18 Best Beaches In Oman 

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In the Middle East, you can imagine deserts stretching into the horizon and lots of hot destinations.

You may be right about the heat but wrong about some conceptions of Oman. The beaches in Oman are spectacular, to put it mildly. 

Seeb, Qurum, Shati al qurum, Yitti (yiti), and Salalah beach are well known for their attractions. 

Here’re the best 18 beaches in Oman, sure to provide you with a very eventful, fun-filled time.

18 Stunning Beaches in Oman

1. Seeb Beach

  • Seeb Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, canoeing, and beach sports

Looking for a beach with neat surroundings and lots of space to exercise, relax or unwind? Check out Seeb Beach.

This beach in Muscat stretches over 3km if you only measure its paved walkway.

With such a lengthy walkway, many tourists come here to maintain their bodies through regular exercise. 

You’d also find many tourists appreciating the vast number of palm trees along Seeb’s coast.

Other tourists come to Al – Seeb Beach, as it’s fondly called by the locals, for different reasons. 

Visit for a clear glimpse into the horizon showcasing Oman’s beauty. Others come for the calm waters to take a much-needed boat ride.

Whatever tourists and local visitors need to relax and energize, Seeb Beach is where they’re sure to get it.

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2. Qurum Beach

  • Qurum Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, canoeing, and beach sports

If you’re logged in to Muscat, you must visit Qurum Beach. On this beach, there’re many breathtaking spots tourists immediately fall in love with.

Beach-goers would find this 4 kilometers stretch of the beach very enticing. Several spots along this beach line up palm trees to provide adequate shade for visitors.

Also, tents are in no short supply to protect you from Oman’s sunny days. If you’re looking to appreciate very calm, blue waters on golden sands, get to Qurum Beach.

There’s much to do and much to reflect on from this pristine Arabian paradise.  

3. Shati Al Qurum Beach

Shati Al Qurum Beach Oman
  • Shati Al Qurum Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, kayaking, and canoeing

A crowded beach doesn’t just cut it for a lot of tourists. So many visitors to Oman prefer getting to more private spots to get more relaxation.

One of these spots is on Shati Al Qurum Beach. When you’re at the beach, just a little walk off Qurum Beach, there are a lot of comforts assured.

This beach’s signature clear blue water, which reveals the scenic beauties of the surrounding oceans, is just one attraction. 

Other tourists troop to this destination just 5 miles off Oman’s history museum for a canoeing trip.

There’re numerous spots to catch a shade with palms and makeshift tents. Don’t think you won’t find other tourists at this beach, but it won’t be as crowded as others.

So for a much more incredible relaxation location, make Shati Al Qurum your choice.  

4. Yitti (Yiti) Beach

  • Yitti (Yiti) Beach Attractions – Canoeing, sunbathing, and camping

Muscat has a good number of Oman’s beaches. And one of its top beach locations is Yiti Beach. 

Situated about 30 miles from Muscat’s city center, Yitti is the place to be.

This spot has much to offer, with several kilometers of beachhead merging with the transparent blue surrounding ocean banks.

Sea salt bashes into many rocks surrounding this beach, creating a lot of shade for beach-goers. 

Also, this destination is an excellent place to surf due to its regular receipt of huge waves.

Tourists don’t fail to visit this beach for a quick canoe ride and other equally enticing activities. 

This beach is a recommended spot for first-time visitors to Oman.

5. Salalah Beach, Dhofar

  • Salalah Beach Attractions – Beach resorts, camelback riding, and sunbathing

Most scintillating beach destinations in southern Oman are in Dhofar Province. And if you’re looking for a top cool-off spot, Salalah Beach is where you’ve got to visit.

With over 4kms of pristine beach merging naturally with white sands, this beach attracts tourists annually.

Most tourists come for camelback riding by the beach, while others come to sunbathe and take a cool swim.

Many shades are on this beach’s head where tourists can get a good look at the beach and retain much comfort.  

6. Hail North Beach

Hail North Beach Oman
  • Hail North Beach Attractions – Camelback riding, sunbathing, and boating

Hail North, or Al Hail Beach, is one destination tourists visit to taste northern Muscat. 

Located a few miles off Al Seeb, this over 1km stretch of beach is a place for getting a secluded dose of fun.

Some tourists visit the area, but you won’t see a crowded beach like Seeb and Salalah beaches.

This northern beach is where you can expect a perfect dose of relaxation and comfort. Boating services are available in certain areas, and spots are excellent for sunbathers.

Hail North Beach has something for you regardless of your connection to beaches.  

7. Sohar Beach Corniche

  • Sohar Beach Corniche Attractions – Sightseeing, sunbathing, and canoeing

Sohar Beach has a lot of excellent spots for tourists to get an extra dose of relaxation in Al Batinah. 

