20 Stunning Beaches In Algeria For Vacation

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Algeria is that place if you are looking for a vacation spot that offers you the best of all worlds. Ain Achir Beach, Zeralda, Sidi Fredj, Madagh Beach, and Tichy provide nightlife and a variety of amenities. 

Others will provide you with few crowds and a way to stay with nature. No matter what you are looking for, the beaches in Algeria will have it. 

You can even hop from beach to beach for variety. Let’s examine these 20 stunning Algerian beaches and see which ones you should add to your list. 

Undoubtedly, at least one should be included on your next holiday.

Top 20 Beaches In Algeria List

As an FYI- the word plage means beach in Algeria. You will see this word used a lot on this list, and I wanted to ensure you knew what that word meant in advance.

1. Tamanart

  • Location: Skikda, Collo
  • Attractions: swimming, sunbathing
  • Famous For: great for families, the beach is spotless

If you want a beach that reminds you of the Maldives without traveling there, Tamanart is that place. 

The water is a stunning blue, and the beach is almost like cream. And the locals are friendly and kind to all tourists who come through the country. 

This makes Tamanart an ideal place to take families. 

You don’t have to worry about what your children will pick up or come in contact with on the beach or in the water.

2. Cap Djinet

Cap Djinet In Algeria
  • Location: Djinet
  • Attractions: sunbathing, sailing, swimming
  • Famous For: large port city

This lovely cape is located in the town of Djinet. The closest major city is Algiers. 

Tourists love this beach because it isn’t as crowded as other beaches in the country. 

People love to bring their families here to enjoy the peace and hospitality of the locals.

While no exact size for the beach can be found, it is said to be small but very clean. This is what makes this place so beloved.

3. Aftis Beach

  • Location: El Aouanna
  • Attractions: swimming, boat rides, nature trips
  • Famous For: Clean and family-friendly, unspoiled nature

People love to go to the beach because you don’t have to worry about trash or dirty water to swim in. 

What sets this beach apart is the stunning views of nature surrounding the entire area. 

The beach is in front of a giant cliff, and the views of nature that go up that cliff are breathtaking. 

This makes Aftis Beach great for people of all ages.

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4. Playa Chenoua

  • Location: Tipaza
  • Attractions: swimming, sunbathing, views of nature
  • Famous For: breathtaking views of rocky cliffs, not as crowded

This beach is a bit more isolated than others found in Algeria. There aren’t any hotels or restaurants nearby. It is just the beach, and that is it. 

However, the views are breathtaking and worth the trek to this beach. You can enjoy quiet here, surrounded by rocky cliffs. 

This may not be the best place to take small children because there isn’t as much for them to do. 

This is just one of the many beaches found in the Tipaza area.

5. Oran

  • Location: Oran District
  • Attractions: historical sites, swimming, nightlife
  • Famous For: historical sites, famous port city, folk music

Not only does Oran have a stunning beach, but it also has a vibrant history and culture. 

This is the second largest city in Algeria, so visitors should have no trouble finding lodging and things to do during their stay. 

There is a great nightlife scene for visitors to enjoy after a day at the beach. 

There are also many historical sites to visit between sunbathing and swimming.

6. Madagh Beach

Marsa Ben M’Hidi Beach in Algeria
  • Location: Bou Zedjar
  • Attractions: sunbathing, swimming, watersports
  • Famous For: nature views, fewer crowds

Madagh Beach is a beautiful hidden gem in Algeria. 

While part of Oran’s larger beach area, Madagh sits off to itself, offering visitors a quiet respite from the crowds throughout the area. 

Here the water is clean, and the beach is soft and pure sand. You can swim or enjoy jet skis and boating. 

While you won’t have the nightlife and amenities other beaches have, you will have all the beach activities you could ever want here.

7. Sables D’or Beach

  • Location: Zeralda
  • Attractions: nature walks, privacy
  • Famous For: sunset views, quiet and clean beach

Those who visit here will find cute beach shacks for dining when they take a break from the beach. 

Luckily, the crowds don’t make their way here like other Algerian beaches. You can come here, eat, drink, and be merry without everyone. 

Like most other Algerian beaches, the water is an amazing blue, and the beach is immaculate.

