Top 5 Beaches In Britain

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Formally referred to as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Britain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and three other seas.

With over 12000 kilometers of coastline, Britain lacks coastal towns and stunning beaches.

In this article, we listed five beaches in Britain you must visit.

Let’s get into it!

Five Beaches In Britain

1. Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno is a small but captivating beach, a hidden gem in the town of Cornwall. The waters are the clearest jade green, and the sand is soft and golden.

The beach is quiet and peaceful, well suited for family outings. The beach is also dog-friendly if you happen to own a dog.

Dolphins are sometimes spotted in the waters, feet away. The Minack Theatre sits on the cliffs above. After a dip in the waters, you may like to visit the famous open-air theatre.

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2. Lunan Bay Beach

In Scotland, near the town of Angus is Lunan Bay Beach. The beach stretches for nearly two miles and looks towards the rising sun.

Low cliffs to the south and North and dunes back the beach. The beach is unspoiled, and the water is clean, but caution is advised as there are strong currents.

This is a great spot for bird watching; pods of dolphins are frequently seen meters from the water’s edge.

After the rains, the sands glitter as agates and other gemstones are revealed.

3. Tynemouth Beach

Also called Longsands Beach, the waters of Tynemouth are almost as blue as the flag flapping in the wind. Outside Newcastle, the beach stretches for about a mile; it is clean and unspoiled.

The beach is peaceful and family-friendly. Pale and soft sand, you can build sandcastles or take a walk.

The beach is popular among surfers during the swell. You can dip in the water when the swell recedes in the summer.

4. Rhossili Beach

With 3 miles of gorgeous sand and turquoise water, this wide sandy beach is far from Swansea. The beach is quiet and beautiful.

Owing to its size, the beach is never crowded. You can enjoy a stroll along the water’s edge in solitude or in the company of a lover.

The beach is great for family, and dogs are allowed. The view from the top of the surrounding cliffs is breathtaking.

The verdant green landscape adds to the calming atmosphere of the sea.

5. Studland Beach

Arguably one of the best-unspoiled beaches in the country, Studland beach in Dorset stretches for three miles.

This sandy beach is flat, and the water is clear and shallow, great for children to play and swim. Dunes stretching into the distance add to make stunning scenery.

The beach may become quieter during weekends and holidays as more people visit. This beach is a great place for Kayaking and other water sports. Studland is also a natural beach.


These beaches are some of the best to be found in the country. The waters are clear, the beaches are sandy, and the views are stunning.

From surfers to naturists, there is something for everyone. Visit one or visit them all, and you will have a nice time.

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