Top 5 Top Beaches In Jordan

You might think Jordan is most famous for its ancient and majestic cities and deserts, and not its amazing beaches in Jordan. 

But apart from enjoying the country’s historical sites, superb hiking trails, and adventures in the desert, Jordan offers some superb beach destinations. 

Relax and enjoy some of the best scenery bordering the Dead Sea and the Red Sea.

Jordan’s beach resorts range from urban to famous secluded and remote beaches. 

Are you ready to explore the top 5 beaches in Jordan?

Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Beaches in Jordan

1. Amman Beach, Dead Sea

If you visit Amman, the capital city, you can enjoy Amman Beach, situated near the famous Dead Sea tourist destination. 

This big salt lake is 423 meters below sea level. The lake’s extremely high salt content attracts visitors worldwide to enjoy its rejuvenating waters and float in the sea without sinking. 

Amman Beach is popular with locals and visitors, but you can travel there from Amman in under an hour. 

The beach tends to become crowded in high season and public holidays, so be prepared. 

But it’s an excellent place to relax and float in the Dead Sea, a bucket list experience you’ll never forget!

Amman Beach Attractions: the Dead Sea, mud spas, various skin and health treatments/products

2. Berenice Beach Club, Aqaba

Berenice Beach Club, Aqaba Jordan

Visit Aqaba, and you’ll find the Berenice Beach Club, a trendy upmarket destination for beachgoers looking for a beach experience that is a little more exclusive. 

It’s a private beach resort and is well-equipped, offering facilities like bars, shops, swimming pools, and volleyball courts. 

You can enjoy everything from extreme watersports to relaxing poolside sipping margaritas; the Berenice Beach Club has it all! Including a shuttle bus for visitors staying in Aqaba.

Berenice Beach Club Attractions: diving, jet-skiing, watersports, bars, aquarium

3. Coral Beach, Aqaba

Looking for something more secluded and relaxing? Try Coral Beach in Aqaba. 

This beach destination provides visitors with all the attractions the other beaches in Jordan offer, but it’s not as crowded. 

Thanks to the clear shallow waters, you can enjoy seeing a fantastic variety of natural coral reefs at Coral Beach. 

The beach is a top destination for local and visiting scuba divers. 

Unlike other beaches in Jordan, Coral Beach maintains a calm and serene ambiance, so it’s ideal for relaxing.

Coral Beach Attractions: diving, coral reefs, calm and relaxing

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4. South Beach, Aqaba

Aqaba is a historic city beside the Red Sea and offers some of the best beaches in Jordan. South Beach is very popular with locals and visitors. 

Situated near the harbor, it’s a vibrant site boasting spectacular and unspoiled marine life for visitors to enjoy. 

South Beach is a top destination for snorkeling and diving to explore and appreciate the fantastic tropical marine life. 

South Beach also has a diving school that caters to beginners and experienced divers. 

Why not sign up for diving lessons and be amazed by the local manta rays and angelfish you’ll see?

South Beach Attractions: diving, snorkeling, marine life,

5. Wadi Mujib

Not strictly a beach, but still worth mentioning, the Wadi Mujib river flows into the Dead Sea. 

The river is bordered by stunning canyons rising from the surrounding ground. Wadi Mujib is just 30 minutes from the most famous Dead Sea hotels and is well worth a visit.

Visitors can choose from plenty of excursions for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of wading through the water between the awe-inspiring canyons and eventually entering the Dead Sea. 

If you’re looking for an unbeatable canyoneering adventure, Wadi Mujib will give it to you.

Wadi Mujib Attractions: stunning scenery, unique experiences, Instagram-worthy photos


Each beach destination in Jordan offers something unique. 

And most beaches are within an hour of Jordan’s most historical sites, so it’s easy to have a varied itinerary on the same day. 

Transport to Jordan’s beaches is easy to arrange, and most sites offer a good range of wining and dining options nearby or on-site.