8. Petit Paradis

  • Location: Ait Chaffa
  • Attractions: swimming, sunbathing
  • Famous For: privacy and fewer crowds

Known as the Little Beach, this small piece of paradise is out of the sight of most tourists. 

This makes for a great day trip as there are few amenities in the beach area. You wouldn’t be able to stay overnight. 

But this is an excellent place for a day trip if you don’t want all the bells and whistles.

9. Palm Beach

Palm Beach In Algeria
  • Location: Tipza Province
  • Attractions: swimming, sunbathing
  • Famous For: upscale resort

Palm Beach is one of the many beautiful beaches near the capital of Algiers. 

Since most of these are part of resorts, a person must check into one to enjoy these pristine beaches.

10. Hadjadj Plage

  • Location: Mostaganem
  • Attractions: sunbathing, rock climbing
  • Famous For: dark sand and extraordinary sunsets

Hadjadj Plage is a lovely out-of-the-way beach known as a place for relaxation. 

Swimming is more challenging because of the rocks in the water. 

The place is known for its fantastic sunsets, so visitors are encouraged to stay until then to take in the view.

11. Plage Les Andalouses

  • Location: Oran
  • Attractions: sunbathing, swimming
  • Famous For: a private beach that requires a paid ticket for entry

This beach offers multiple things for visitors to do, such as shopping and watersports. 

Because it isn’t a public beach, crowds are minimal, and the area will remain clean. 

You must purchase a ticket to enter. It is also very proximal to many larger cities with nightlife and hotels.

12. Plage Kotama

  • Location: Jijel
  • Attractions: sunbathing, swimming
  • Famous For: the vibrant blue color of the water

The Jijel area is known for its stunning beaches. Plage Kotama is no different. This area isn’t very large, so you come here to relax and avoid the crowds. 

The water and sand are both as clean and clear as can be.

13. Plage Bouzedjar

Plage Bouzedjar in algeria
  • Location: Oran Province
  • Attractions: sunbathing, swimming
  • Famous For: view of both the beach and the mountain

This beach is highly recommended for families since there is ample room for them to spread out and play. 

However, the crowds don’t get so large that you have to worry about the children’s safety while at play. 

This beach is also known for its views of the mountain that surrounds the shore.

14. Plage Rachgoun

  • Location: Beín Saf
  • Attractions: sunbathing, swimming
  • Famous For: quiet, great sunset views

This beach is a small quiet area that is part of a small commune community. This is great for families as a way to avoid crowds. 

Tourists should stay still at sunset to take in the breathtaking views.

15. Plage Sinda Youchaa

  • Location: Dar Yaghmouracene
  • Attractions: swimming, fishing
  • Famous For: the variety of fish dishes available for tourists

Plage Sinda Youchaa is a tiny fishing village with a beach. Other than relaxing, the reason people come here is to fish. 

Many places will let tourists catch fish, then cook them for them. The fun part is when the locals get creative and try new ways to cook the dishes.

16. Marsa Ben M’Hidi

  • Location: Tlemcem
  • Attractions: fishing, swimming
  • Famous For: boating trips and fishing trips

This small village has a great beach and a booming fishing industry. Its sizable marina makes it an ideal place to take boat trips. 

Tourists can connect with locals without so many crowds. It’s a great place to enjoy the water and fish.

17. Ain Achir Beach

  • Location: Annaba
  • Attractions: watersports, swimming, sunbathing
  • Famous For: fewer crowds

While this beach may be very well known, this smaller beach still doesn’t attract the crowds that others in the area can. 

This means visitors have more room to spread out and enjoy themselves! 

The water here is a perfect blue and is ideal for swimming and all manners of watersports.

18. Azur Plage

Azur Plage in algeria
  • Location: Algiers
  • Attractions: swimming, sunbathing
  • Famous For: vibrant sunsets and calm water for swimming

Azur Plage means The Blue Beach in English. It earns its name from the perfect blue water that cradles the beach. 

The waters around this beach are known for being calm and perfect for swimming. Like other places on the coast, the sunset is fantastic. 

Stay until then so you can take in these colors and take some photographs.

19. Plage Sghirate

  • Location: Boumerdes
  • Attractions: swimming, sunbathing
  • Famous For: good for sunbathing and is a site of an up-and-coming development

Plage Sghirate is an up-and-coming site for development. But for now, the beach is still moderately-sized and quite welcoming to families. 

