17 Crazy Beaches In Honduras [Bienvenido A Honduras!]

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First-time visitors to Honduras are spellbound by the beautiful scenery, landscapes, and welcoming locals.

But many more tourists visit Mahogany, Playa Omoa, Playas Municipales, West Bay, and Little French Key beaches in Honduras for their scenic, calm, and incredibly entertaining features.

All Honduran beaches are located at the country’s over 500 miles stretch of coastline with the Pacific and Caribbean Islands.

There’re so many beaches in Honduras that you could be spoiled for choice from the get-go without correct info.

This collection of 17 fabulous Honduran beaches will make your time in this country eventful.

Also, you’d get to see attractions peculiar to each beach to help you make your location easy pickings.

19 Gorgeous Beach Destinations in Honduras

1. Mahogany Beach

  • Mahogany Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, canoeing, and kayaking

Located in Isla Roatán, Mahogany Beach could be called Honduras’ most famous beach.

Over 2km of beach stretch with a perfect merger with clean water makes this spot a regular tourist destination.

If you’re going to this beach for a rest, you’d likely see one or two cruises docked at the nearby bay.

All this beach has to offer is second to none. There’s also lots of fun to get engaged in at the shoreline for a genuinely satisfying time.

2. Playa Omoa Beach

Playa Omoa Beach Honduras
  • Playa Omoa Beach Attractions – Canoeing, beach sports, and sunbathing

When you’re looking for an excellent spot to cool off and relax, Playa Omoa should be your first destination.

Located in Cortes, Playa Omoa receives many tourists yearly for its clear white sands and blue-themed waters.

At just over 1km of beach stretch, you’d be thrilled with all the activities you can engage in. 

Loads of tourists make this beach their chosen destination for a good reason, so think about getting a refreshing rest on one of Honduras’ best beaches.  

3. Playas Municipales Beach

  • Playas Municipales Beach Attractions – Canoeing, kayaking, and sunbathing

In Colon, Honduras, many locals, and tourists can’t get enough Playa Municipales. 

This beach remains one of Honduras’ finest and boasts at least 2km of shoreline that’s genuinely pristine.

Tourists come here for a sun bath, but other things will keep your mind busy. 

Get a cool shade to watch the calm blue waters blend with the clean white sands on this beach.

You’d also have some chance to canoe and experience more of Honduras’ beauty. 

Many resorts also line this stretch of beach to provide visitors with excellent accommodations and refreshments.

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4. West Bay Beach

  • West Bay Beach Attractions – Beach sports, canoeing, and sunbathing

If you’re planning on visiting Roatán, you’ve got to pay a visit to its northern edge. You’ll find West Bay Beach, an enticing destination among Honduras’ beaches.

With so many things to do at this beach, you’d be instantly spoiled for choice. 

While on this over 1km long beach, you can get an exhilarating experience aboard boating services provided by locals.

Countless tourists come here to sunbathe, and many beach sports happen during the summer.  

5. Little French Key Beach

Little French Key Beach Honduras
  • Little French Key Beach Attractions – Kite-surfing, swimming, and beach resorts

Little French Key, Roatán used to be closed to the public. But just a while back, anyone could taste this scenic Honduran paradise.

This beach is famous for having waterfront homes and thatched huts off the beachhead. 

Tourists around the globe usually grace this location to swim, sunbathe, and soak up the relaxation Honduras offers.

Little French Key is a must-return destination for many tourists, and there’s good reason for it. Check it out for yourself right now!

6. Sol Y Mar Beach

  • Sol Y Mar Beach Attractions – Snorkeling, swimming, and canoeing

When you’re in Roatán, there’re lots of excellent beaches to choose to stop over. But if you’re a bit picky about the top locations, Sol Y Mar is where you should visit.

On this beach, you’ll come in contact with over 500 meters of pristine beaches, which wash into clear white sands.

Locals grace this spot regularly, and there’re many fun activities to keep you relaxed and entertained.

The scenic beauty of Sol Y Mar also has a few high spots where you can get a glimpse of a true Honduran paradise.

7. Playa de la Coca Cola Beach

  • Playa de la Coca-Cola Beach Attractions – Swimming, surfing, and canoeing

Around Puerto Cortes lies a genuinely spectacular beach expanse to thrill and refresh visitors. Playa de la Coca-Cola is a major destination for tourists in Honduras.

Most areas of this 2km or so beach are lined with extensive palm shade to give tourists a tropical feel. Also, so many captivating scenes are available year-round on this beach.

Playa de la Coca-Cola is most famous as a surfing spot. Tourists converge at this beach for sunbathing, relaxation spots, and resorts.

