Nudist Beach: Interesting Beach In Czech

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If you love to hit the beach in your birthday suit, Nudist Beach or Nudistský Pláž, Pardubice is a place to be. 

Since putting on clothes at the beach isn’t your thing, you won’t cringe when visitors begin baring it all.

My first visit to this spot was rather eventful, even if it was my maiden trip to a no-clothes beach.

I took time to document my experience in this Nudist Beach Travel Guide. And with it, you can be sure of a complete beach experience, even without clothes.  

What to Take Along To Nudist Beach?

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunshades
  • Towels
  • Sunhat
  • Refreshments
  • Camera

Price List for a Day at Nudistský Pláž, Pardubice

Spending one day at Nudistský Pláž could be a wonderful experience with the proper budget. Since the beach is free-entry to visitors, you may not need to spend much.

Check out recommended prices from this list and max your time at the beach:

SingleWith PartnerFamily of Four
FoodCZK40 – CZK60CZK80 – CZK120CZK150+
DrinksCZK30 – CZK50CZK60 – CZK100CZK150 – CZK200
Transportation~ CZK100~ CZK200CZK 400+
Entrance FeeFreeFreeFree
  • Transportation costs may vary based on your lodging location

Prices described in the table above are rough estimates and remain prone to change. Some may not be part of your budget if you make a few plans before heading to this beach.

Bring your refreshments if your time at the beach will span a whole day.

Make arrangements for transportation to the beach and back. If you’re keen on saving more, rent a hotel a little way off the beachhead.

What to Wear

Since this is a nudist beach, you can decide to come as you are or leave some areas to the imagination. There is nothing wrong with showing up in a bikini or birthday suit at this beach.

But if you’re not planning to go all-nude to the beach, consider wearing these clothes from home.

ShortsAbove-knee shorts and other comfortable clothingBelow–knee shorts
ShirtsSleeveless shirts, Hawaiian beach shirts, etc.Tank top or other comfortable, sultry wear is allowed
ShoesFlip-flops, cover shoes, etc.Flip-flops or other comfy footwear
HeadwearFace caps, hats, etc.Scarves, sunhats, face caps, etc.
SunshadesYes (for the extra-sunny days)Yes (for the extra-sunny days)

Sunbathers are always present at this beach, especially in the summertime. So, if you’re keen to get a full tan, this beach is an attractive option.

Fun Stuff at the Beach

  • Boating
  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming

Best Time of Year to Visit

It is best to hit this beach during the summer months. Patronage sees sharp drops when it’s wintertime due to the apparent harsh weather.

Any time from May to late September could be a fantastic period to visit this beach.  

Opening Hours

The nude beach is always open to public visitors. No restrictions or curfews on time of attendance make this spot a favorite for several naturists.

Safety Tips

Night movements

It would be best to avoid night movements to this destination, particularly if you’re visiting alone.

Mingling with crowds

Crowds form at this beach during the summer. But since everyone’s focusing on tanning their birthday suit, the chances of mingling are remote.

Hotels Nearby

  • EA Theresian Court Hotel
  • Hotel Atrium
  • Hotel Bor
  • Hotel Chernigov
  • Hotel Pardubice
  • Hotel U Zlatého Anděla
  • Hotel Vacek Pod Věží
  • Okresní dům
  • Park Golf Club, restaurace a Konference Park Hotel Hradec Králové
  • Penzion Amátka
  • Penzion Kůlna
  • Pierre hotel & Restaurant
  • Queen Elisabeth
  • SIESTA Rodinný Resort

Common Weather

The balmy weather around this beach in the summertime makes it a favorite for suntan seekers.

Where is Nudist Beach?

Nudist Beach is an exquisite Czech waterfront destination located at Stare Zdanice, Pardubice, East Bohemia.

What are the main attractions of Nudist Beach?

The main attraction of Nudist Beach is in its name – nudity. Most visitors to this beach come for a full sunbath without caring about offending other people.

And the picturesque scenes of this exquisite location attract visitors from the Czech Republic and beyond.

Does Nudist Beach have any annual festivals?

No annual festivals are held at Nudist Beach. But if you’re keen on mingling with crowds, this beach is usually crowded year-round.

How long is Nudist Beach?

Nudist Beach has several areas spanning more than one kilometer. Several spots along the beachhead are open to visitors with something to bear.

Where can I stay at night in Nudist Beach?

When it comes to hotels for lodging close to Nudist Beach, you can be spoiled for choice easily. Most hotels around the beach have a lot to offer regarding professional services.

What can I wear in Nudist Beach?

Nudist Beach is one of many locations in the Czech Republic where what you wear doesn’t matter. 

You can decide to bare it all or leave a little skin covered. Everything else is based on your personal preference at this no-clothes beach.

Can I swim in Nudist Beach?

Swimming is allowed at several spots along Nudist Beach. And since you can bear it all for a swim, this is undoubtedly one of the Czech Republic’s top waterside relaxation spots.

Is Nudist Beach safe to visit?

The Nudist Beach remains open to public visitors, particularly naturists, all year round. 

Most visitors hit this beach when the sun’s out, so consider timing your trip around the daytime. 

Nighttime visits to this beach may not be safe, and you’re less likely to catch fun when it’s dark.

Final Word

If you’re considering visiting any of the Czech Republic’s teeming beaches, Nudistský Pláž is a place to be. 

You can loosen up, sunbathe, and catch a glimpse of Czechia’s landscape without hassle.

Make the most of this Nudist Beach Travel Guide, and you can be sure of an unrivaled, fun-filled experience!

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