Be aware that there aren’t any showers available to visitors. Even though it is a public beach, they charge for admission. 

The plage is one-half of two plages in the same area. The other side of the beach is covered in large rocks, so it isn’t highly accessible.

20. El Hamdania

  • Location: Médéa Province
  • Attractions: sunbathing, swimming
  • Famous For: a place to relax

El Hamdania is a small commune village with very few inhabitants. Visitors will not find the hotels and restaurants located at other Algerian beaches. 

But here, they can enjoy the sun and surf uninterrupted. The water and beach are quite clean, and there aren’t many tourists to compete with. 

If you want to be close to nature and enjoy the water, this is the perfect place.

53 Sensational Beaches in Algeria, Ranked by Attractions [Data Table]

RankBeach NameCity/AreaPick TimeAttractions
1Fort Santa CruzOranOctober – MarchSunbathing
2TamanartSkikda ProvinceOctober – JanuaryDiving, sunbathing
3Cap DjinetBourmerdesNovember – FebruaryDiving, snorkeling
4Aftis BeachEl AouanaOctober – MarchDiving, snorkeling, hiking
5Playa ChenouaTipazaNovember – MarchHiking, sunbathing
6Colonel AbbasTipazaNovember – MarchSunbathing, body-boarding
7Madagh beachOranOctober – JanuarySunbathing, boating
8Petit ParadisAit ChafaaOctober – JanuarySunbathing, swimming, fishing
9Palm-BeachTipazaOctober – JanuaryHorse riding, boating
10Plage KotamaJijelNovember – FebruarySunbathing, diving 
11Plage BouzedjarBouzedjarNovember – FebruarySwimming, boating, diving
12Plage RachgounBeni SafNovember – MarchDiving, snorkeling, swimming
13Plage Sidna YouchaaTlemcenOctober – JanuaryDiving, snorkeling, swimming
14Ain Achir BeachAnnabaNovember – FebruaryDiving, snorkeling, sunbathing
15Azur PlageAlgiersOctober – JanuarySunbathing, boating, diving
16Plage SghirateTheniaOctober – MarchTidal pool, boating
17El HamdaniaCherchellOctober – MarchDiving, snorkeling
18Plage TergaAin TemouchentOctober – MarchDiving, snorkeling
19El Oued Halouf BeachOuled El KihelOctober – JanuaryFishing, snorkeling
20Plage TôcheAnnabaNovember – MarchSunbathing, boating
21Plage Djenen El BeyAnnabaNovember – FebruaryHiking, sunbathing, snorkeling
22Plage de Marsa BenM’hidiMarsa Ben M’hidiOctober – MarchSunbathing, beach sports
23Les AiguadesBejaiaOctober – MarchWildlife watching, hiking
24Plage les AndalousesEl AncorNovember – MarchSunbathing, boating
25Plage Azeffoun Le CaroubierAzeffounNovember – MarchSunbathing, diving, snorkeling
26El BeldjTipazaNovember – Marchsunbathing, swimming
27Plage SasselOuled BoudjemaaOctober – JanuarySunbathing, boating, fishing
28Ourdania PlageTlemcenNovember – MarchFishing, snorkeling
29Paradis PageAin El TurckNovember – Februarysunbathing, swimming
30Plage Saint-CloudAnnabaOctober – JanuarySunbathing, beach sports
31Moscarda 1Marsa Ben M’hidiOctober – MarchSunbathing, boating
32BidèrOranOctober – Marchsunbathing
33Plage Sidi FredjAlgiersOctober – MarchSunbathing, boating
34Plage TafsoutTlemcenOctober – MarchHiking, sunbathing
35La criqueGourayaOctober – JanuaryHiking, sunbathing, snorkeling
36Plage BomoOranNovember – FebruarySunbathing, beach sports
37Plage Sidi AbdelazizJijelNovember – FebruarySunbathing, beach sports
38Plage CapritourBejaiaOctober – MarchSunbathing, boating
39Golden sands beachChetaibiOctober – MarchTidal pool, boating, snorkeling
40Plage Bleu 2TipazaNovember – FebruaryDiving, snorkeling, sunbathing
41Plage Rizzi AmorAnnabaOctober – JanuarySunbathing
42Bordj Blida Plage Ex. AndrewEl AouanaOctober – Marchsunbathing, swimming
43BoulimatBoulimatOctober – JanuaryBeach sport, fishing
44Moscarda 2Marsa Ben M’hidiNovember – FebruaryDiving, snorkeling, sunbathing, boating
45SaketBejaiaNovember – Februarysunbathing, swimming, boating
46Plage Rocher de moulesJijelNovember – MarchDiving, snorkeling
47Les SalinesSainte-AnneOctober – JanuaryDiving, boating
48Cap De Rosa BeachSandeeOctober – Januaryswimming, sunbathing
49SaḥelBejaiaOctober – MarchTidal pool, boating
50La plage rougeJijelNovember – FebruarySunbathing, boating
51MelbouMelbourneNovember – FebruarySunbathing, beach sports
52Plage El MaghraBejaiaNovember – FebruarySunbathing, snorkeling
53شاطئ آقلةPlage AglaTlemcenNovember – FebruaryHiking, sunbathing