With an ambient atmosphere and many things to do, it’s no wonder this beach is favored among foreign tourists.

Resorts operate around the beach, so getting accommodation spots shouldn’t be too tricky to manage.

8. Playa Los Maestros Beach

Playa Los Maestros Beach Honduras
  • Playa Los Maestros Beach Attractions – Beach sports, canoeing, and swimming

Playa Los Maestros is a long beach near La Ceiba, Atlantida. It remains a top destination for beach-goers who value peace.

Over a 2 km stretch of beach lined with fine sea stones, most of this washed ashore. Most people gathered at one end for soccer or other beach games on Los Maestros.

The landscape around Los Maestros is spectacular. And relaxation spots abound to make your time a genuinely eventful one.   

9. Playa de Cienaguita Beach

  • Playa de Cienaguita Beach Attractions – Surfing, sunbathing, and camping

Playa de Cienaguita is a place to visit in Honduras, perfect for camping, holidaying, and lots more.

This over 1km stretch of beach in Cortes promises a tip-top experience for its visitors. 

With its well-maintained beachhead and white sands, this is a very special destination to get fully relaxed.

Cienaguita Beach is primarily famous for having some mean waves, which makes it an excellent surfing spot.

10. Camp Bay Beach

  • Camp Bay Beach Attractions – Swimming, sunbathing, and canoeing

With a 2km stretch of powdery white sands, blue-themed waters, and a lot to do, Camp Bay Beach is truly standout.

This Roatán beach has an exceptional environment capable of instantly captivating tourists. 

Most vacationists don’t know about this beach, so it’s a spot where you don’t have to worry about too many crowds. 

11. Chepes Beach

Chepes Beach Honduras
  • Chepes Beach Attractions – Swimming, beach games, and canoeing

Utila Island has an impressive beach count for its size and boasts a scenic, nature-themed Chepes Beach among its best.

On Chepes Beach, which is less than 1km in length, there’s a lot to do for fun and relaxation. 

Several thatched tents line most of the beachhead overlooking signature blue Honduran waters.

If you’ve been searching for a spot to sunbathe in peace, Chepes Beach is what you should check out. 

Other activities such as beach games, swimming, and more are expected at the beach. So there’s lots of stuff to do and ample space to get a deserved rest.

12. Playa Vida Honduras Beach

  • Playa Vida Honduras Beach Attractions – Swimming, sunbathing, and kayaking

The Pico Bonito Mountains overlook a top destination for many beach lovers to relax and get a lot of fun.

Playa Vida Honduras, Atlantida is a beachfront destination with many beach homes for rent or sale. 

If you want to experience calm waters, pristine white sands, and fresh water, you’ve got to visit.

You can make a reservation in this less than 1km beachhead and experience another aspect of Honduras’ beauty.

13. Playa Turistica de Trujillo Beach

  • Playa Turistica de Trujillo Beach Attractions – Snorkeling, sightseeing, and watersports

Trujillo should be your next port of call when you’re in Colon. Most areas around this beach beam centuries-old history and aren’t far from Trujillo Bay.

This tourist beach provides visitors ample shade to relax under the sun and appreciate Honduras’ beauty.

Also, theme parks are sited around the beach to give visitors a full experience and more relaxation than previously imagined.

14. Bahia de Trujillo Beach

  • Bahia de Trujillo Beach Attractions – Sightseeing, sunbathing, and canoeing

Trujillo Bay is a spot where many tourists come to have a taste of history along a Honduran beach. 

Most historical attractions around this bay and its beachhead in Colon date to the 16th Century.

Numerous spots to have a great timeline on the beach. Canoeing, sunbathing, and more is possible if you’re not keen on sightseeing. 

15. Pumpkin Hill Beach

Pumpkin Hill Beach Honduras
  • Pumpkin Hill Beach Attractions – Canoeing, sunbathing, and kayaking

This beach takes its name from the highest point in Utila and is one of Utila Island’s favorite shorelines.

You can get a lot of comfort and relaxation from many beach houses around the area, and there’s also fun stuff for many visitors to engage in.

On the over 1km beachhead, you can get on a boat, take horseback rides, and more.

16. Soldado Beach

  • Soldado Beach Attractions – Swimming, canoeing, scuba diving, and beach sports

Placed at the northern corridor into Guanaja Island, Soldado Beach is a top destination packed with many activities.

Most of the over 2km beach head merges nicely with white sands on a thriving vegetation background.

Don’t be surprised to see a lot of crowds at this beach during the summer, as it’s a place to unwind and cool off.

