18 Beautiful Beaches In Grenada For A First Timer

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If you’re a first-time visitor to Grenada, what’s sure to catch your eye is the locals’ homely and welcoming nature.

Grenada remains among the most beautiful countries on earth, and that excellent beauty is reflected in its beaches.

There’re many spots where you can hang out around beaches in Grenada. 

And one sure thing that fascinates tourists is the fun and relaxation they can get in one visit. 

BBC/Morne Rouge, Tyrell Bay, Paradise, Grand Anse, and Levera beaches are popular among tourists.

Check out Grenada’s spectacular beaches on offer below. 

Indeed, you’d drool over spending more time in Grenada after your first visit!

18 Dazzling Beach Destinations in Grenada

1. BBC/Morne Rouge Beach

  • BBC/Morne Rouge Beach Location – St. George’s, Grenada’s capital
  • BBC/Morne Rouge Beach Attractions – Beach sports, Kayaking, and canoeing

Located in St. George’s, Grenada’s capital, Morne Rouge (BBC) Beach is a spot you can’t afford to miss.

With a calm and serene beachhead and balmy, comfortable weather, BBC Beach is the place to be.

This beach is famous for being free of large crowds, making it an excellent spot for tourists that need some level of privacy.

BBC Beach features signature white sand peculiar to Grenada. A lot of visitors troop into this beach, particularly for peace. 

Some others fancy getting a sun tan right under Grenada’s soothing weather.

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2. Tyrell Bay Beach

  • Tyrell Bay Beach Location – Hermitage, Carriacou Island
  • Tyrell Bay Beach Attractions – Dinghy rides, boating, and sunbathing

Situated close to Hermitage, Carriacou Island, Tyrell Bay Beach is a location for tourists who need a maximum dose of aqua fun.

A few dinghies are always onshore, so you can explore the bay first-hand at a very friendly price. 

Also, there’re numerous spots along this beach where you can get good shade from palm trees.

If you’re up for it, this spot is an excellent location for canoeing or kayak training.

But Tyrell Bay Beach isn’t for you if you’re looking for a less crowded beach. This beach is famous for being half to fully-crowded year-round. 

But it’s still an excellent spot to mingle if you don’t mind being around a massive crowd of beach-goers.

3. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach Grenada
  • Paradise Beach Location – Tyrell Bay and Hillsborough in L’ Esterre Village, Carriacou Island
  • Paradise Beach Attractions – Canoeing, sunbathing, and beach houses

This beach sits right by Tyrell Bay and Hillsborough in L’ Esterre Village, Carriacou Island. It’s an excellent joint for tourists and locals to catch fun.

One notable attraction tourists have to visit Paradise Beach is its vast stretch of beach measuring over 2 kilometers. 

Resorts now line this beach’s area and provide excellent services to visitors.

Captivating white sand meets a very pristine inflow of clear waters. This beach is complemented by a prominent presence of palm and coconut trees. 

With all these features, Paradise Beach remains a destination you can’t afford to skip in Grenada.

4. Grand Anse Beach

  • Grand Anse Beach Location – 5 km south of St. George’s
  • Grand Anse Beach Attractions – Boating, Parasailing, jet skiing, and kayaking

Just 5 km south of St. George’s is a beach famed worldwide in Grenada. Grand Anse Beach is a premium destination for tourists from around the globe. 

Grand Anse measures a little over 3 kilometers and has a quality chain of hotels and resorts along its beachhead.

If you’ve been looking for spots where nature links up seamlessly, this is a location you’ve got to visit.

It features a vast stretch of white sand and clear waters to make any tourist want to return as soon as possible.

5. Levera Beach

  • Levera Beach Location – Located northeast of Levera National Park
  • Levera Beach Attractions – Leatherback turtle watching, beach resorts, and canoeing

Located northeast of Levera National Park, Levera Beach is a secluded but fun-filled beach in Grenada.

This beach is a hidden Grenadian jewel with over 2 kilometers of beach stretch, numerous attractions, and quality relaxation potential.