The corniche on this beach is an attraction many tourists visit every year. Through Sohar’s corniche, many tourists get to explore Omani forts and many other attractive destinations.

If you don’t like going sightseeing, you can hang out by the beach and relax under numerous natural shades. 

This beach’s calm waters and clean white sands merge to deliver one beach you can’t afford to visit.

8. Sifa Beach

  • Sifa Beach Attractions – Beach resorts, Camping, scuba/snorkeling, and canoeing

A captivating Omani beach is just 9 miles from Qasr Alam Museum, Muscat. Sifa Beach is a destination with a lot to do for fun and relaxation.

You can get shade and watch how this beach merges with the surrounding waters. But it’s no secret that many other tourists come to this beach for other reasons.

Sifa Beach has one of Oman’s very few coral reefs featuring many spheres of underwater life. 

Many other tourists also prefer Sifa Beach due to its vast beach resort count.

9. Bassa Public Beach

Bassa Public Beach, Musandam Oman
  • Bassa Public Beach Attractions – Camping, sunbathing, and swimming.

Bassa Public Beach, Musandam, is a spot where tourists can come if they need quiet time. 

Most areas around this over 3km stretch of beach don’t have any shade, so you may have to get one before paying a visit.

But if you’ve no problems swimming along the clear beach waters, you will surely enjoy this beach.  

Many tourists at this beach mostly come for camping, sunbathing, and other fun activities.

Bassa Public Beach is open to visitors year-round, but you’d find more people by this beach during the late months and summer.

10. Al-Manumah Beach

  • Al-Manumah Beach Attractions – Boating, swimming, and sunbathing

Located 1.5kms from Manumah Village, Al-Manumah Beach is a top destination for many tourists across the globe.

Most tourists come to this beach for its clean surroundings and paved walkways spanning over 1km.

Other tourists come here late in the summer for more agreeable weather to get a much-deserved tan.

If you’re at this beach, there’re several spots where you can get on a canoe to explore what this area has got on offer.

Also, you can decide to get some shade and appreciate the calm flow of water on this beach. 

It’s where you can be sure of serenity and a welcoming atmosphere year-round.  

11. Azaiba Beach

  • Azaiba Beach Attractions – Canoeing, sunbathing, and camelback riding

Also, in Muscat, Azaiba Beach is a destination where many tourists are sure to catch enough fun in a single visit.

With very warm sunshine peculiar to Omani beaches coupled with clear waters and white sand, it’s a tourists’ El Dorado.

Most people come to this over 1km of beach for fun stuff year-round. Boating is an excellent pastime for tourists along this beach. 

A lot of space to relax in the sun is available on this beach.

If you’re looking for a spot to catch a lovely glimpse of the sunset, Azaiba Beach is where you’ve got to be.

12. Al Haffa Beach

  • Al Haffa Beach Attractions – Canoeing, surfing, and sunbathing

If you’re planning to stay at Salalah during your Oman trip, it won’t be tricky to get to Al Haffa Beach.

Clear beaches, clean white sands, and many excellent relaxing spots grace this beach’s head. If you’re a tourist conscious of relaxing in a serene environment, this is a place you’ve got to visit.

There’s no shortage of fun stuff on this over 2km beach stretch with so many shades to keep you fully relaxed.

13. Marjan (PDO) Beach

Marjan (PDO) Beach Oman
  • Marjan (PDO) Beach Attractions – Snorkeling, diving, and camelback riding

Marjan Beach, popularly called PDO beach, is located in Muscat and is one of Oman’s most popular relaxation destinations.

When you’re on PDO beach, there’s a lot to do. Snorkeling, riding on camelback, and other fun activities are available on this beach.

Year-round, this beach remains quiet for most parts of the early hours. Tourists and other locals troop in when it’s sunny or getting towards the evening.

14. Taqa Beach

  • Taqa Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, surfing, and canoeing

About 40 miles from Salalah, Taqa Beach is famous for its tranquility and pristine qualities. 

This over 1km beach stretch has a lot of shades for visitors who need a closer look at the surroundings.

It’s also a spot where surfing is possible due to the massive currents it receives at some periods of the year.

Many tourists can’t seem to get enough of this beach, and you’d likely see it crowded during the evening hours.

There’s a paved corniche on this beach where tourists can see how wonderful the Omani landscape is.

15. Al Mouj Community Beach

  • Al Mouj Community Beach Attractions – beach Park, Canoeing, and watersports

Do you want to take a swing at golfing while in Oman? Or do you need a serene park to reflect and refresh after a hectic time in your home country? 

Then Al Mouj Community Beach is perfect for you.

Designed with cutting-edge technology in Muscat, this over 1km beach stretch offers a lot to tourists in games, relaxation spots, and more.

It’s famous for being among the few Omani beaches to have a lot of greenery for relaxation.