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Algeria have a beach?

Yes! As a coastal nation, Algeria has many miles of beaches for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.

Ain Achir Beach, Zeralda, Sidi Fredj, Madagh Beach, and Tichy are famous for their attractions. Locals and tourists love to visit this country and its beaches.

What is the best time of year to visit Algerian beaches?

Algeria has hot summers and mild winters. You could truthfully visit at almost any time of year.

However, to get peak beach weather, the summer months of June, July, and August may be your best bets for prime weather.

What are the top beaches in Algeria?

Algeria has more than 50 terrific beaches, and what makes a beach great depends on what a person is looking for. But travel writers recognize these beaches as the cream of the crop in Algeria.

Ain Achir Beach
Sidi Fredj
Madagh Beach
Tichy (the town has four beaches within its city limits)

How much is a tourist visa for Algeria?

The cost of a tourist visa will vary based on what country you are traveling to Algeria from. Internet research shows that the cost of a visa for a US passport holder is $160.

You must secure your visa before traveling and attempting to enter the country.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Algeria?

For the most part, yes. The US State Department has warned US tourists to avoid certain parts of the country due to the high level of kidnappings in those areas. 

Other than that, Algeria is quite safe for American tourists. As would be the case with any country, be aware of your surroundings, and keep your guard up.

Other travel boards recommend that tourists avoid smaller towns and stick to larger urban centers due to safety concerns, especially for females traveling alone or in small groups.

Is it safe to swim at Algerian beaches?

Most Algerian beaches are safe for swimmers. Any that aren’t should post that as a notice. However, this is pretty rare. Algeria is known for having clear water and safe conditions.

What should you not wear in Algeria?

While not as strict as in other African countries regarding how people should dress, women should still avoid anything short and low-cut in their wardrobes. 

However, unlike other African or Muslim nations, visitors do not have to be covered head to toe. Algerians dress much more like Europeans. 

During the summer, ensure to include breathable fabrics in your outfits because the temperatures can get hot.

Are Algeria beaches expensive to visit?

These beaches will be more expensive than others in Africa. However, the prices won’t seem outrageous to tourists from Western Europe or the US. 

You could need around $120 daily on the high end to cover your hotel and daily meals.

Can I travel to Algeria without a visa?

No. Only passport holders from a few nations can enter Algeria without a visa. Most of those countries are the countries that neighbor Algeria. 

All other visitors must have a visa and a valid passport. Your passport must have at least six months before it expires and at least one blank page for a passport stamp. 

You must also obtain your visa before you arrive in the country. This is unlike in some countries where you can get your visa at the airport after landing.

How much money should I take to Algerian beaches?

How much spending money you take with you to the beach will depend on which beach you are at. 

Some will only have a few places where you can grab drinks, so you don’t need to bring that much cash. 

Others will have many places to eat and drink, so you will want to bring ample cash to enjoy all those features. 

Check ahead to see what each beach offers before taking your cash out for the day.

To be a safe and intelligent traveler, you don’t want to bring more than needed. 
You don’t want to make yourself a target.


If you haven’t already considered them, the beaches in Algeria need to be on your following vacation list. 

You can choose from beaches that have shopping and nightlife, to those that are so remote the only things you can do is swim and sunbathe. 

Use this list to find the perfect one or one to visit the next time you are in Algeria.

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