It’s famous for its mountainous, wild regions surrounding white sand and golden sand beach in some areas.

What this beach is most famous for are its turtle breeding spots. Within the hot season, leatherback turtles come to this beach’s head to lay eggs. 

Lots of nature-appreciating tourists troop into this beach for the turtles.

There’re resorts around this beach, too, should you make this nature’s jewel your choice in Grenada.

6. Anse La Roche Bay

Anse La Roche Bay Grenada
  • Anse La Roche Bay Location – Near northern Hillsborough, Carriacou Island
  • Anse La Roche Bay Attractions – Hiking, snorkeling, and scuba diving

If you’re near northern Hillsborough, Carriacou Island, you must check out Anse La Roche Bay.

This bay has a decent beach spot where tourists converge each year. Most tourists come to this over 1km stretch of beach for its white sands and clear waters. 

But there’s more to this bay than meets the eye.

Snorkeling and diving activities thrive underneath this beach’s clear waters showcasing the coral reefs of Grenada’s north.

Many tourists take hikes to arrive at Anse La Roche Bay, and inevitably, you won’t be disappointed when you make it to the beach.

7. Magazine Beach

  • Magazine Beach Location – Grenada Island’s southwestern
  • Magazine Beach Attractions – Snorkeling, diving, and canoeing

Sometimes referred to as Beach at Rex Grenadian or Aquarium Beach, Magazine Beach is an excellent spot for tourists to make the most of their visit.

At Grenada Island’s southwestern edge, Magazine Beach is just over a ridge at the main airport.

Many beaches in St. George’s have a decent stretch of the beachhead, and Magazine Beach ranks high at just under 1km.

This beach is famous for snorkeling activities, and you’d get thrilled by the vast canoe count ashore. 

You can get into one of these canoes at an honest price and appreciate Grenada’s beauty from an aqua angle.

8. Grand Mal Bay

  • Grand Mal Bay Location – St. George
  • Grand Mal Bay Attractions – Kayaking, boating, and bay resorts

St. George’s has an extensive count of Grenada’s beaches, and Grand Mal Bay is another top tourist location. 

This bay beach has a rich history at just over 120m above sea level and 5km off St. George’s center.

Opened in 1960 to tourists from within and outside Grenada, this 1km or so beach hosts several fun activities to attract tourists.

This beach has a serene atmosphere, complemented by its white sand and clear water.

Many tourists come here for the calm; others for bay resorts and sports. Whatever works for you is available on Grand Mal Bay.

9. Fort Jeudy Beach

Fort Jeudy Beach Grenada
  • Fort Jeudy Beach Location – St. George
  • Fort Jeudy Beach Attractions – Canoeing, kayaking, and windsurfing

Also, St. George’s is a kilometer stretch of beach open to tourists with a lot of fun stuff to do.

Fort Jeudy Beach is four (4) miles off Fort Jeudy center and is a choice location for many visitors.

This location has many spots with clear water and clean surroundings. For many tourists visiting St. George’s, Fort Jeudy is their chosen destination. 

This place has a lot of cheap hotels, and some are situated just along the beach.

10. Hog Island

  • Hog Island Location – Southwestern corner of St. George’s
  • Hog Island Attractions – Canoeing, Snorkeling, and barefoot beach bars

Just around St. George’s and Grand Anse, Hog Island is a choice destination for many tourists. 

This spot is located at the southwestern corner of St. George’s and attracts visitors from many countries.

Most visitors come for the clear sands, calm beaches, and balmy weather. But a good number of other fun activities are available on this island.

Snorkeling is another choice activity lots of tourists visit Hog Island to experience. 

And a significant attraction on this beach is the barefoot beach bar open for most hours daily.

11. Grooms Beach

  • Grooms Beach Location – Point Saline
  • Grooms Beach Attractions – Sunbathing, tenting, and canoeing

There’s a top tourist destination where you can get loads of fun in St. George’s, and that’s at Grooms Beach.

Situated along Point Saline, Grooms Beach is where tourists get the pampering they need in Grenada.

