Top 15 Spectacular Beaches In Guatemala

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Guatemala is a coastline-rich country in Latin America. When you get to Guatemala, you’d instantly notice the diverse, intriguing culture of the locals.

There’s so much relaxation you’ve got to get in that vacation period, so it’s best you set out to one (or more) of Guatemala’s beaches. 

Balneario El Chulaquito, Champerico, El Paredon, Iztapa, and Quehueche beaches in Guatemala hold more than enough to maximize your leisure time and leave you awe-struck and refreshed.

Check out the top spots for resting on the beach in Guatemala.

Surely, you’d find more than enough to reflect on in your adventure!

15 Spectacular Beaches in Guatemala

1. Balneario El Chulaquito

  • Balneario El Chulaquito Location – Izabal, Guatemala
  • Balneario El Chulaquito Attractions – Kayaking, jet skiing, canoeing

Balneario El Chulaquito is a secluded spot located in Izabal, Guatemala. 

This spot features an ambient atmosphere with the finest natural canopies and calm waters. 

All these and much more create a perfect atmosphere for one of Guatemala’s most incredible tourist destinations.

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2. Champerico Beach

  • Champerico Beach Location – Retalhuleu
  • Champerico Beach Attractions – Canoeing, swimming, sunbathing

If you’re looking for a spot with a rich blend of cultural attractions and the best scenery, try Champerico.

Champerico Beach is located on the southwestern corner of Retalhuleu and boasts some of the finest scenes in Guatemala.

It has a beach stretch of several kilometers and flaunts Guatemalan culture and cuisine, attracting yearly tourists.

3. El Paredon Beach

El Paredon Beach in Guatemala
  • El Paredon Beach Location – Guatemala’s coast
  • El Paredon Beach Attractions – Surfing, fishing, and sunbathing

Located in a small fishing village on Guatemala’s coast, there’s only one word fit to describe El Paredon – breathtaking.

With so many attractive elements in these natural, scenic spots, El Paredon is open for business year-round. 

On this beach, there are many activities with highlights around surfing and fishing.

They’re also a few resorts around the beach area with enough Guatemalan cuisine to wow you with every meal.

4. Iztapa Beach

  • Iztapa Beach Location – Escuintla, Guatemala
  • Iztapa Beach Attractions – Beach sports, canoeing, and sunbathing

Iztapa Beach is located in Escuintla, Guatemala. There’s a lot of human traffic in Iztapa, and most people head for the beach.

On Iztapa Beach, there’s no shortage of fun on and out in the water.  

Iztapa Beach attracts tourists and locals throughout the year. It’s an excellent spot to unwind and max out your fun.

5. Playa Quehueche Beach

  • Playa Quehueche Beach Location – Rio Dulce
  • Playa Quehueche Beach Attractions – Beach bungalows, canoeing, and fishing

When you’re out on Livingston, there’s an assortment of relaxation spots and enough space for everyone. 

This area has a collection of beaches to satisfy its visitors. And one of the best in Playa Quehueche.

Quehueche Beach is located in Rio Dulce and receives many visitors yearly. 

The locals either engage in fishing or hospitality services and remain genuinely welcoming. This beach is famous for its white sand and calm beachhead.

It’s a great spot to check out, and Guatemala’s beauty on the beach will wow you.

6. Monterrico Beach

  • Monterrico Beache Location – Near Antigua
  • Monterrico Beach Attractions – Canal boating, horseback riding, and turtle watching

Guatemala’s most famous beach, Monterrico, is an excellent spot to unwind and laze up to complete refreshment.

When you get to Monterrico, which is 2.5 hours by road from Antigua, you can view turtles released on the beach in season. 

There’s also a mangrove swamp around the beach and numerous sporting activities to entertain tourists and locals.

7. Playa Blanca Beach

Playa Blanca Beach
  • Playa Blanca Beach Location – Guatemala
  • Playa Blanca Beach Attractions – Canoeing, fishing, and kayaking

Are you keen on getting maximum fun in Guatemala? Check out Playa Blanca, one of Guatemala’s choicest destinations.

It features breathtaking scenery and the finest locations, providing a glimpse of Guatemala’s beauty.

When you’re in Playa Blanca, you’ll appreciate the white sand. This beach is named ‘Blanca’ due to its sand’s color.