17. Isla Santa Elena Beach

  • Isla Santa Elena Beach Attractions – Kite-surfing, kayaking, and swimming

Isla Santa Elena, or St. Helen Island, is a spot in the Bay Islands of Honduras with a picturesque landscape and lots to do.

The incredible landscape of this over 2km of beachhead provides the atmosphere you’ve always desired.

Most visitors come to this Honduran beach for its temperate climate, secluded beaches, and kite surfing. 

If you’re searching for a beach with lots to do and privacy assured, check this beach out.

Rank By Attractions In Honduras

RankBeachCity/AreaBest Time to VisitAttractions
1Mahogany BeachRoatanDecember – AprilBoating, body-boarding, beach sport
2RoatánRoatanOctober – JanuaryScuba-diving, snorkeling, water sports
3Playas MunicipalesPlayas MunicipalesOctober – JanuarySunbathing, swimming
4West Bay BeachRoatanNovember – MarchSnorkeling, fishing, diving, parasailing
5Graham’s Place HotelGuanajaDecember – AprilTurtle watching, snorkeling, sunbathing
6Little French KeyRoatanDecember – FebruaryBoating, wildlife watching, sunbathing
7Sol Y marSandy BayDecember – FebruaryBody-boarding, boating, sunbathing
8Playa de la Coca ColaPuerto CortesOctober – JanuarySunbathing, swimming
9Playa Los MaestrosEl PinoNovember – MarchBeach sports, sunbathing
10Playa de CienaguitaPuerto CortesNovember – MarchSurfing, sunbathing
11Camp Bay BeachRoatanOctober – JanuarySnorkeling, sunbathing
12Chepes BeachUtilaDecember – AprilBoating, fishing, scuba-diving
13Playa Vida HondurasPlaya VidaDecember – AprilSunbathing, swimming
14Playa Turistica de TrujilloTrujilloNovember – MarchSunbathing, surfing, fishing
15Bahia de TrujilloTrujilloOctober – JanuaryBoating, snorkeling, sunbathing, wildlife watching
16Pumpkin Hill BeachUtilaNovember – MarchBody-boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving
17Punta Izopo ResortTela bayDecember – AprilHiking, wildlife watching, snorkeling 
18Soldado BeachGuanajaOctober – JanuaryScuba-diving, snorkeling, water sports, sunbathing
19Isla Santa ElenaSanta LuciaOctober – JanuaryBoating, snorkeling, sunbathing 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Does Honduras have a beach?

Honduras borders the Caribbean and Pacific and has more than 20 beaches along its over 400 miles of coastline. Most Honduran beaches are located in Guanaja and Trujillo.

What is the best time of year to visit Honduras beaches?

Early December to late April is the best time to visit Honduran beaches. In most cities and Honduran islands, hotter and more humid temperatures are experienced from May to November.

What are the top beaches in Honduras?

Playa Municipales, Cortes
Playa de Cienaguita
Playa de la Coca Cola
Playa Los Maestros
Sol Y Mar
West Bay Beach

How much is a tourist visa for Honduras?

Single-entry visas to Honduras cost $ 30 for a 30-day visit. Multiple-entry visas cost $60.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Honduras?

Traveling to Honduras is dicey, particularly for US citizens. The Department of State has a travel advisory for US citizens visiting Honduras.

Is it safe to swim on Honduras beaches?

Honduran beaches are ideal for swimming. Most beach waters are clear and support other activities such as snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, etc.

What should you not wear in Honduras?

Don’t wear clothes that reveal too much skin. Hondurans are predominantly conservative, so you should put on shorts that get to your knees, at least.

You could loosen up on the beach, but know that nudity isn’t encouraged.

Are Honduras beaches expensive to visit?

Most Honduran beaches are surprisingly cheap to visit. You may have to spend at most $20 to have an excellent, fun-filled day at the beach.

Can I travel to Honduras beaches without a visa?

Yes, you can. But you’d need a US passport valid six months before your entry date. On the flip side, if you’re planning to spend more than 90 days in Honduras, you’ve got to apply for a visa before visiting.

Where can I surf on Honduras beaches?

West Bay Beach
Sol Y mar
Playa de Cienaguita
Chepes Beach
Bahia de Trujillo

How much money should I take to Honduras beaches?

Each day at a Honduran beach should suffice for $30 – $50. You may have to spend much more if looking for top-class services.

Final Word

If you’re checking out Honduras for a visit, it’s an excellent choice. 

Most beaches in Honduras have a lot of fun stuff to keep you relaxed and entertained throughout your stay.

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