This over 1km stretch of beach is laden with beach resorts and lodges ready to give you a real private experience.

If you’re tired of spending time in your room, there’s a lot of fun stuff you can engage in at the beach. 

Many tourists can get that tan they’ve always wanted by this beach or get into a canoe for a more refreshing experience.

12. Sandy Island

Sandy Island Grenada
  • Sandy Island Location – Carriacou Island
  • Sandy Island Attractions – Swimming, kayaking, and hiking

Carriacou Island has a lot of sensational beaches with attractive features. One such excellent spot is Sandy Island.

On this island, you’d notice its pristine beaches, primarily clear weather, and rich underwater life in an instant.

Many people visit Sandy Island for snorkeling every year, and its over 1km stretch of the beach doesn’t fail to fascinate visitors.

13. Bathway Beach

  • Bathway Beach Attractions – Grenada’s northeast coast
  • Bathway Beach Attractions – Snorkeling, swimming, and turtle watching

When you get to Grenada’s northeast coast, it’s sure you’d find Bathway Beach very tricky to miss. 

This beach features just a little less than 1km of clear waters, golden sands, and a lot of natural shade.

This spot is an excellent choice if you’re planning on turtle-watching, snorkeling, and more.

14. Pink Gin Beach

  • Pink Gin Beach Location – Middle of Rex Grenadian and La Source
  • Pink Gin Beach Attractions – Scuba diving, sunbathing, and snorkeling

Right in the middle of Rex Grenadian and La Source lays Pink Gin Beach in St. George’s. 

This stretch of the beach doesn’t get to more than a kilometer but is a tourist choice spot.

Visitors to Grenada usually converge at this spot for its serene, private beaches and some of the finest Grenadian resorts.

Many activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, etc., are possible on this beach. No wonder loads of tourists can’t seem to get enough of this beach.

15. Bacolet Bay Resort & Spa

Bacolet Bay Resort & Spa Grenada
  • Bacolet Bay Resort & Spa Location – Southern coast of Grenada Island
  • Bacolet Bay Resort & Spa Attractions – Sunbathing, kayaking, and five-star luxury services

Right on the southern coast of Grenada Island lays a 280-structure resort with a private beach.

Bacolet Bay Resort and Spa is a choice location in the Caribbean, and there’s a lot this 41-acre beach resort offers.

Known for its plush beaches, pristine environment, and more, it’s now a hotspot for tourists from all around the globe.

16. Petit Carenage Beach

  • Petit Carenage Beach Location – Dick’s Rd, Grenada
  • Petit Carenage Beach Attractions – Snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking

If you’re looking for a secluded beach spot where you can get the relaxation you need, there’s a spot on Carriacou Island you’ve got to check out.

On Petit Carenage Beach, there’s nothing you’d get from this less than 1km stretch of beach but pure relaxation.

Since you’re likely not to find anyone else at this beach most year-round, it’s a spot where a few locals/tourists relax.

Sunbathing, canoeing, and snorkeling are all possible by this beach, making it an exceptional place to catch some fun.

17. Lance Aux Epines Beach

  • Lance Aux Epines Beach Location – Grenada’s south
  • Lance Aux Epines Beach Attractions – Cottages, sunbathing, and canoeing

Grenada’s south has a top-notch collection of beaches, and the Lance Aux Epines is another quality addition to this island’s sensational beauty and splendor.

It’s a relatively long stretch of beach famous for its white sand, numerous sources of shade, and excellent resorts.

18. La Sagesse Beach

  • La Sagesse Beach Location – South of Grenada Island
  • La Sagesse Beach Attractions – Swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing

When you get to La Sagesse Bay to the south of Grenada Island, your visit won’t be complete without hitting the beach.

La Sagesse Beach is one of Grenada’s secluded but famous southern beaches. 

Most of this over 1km beachhead has a lot of shade and vegetation overlooking clear white sands and blue-themed water.

Tourists searching for a great, quiet time on the beach will find La Sagesse truly fascinating.