16. Qantab Beach

  • Qantab Beach Attractions – beach Park, Camping, and canoeing

For tourists a little far off from Muscat city center, visiting Qantab Beach is sure to be a fulfilling experience.

Located 15km from the capital’s center, this less than 2km beach provides a scenic atmosphere that exposes Oman’s beauty.

Coves and corniches are all around the beach, and there’s enough shade to get a much-deserved rest.

17. Khalouf Beach

Khalouf Beach Oman
  • Khalouf Beach Attractions – Swimming, sunbathing, and camping

With ample dunes covering Khalouf Beach, southern Muscat, you could feel you’re in an oasis.

Calm beach waters merge with the shore naturally, and there’re many spots to get that elusive sun tan you’ve always wanted.

Secluded beaches, calm scenery, and excellent nearby accommodation make Khalouf Beach a silent traveler’s ideal spot.

18. Al Mughsayl Beach

  • Al Mughsayl Beach Attractions – Camping, camelback riding, and swimming

When you get to Al Mughsayl Beach, Salalah, many of Oman’s southern beauties are displayed. The beachhead merges naturally with the ever-incoming calm waters.

Several shades line this beach and make for excellent protection from Salalah’s balmy weather. 

A lot of areas around this beach are covered with little greenery where visitors can take a rest.

Rank By Attractions In Oman

RankBeachCity/AreaBest time to visitAttractions
1Seeb BeachSeebSeptember – MarchBeach sports, boating
2Qurum BeachMuscatNovember – MarchSpeedboat, dolphins watching
3Shati Al Qurum BeachMuscatOctober – MayWater sports, sunbathing
4Yiti BeachYitiOctober – AprilCycling, boating
5Hail North BeachSeebOctober – MayBeach sports, boating
6Sohar Beach CornisheSoharSeptember – MarchSunbathing
7Sifa BeachMuscatOctober – AprilHiking, fishing, sunbathing
8Bassa public beachKhasabNovember – MarchCanoeing, snorkeling, hiking
9Azaiba BeachMuscatNovember – Marchsunbathing
10Al Haffa beachSalalahOctober – AprilFishing, sunbathing
11Marjan BeachMuscatOctober – AprilSnorkeling, sunbathing
12Taqa BeachTaquaOctober – AprilWindsurfing, boating, hiking
13Almouj Community BeachMuscatSeptember – MarchSunbathing, hiking
14PDO Marjan BeachMuscatNovember – MarchSnorkeling, diving, hiking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Oman have a beach?

Oman borders the Strait of Hormuz, the Oman Sea, and the Arabian Sea and has over 20 beaches. Most Omani beaches are around Muscat, Manumah, and Dhofar.

What is the best time of year to visit Oman beaches?

It’s an excellent choice to visit Oman in the late months (Oct-Dec). If you’ve got no issues with the excessive heat from January – early August, you can also have a great time at Oman’s beaches.

What are the top beaches in Oman?

Almouj Community Beach
Bassa Public Beach
Marjan (PDO) Beach
Muscat Beach
Qurum Beach
Salalah Beach, Dhofar
Seeb Beach
Yitti (Yiti) Beach

How much is a tourist visa for Oman?

30 Omani Riyals (OMR) is the required fee to get a 30-day, single-entry visa. Cruise visas also go for 5 Omani Riyals and last about four days.

If you delay your visa renewal, you’d have to pay 10 Omani Riyals every day after the visa expiration.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Oman?

Oman remains one of the Middle East’s remaining safe countries. Tourists can get a safe, fun time in this country as crime incidents are few and far between.

Is it safe to swim on Oman beaches?

It is perfectly safe to swim on Omani beaches. Swimming gear that covers most of your body should be your choice, particularly for females.

What should you not wear in Oman?

People wearing skimpy clothing usually find it hard to have a great time in Oman. If you’re a lady, try to wear clothing that covers your legs and is short-sleeved.

Light clothing is perfect for Oman’s regularly hot weather, so drop off those denim and padded clothes.

Are Oman beaches expensive to visit?

Oman is expensive to visit. Most tourists may have to spend anywhere around $150 for each day at the beach.

Can I travel to Oman beaches without a visa?

You can get a visa on arrival to Oman if you’re from one of the GCC countries. Citizens from other countries must have visas and international passports before arriving in Oman.

Where can I surf on Oman beaches?

Al Ashkharah
Asilah Village
Taqa Beach
Seeb Beach

How much money should I take to Oman beaches?

Tourists should have anywhere around $5000 for single visits. Group tourists should have this amount per person or more depending on location and choice of accommodation.

Final Word

Oman remains a paradise in the Middle East. This country overlooks three different bodies of water and is a choice location for many tourists.

Most tourists come for the beaches in Oman; indeed, you’d join the satisfied number of guests when you pay a visit.

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