It’s a top spot for canoeing, fishing, and much more. There are also relaxation spots capable of meeting your every need.

8. Playa Capitania Beach

  • Playa Capitania Beach Location – Livingston, Izabal
  • Playa Capitania Beach Attractions – Boating, sunbathing, and kayaking

For a vast population with locals and tourists year-round, it’s perfect for getting to Playa Capitania.

On this beach in Livingston, Izabal, you’ve assured a top-notch experience with numerous activities to keep you simultaneously relaxed and occupied.

There are many resorts around the beach, so getting a place to stay won’t be tricky. 

Delectable cuisines, beach sports, and numerous chill spots make Capitania a tourist favorite.

Check it out today. It could be the destination you’ve been searching for to ensure comfort, relaxation, and much more!

9. Playa Chechenal Petén Beach

  • Playa Chechenal Petén Beach Location – San Miguel
  • Playa Chechenal Petén Beach Attractions – Boating, snorkeling, and sunbathing

In San Miguel, Chechenal Petén Beach is an excellent spot for locals and tourists to unwind and maximize their fun.

You can do a lot on this beach, and each activity will ensure you remain captivated and impressed with Guatemala.

A massive population of boats and canoes move around this beachhead, and you can get one to give you a custom experience.

There’s a thriving underwater life on the beach, which makes Petén ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

The beach has a lot of spots where you can get bathed in the sun and max out the fun you’ve always wanted.

10. Playa Dorada Beach

  • Playa Dorada Beach Location – Izabal’s northeastern corner
  • Playa Dorada Beach Attractions – Canoeing, kayaking, and snorkeling

With an extensive stretch of beach up into the horizon on Izabal’s northeastern corner, Playa Dorada can be easily mistaken for El Dorado.

This beach has a scenic appearance with some of Guatemala’s most welcoming local populations. 

In Playa Dorada, you can easily engage in watersports, canoeing, and kayaking.

A massive collection of resorts, lodges, and bungalows along the coast makes this spot truly easy to visit.

Check into any resort or lodge you fancy; indeed, you’d be in tune with the beach and nature’s splendor in one of Guatemala’s finest beaches.

11. Playa Tilapa Beach

Playa Tilapa Beach
  • Playa Tilapa Beach Location – Southwest corner of Guatemala City
  • Playa Tilapa Beach Attractions – Snorkeling, watersports, canoeing, and cultural displays

An enchanting experience is what awaits you on Playa Tilapa. This beach has a lot of exciting spots to keep visitors entertained and refreshed.

This beach is located on the southwest corner of Guatemala City and has many visitors year-round.

Some tourists come here for surfing, while others can’t get enough sunbathing in Guatemala’s balmy weather.

There are many lodges around the beach to provide accommodation for tourists at a decent price. 

Also, don’t be surprised if you get entangled among locals visiting the beach frequently.

12. Puerto San Jose Beach

  • Puerto San Jose Beach Location – Escuintla Dept.
  • Puerto San Jose Beach Attractions – Surfing, boating, and sunbathing

On Puerto San Jose, you’re in touch with numerous aspects of Guatemala’s romance with the Pacific. 

This beach in Escuintla Dept. receives thousands of local and foreign visitors annually.

A perfect mixture of urban and rural settlers around the port area makes it an ideal place to get a quick glimpse of Guatemala.

13. Punta de Cocoli

  • Punta de Cocoli Location – Izabal, on Amatique Bay
  • Punta de Cocoli Attractions – Snorkeling, kayaking, and diving

Punta de Cocoli, or Cocoli point, is a serene, pristine destination in Izabal, on Amatique Bay. 

On this point, there’s a decent amount of underwater life, encouraging various diving and snorkeling activities.

Going out into the clear waters with a canoe is also a thrilling experience for many tourists. You can also try it out.

14. Punta de Manabique Beach

  • Punta de Manabique Beach Location – Amatique Bay
  • Punta de Manabique Beach Attractions – Canoeing, birding, and kayaking

In Puerto Barrios, a vast stretch of beach separates Amatique Bay from Honduras’ gulf.

This stretch is known as Punta de Manabique, another excellent beach spot in Guatemala.