Rank By Attractions In Grenada

RankBeachCity/AreaBest Time to VisitAttractions
1BBC BeachMorne rougeDecember – AprilDiving, sunbathing
2Tyrell Bay BeachArgyleNovember – MarchDiving, sunbathing, snorkeling
3Paradise BeachAv AndesJanuary – AprilBoating, diving
4Grand Anse BeachMorne rougeDecember – AprilBoating, diving, snorkeling
5Levera BeachLeveraDecember – AprilDiving, boating, sunbathing
6Anse La Roche BayCarriacou IslandJanuary – AprilHiking, snorkeling
7Magazine BeachSt George`sNovember – MarchSnorkeling, sunbathing
8Grand Mal BaySt George`sJanuary – AprilBoating, diving
9Fort Jeudy BeachPetite CalivignyDecember – AprilSnorkeling, sunbathing
10Morne Rouge BeachMorne rougeNovember – MarchBoating, snorkeling, sunbathing
11Hog IslandHog IslandNovember – MarchBoating, snorkeling, sunbathing
12Grooms BeachSt George`sJanuary – AprilSnorkeling, sunbathing
13Sandy IslandCarriacou IslandJanuary – AprilSnorkeling, sunbathing
14Bathway BeachLeveraDecember – AprilSunbathing, diving
15Pink Gin BeachSt George`sDecember – AprilSunbathing 
16Bacolet Bay Resort & SpaBacolet BayDecember – AprilSpa, snorkeling, sunbathing
17Petit Carenage BeachCarriacou IslandJanuary – AprilSunbathing, diving
18Lance Aux Epines BeachLance Aux EpinesNovember – MarchSunbathing, diving

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Does Grenada have a beach?

Grenada is located on the Pacific coast and has 45 beaches where tourists can catch a lot of fun. Most Grenadian beaches are in St. George’s, Carriacou Island, and Levera.

What is the best time of year to visit Grenada beaches?

Any Grenadian beach will be an ideal place to visit during the summer. Many tourists visit the islands (Grenadines) in March-August for turtle watching.

What are the top beaches in Grenada?

Grand Anse Beach
Paradise Beach
BBC/Morne Rouge Beach
Magazine Beach
Pink Gin Beach

How much is a tourist visa for Grenada?

A single-entry tourist visa to Grenada costs $38 on average. For multiple-entry tourist visas, tourists may have to pay up to $95 to gain entry.

Visitors must obtain clearance before traveling to Grenada from the high commission/embassy in their home country.

Also, you may have to pay an extra $10 for mailing the pre-clearance letter.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Grenada?

Grenada is safe for American tourists to travel to. But there’re warnings in place against travelers moving alone during dark hours.

Is it safe to swim on Grenada beaches?

It’s safe to swim on Grenadian beaches. During the dry season, it’s an excellent spot to blow off some steam on a sunny afternoon.

What should you not wear in Grenada?

Nudity is a no-no in Grenada, except on private beaches. Focus on packing beach wears such as bikinis, shorts, and Hawaiian shirts. 

In general, clothes made from light materials are perfect for enjoying the Grenadian weather.

Are Grenada beaches expensive to visit?

Most of the services on Grenadian beaches are pricey. But there’re some choices where visitors can spend significantly less and still have much fun.

Can I travel to Grenada beaches without a visa?

US citizens don’t need a visa to visit Grenada. What a US traveler requires is a valid passport. Visitors from other countries must apply for a visa before going to Grenada.

Where can I surf on Grenada beaches?

Pricky Point, Lance Aux Epines
Magazine Beach
Greenville Bay
Dr. Grooms
Grand Anse

How much money should I take to Grenada beaches?

$200 – $300 is a decent budget for each day out on a Grenadian beach. Your budget could go higher than the given price range if you’ve got higher tastes.

Final Word

Grenada is an excellent spot to visit. Tourists come to this spot year-round to make the most of their leisure time.

If you’re planning on visiting any of the beaches in Grenada, this guide will inevitably help you make a more informed choice.

Pick the beach you fancy. Make your plans. And get the experience of a lifetime in this Caribbean paradise!

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