Malkiya Beach: A Must-Visit Beach In Bahrain Experience

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Malkiya Beach is one of Bahrain’s best beaches and the most coveted spot for local and international holiday seekers. 

An immersive experience is possible with several spots around this beach.

Several visitors make the most of relaxing at this beach. A combo of picturesque beach sands linked to the calm waters makes Malkiya a relaxation destination.

Also, there’s fun stuff for visitors to enjoy!

Without a doubt, you’ve got a lot in mind to max out your holidaying experience. 

But you need access to complete facts to make the most of your time at the beach.

Let’s get into the detail!

Best Time To Visit Malkiya Beach

If you’re looking for a spot with the right amount of privacy and fun year-round, Malkiya Beach is what you need.

The beachhead remains populated from March to early December and is one of Bahrain’s busiest beaches.

But if you like the cool and calm of a secluded beach, you should plan your visit around late December – February.  

With the info at your disposal, selecting an ideal time to pay a visit becomes much easier.

The City

Situated on the western edge of Bahrain’s Northern Governorate, Malkiya is one of Bahrain’s less-populated settlements.  

Most visitors to Malkiya come for the beachside. And for the most part, the settlement’s beachside remains populated, save for limited periods.

Hotels around Malkiya Beach

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

Getting excellent accommodation is comfier with this spot. You can access an outdoor pool and a spa at Sofitel Bahrain to relax and refresh.

And for the price tag, you’re sure to get more value.

Lagoona Beach Resort

With an indoor and outdoor pool at Lagoona Beach Resort, you’re sure of a refreshing experience without the hassle.

A spa at this resort also ensures your time in Bahrain remains super-refreshing. 

And several additional services at this resort boost your relaxation potential several notches higher.

Gulf Court Hotel

With an outdoor pool and spa, the Gulf Court Hotel is a significant spot several tourists enjoy. 

At the Gulf Court Hotel, you can access several professional services to keep you relaxed and re-energized.

Elite Resort & Spa

The Elite Resort and Spa makes your time at the beach much more refreshing. With an outdoor pool and spa, you’re sure of a more energized day whenever you head out to the beach.

Side Attractions

Beach sports

It won’t be odd to spot several beach sports along the beachhead. The clear sands and balmy weather ensure visitors have the experience of a lifetime.

And with several engaging sports, you’re sure of maximum refreshment with every moment at the beach.


Taking a canoe to see the beach from a different angle is comfier. And with several exciting spots to discover, several tourists usually opt to spend more time in the water. 


Getting access to delicious cuisine is possible at several spots on the beach. 

Appreciating Bahraini dishes becomes more comfortable with numerous meals on display.  

Jet skiing

You can comfortably get a jet ski, head to the beach, and maximize your holidaying experience. There are several spots to tour around the beachhead, making it a top pastime for many tourists.


Taking a dip is more comfortable at Malkiya Beach. You’re sure of a more relaxed experience with the calm, enhanced relaxation this beach’s water provides.

Spending Hacks in Malkiya Beach

Cost-effective visiting time

You can visit Malkiya within the early months. Visiting during this period could likely beat down costs and give you more value for money.

Cheap accommodation

Malkiya has a lot of spots where visitors can lodge and get a five-star experience. But you can get some cash off accommodation if you’re a thrifty tourist.

Many hotels far from the beach could be ideal for reservations. Most accommodation spots along the beach are a bit expensive for some budgets.


You can conveniently get a cab at several spots far from the beach. Also, hiring a particular driver with knowledge of Malkiya through your stay could be excellent.

Conversely, you could get a moderately-priced beachside hotel if you plan to cut transport costs.

FAQs About Malkiya Beach

Where is Malkiya Beach?

Malkiya Beach is situated in Al Malikiyah Village northwest of Sadad, east of Bandar Sadad.

What are the main attractions of Malkiya Beach?

Jet skiing
Beach sports

Does Malkiya Beach have any music festivals?

There are no music festivals anywhere around Malkiya Beach all through the year.

How long is Malkiya Beach?

Malkiya Beach stretches for more than eight miles.

Where can I stay at night at Malkiya Beach?

1. Emek HaYarden Hotel
2. Malkiya Travel Hotel

What can I wear to Malkiya Beach?

Several codes exist for decent dressing along Malkiya Beach’s banks. Men have to wear long shorts to gain access. Women also need to get as much skin as possible under wraps.

Can I swim at Malkiya Beach?

Tourists can comfortably swim at Malkiya Beach. Several areas around the beachhead have clear, inviting waters.

Is Malkiya Beach safe to travel to?

Malkiya Beach is safe to travel to. But when you’re visiting, it’ll be wiser not to be alone all the time or visit secluded areas.

Final Word

With a visit to Malkiya Beach, Bahrain, you’re sure of well-rounded refreshments free from hassle. 

Everything you need to get energizing and relaxing beach time is within your reach. Make the most of this info, and visit for the time of your life today!

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