A massive part of this beach is polluted by years of plastic dumping swept into the peninsula, but other spots are fine.

If you plan to holiday on a rented bungalow overlooking a clear blue or grey beach with golden sands, check out Punta de Manabique.

15. Punta de Palma Beach

Punta de Palma Beach
  • Punta de Palma Beach Location – Izabal
  • Punta de Palma Beach Attractions – Watersports, beach football, and kayaking

Located in Izabal, Puerto Barrios, Punta de Palma has an ambient atmosphere with a setting capable of ranking among the planet’s best beaches.

There’s no shortage of events to partake in in Punta de Palma.

Water sports, beach football, and more are available mainly in the summer and late months. 

Numerous resorts and other relaxation spots to help you turn up the fun are scattered around this beach.

Rank By Attractions In Guatemala

RankBeachCity/AreaBest Time for SeptemberAttractions
1Balneario El ChulaquitoIzabelNovember – AprilSwimming, sunbathing
2ChampericoChampericoOctober – MarchSwimming, sunbathing
3El Paredon BeachParedonJune – SeptemberSurfing, sunbathing
4Iztapa BeachIzatapaNovember – AprilSurfing, fishing, swimming
5Playa Quehueche BeachLivingstonJanuary – MaySwimming, sunbathing
6Monterrico BeachMonterricoJune – DecemberWaterfall, mangrove tour
7Playa Blanca BeachLivingston TownOctober – MarchJet skiing, snorkeling, boating
8Playa Chechenal PeténFloresNovember – AprilSnorkeling, swimming
9Playa Dorada BeachIzabelNovember – AprilDiving, sunbathing
10Playa Tilapa BeachTilapaJune – SeptemberBoating, fishing, swimming
11Puerto San Jose BeachPuerto San JoseOctober – MarchSwimming, sunbathing
12Punta de CocoliIzabelJanuary – MayFishing, wildlife watching, snorkeling
13Punta de Manabique BeachIzabelJanuary – MayWildlife watching, diving, sunbathing
14Punta de Palma BeachPuerto BarriosNovember – AprilSnorkeling, sunbathing

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Does Guatemala have a beach?

Guatemala has a concentration of some of the planet’s 15 best beaches. Based on the country’s location and topography, there’s an assortment of coastlines, mostly in its southern and southwestern regions.

Are there any lovely beaches in Guatemala?

There’s an assortment of excellent beaches with clean surroundings. Guatemala also has rare beach environments such as volcanic sand and green beaches.

What are three major beach attractions in Guatemala?

The three major beach attractions in Guatemala are:

1. Champerico Beach,
2. El Paredon, and
3. Monterrico

Where do tourists stay in Guatemala?

There are hotels you can spend nights in and out in Guatemala. These hotels provide security and other facilities to keep tourists safe.

What is the region of Guatemala?

Guatemala is located in the Central American region. It is a largely mountainous region with approximately 250 miles of Pacific coastline.

How much money does Guatemala make from tourism?

According to Statista, Guatemala makes at least $1.5 billion annually from tourism.

Are there any travel warnings for Guatemala?

The US State Department warns against travel to some regions of Guatemala. But there’s no consensus on which parts of the country are dangerous for tourists. The US only cites crime as the reason behind the travel advisory.

How do I get a visa for Guatemala?

Guatemala doesn’t require a visa for tourists planning to spend no more than 90 days there. But the following have to be in place before you visit:

1. A passport valid six months before you leave your home country
2. One blank visa page
3. Proof of visit purpose
4. Transit/onward and/or return flights proof
5. Proof of financial stability for your length of stay

Is it safe to vacation in Guatemala?

Some regions in Guatemala are safer to visit than others. The country has a history of crime in some areas but still generates more than a billion dollars annually from tourism.

What does the US get from Guatemala?

The US imports fruits, nuts, knit clothing, coffee, spices, vegetables, tubers, and roots from Guatemala—exports of these products and more total over 4 billion dollars annually.

Final Word

Guatemala is genuinely captivating, without a doubt. This country has an excellent climate and some of the world’s finest landscapes. 

And when it comes to beaches in Guatemala, you’re sure to be left awe-struck.

Make time to visit Guatemala today. Inevitably, you won’t hesitate to be back for more!

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