light green to navy blue. 

While you will find many traditional beach activities to participate in, this beach is famous for sport fishing.

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2. Baia dos Elefantes Beach

When translated into English, Baia dos Elefantes means Elephant Bay or Bay of the Elephants. 

While there is little information to be found on the origins of the name, one would surmise that elephants were prevalent in the area at one time. 

This beach is highly secluded, so visitors have complete privacy. The waves also aren’t too strong, so it’s the perfect beach for those who like to relax and have a low-key trip to the beach.

3. Baia Farta

Baia Farta Angola

Baia Farta is another beach town in the same province as Baia Azul and Baia dos Elefantes. 

All are part of the Benguela province, known for its beaches and other coastal amenities. 

This is a great family beach, with plenty of room to spread out, play games, build sandcastles, etc. 

The town is medium-sized, so visitors will find multiple places to dine and eat while visiting the beach.

4. Cabinda Beach

Cabinda is a province in Angola that sits on the Atlantic Ocean. The capital city is of the same name. 

The city and province are known for being large hubs for African oil. The province produces many products that are shipped around the globe. 

The beaches in this area are relatively untouched, as the area does not receive a lot of tourists. There is a heavy military presence in the province. 

But for those who make the journey, there are many local hotels and restaurants to serve the public.

5. Cabo Ledo Beach

Cabo Ledo is a tiny town/commune located in the Luanda province. But what the town lacks in space and population, it makes up for style and activities. 

There are many high-quality bungalows and villas in the town, along with excellent restaurants. 

This beach is also a destination for surfers along Africa’s Atlantic coast.

6. Morena Beach

Morena Beach Angola

Morena is part of the Angolan province of Benguela. Its proximity to other beaches, such as Baia Azul, ensures you see some stunningly blue water. 

The town is very picturesque, with palm trees lined streets. Very little commercialization has come to Morena, enabling it to look still like it did decades ago. 

Make sure you bring your provisions with you for your trip to the beach.

7. Mussulo Beach

Mussulo is located in the Luanda province. If you want to be away from crowds and people, Mussulo will offer that to you. 

The beach is part of its peninsula. The town has a very small population and doesn’t get much tourist traffic. 

Some solid waves and currents make watersports and things of that sort challenge. However, some surfers crave that challenge and flock to the town.

8. Porto Amboim Beach

Porto Amboim is a large port town in the Cuanza Sul Province. Today the port city is known for being a part of the offshore drilling industry. 

Its size and proximity to the coast have brought many hotels and other tourism necessities to the town. 

Visitors will have no shortage of options to choose from. The beach also offers a full range of activities for families and adventurers.

9. Restinga de Lobito Beach

Restinga de Lobito Beach Angola

Restinga de Lobito is a beach located in the municipality of Lobito. Lobito is part of Benguela Province, home to many stunning beaches. 

This port city is always on the go. Anyone who comes to visit will have no shortage of things to do. 

The Atlantic Ocean flanks the city on one side and Lobito Bay on the other. 

On the beachfront, tourists will find several hotels of varying caliber. Some are luxury hotels that include amenities like spas and salons.

10. Sangano Beach

Sangano beach is very near the high tourist area of Cabo Ledo. The nice part is that this beach attracts more tourists than Cabo Ledo. 

And that is perfectly fine for locals and other visitors alike. 

There aren’t a lot of businesses or restaurants, but that is fine for those who live there and those who love to visit there. 

The beach is clean, the water is clear, and the locals are friendly. And for many, that’s all that matters. This beach is also part of a national park system.

11. Sumbe Beach

Sumbe is another one of the stunning beaches in the Benguela Province. 

In addition to offering residents and visitors stunning views and perfect sand, this beach is a hot spot for surfers. 

The way the swells can break is excellent conditions for those looking to ride the waves. The town also has several well-regarded restaurants and hotels for visitors. 

While Sumbe is not isolated, it doesn’t get the same crowds as its fellow beaches in Benguela. You can enjoy the coastal beauty without the crowds.


Angola’s beaches do not get the recognition that they deserve. 

People may talk about the beaches of Australia and Europe, but Angola should be part of that conversation too. 

These beaches are some of the cleanest in the world, with stunning blue water that rivals some of the most beautiful beaches. 

Apply for your travel visa, and plan to see the best-kept beach secrets in the world. 

These top eleven beaches in Angola are waiting for you!

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