Asaba Beach Travel Guide – Ultimate, Fun-Filled Experience

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Asaba Beach, one of Nigeria’s best relaxation spots in Delta State, is a sight you can’t afford to miss.  

With this Asaba Beach Travel Guide, you can be sure of maxing out relaxation without hassle. 

Recommendations in this guide make your journey easier. 

Undoubtedly, you’ve never been so equipped for a fun-filled trip by the beach!

What to Take Along To Asaba Beach

  • Sunscreen
  • Refreshments (optional)
  • Picnic box (optional)
  • Swimming gear
  • Flip-flops

Price List for a Day at the Beach

Asaba Beach is one of the most popular and crowded beachside destinations in Delta state. Consider outlining your daily budget at the beach with this price list;

Only YouWith PartnerFamily of 4
FoodN4000 ($10)N6000 ($15)N12000 ($30)
DrinksN1200 ($3)N2000 ($5)N4000 (10)
TransportationN2000 ($5)N4000 ($10)N8000 ($20)
Entrance FeeN1000 ($3)N2000 ($5)N4000 (~$10)
Side attractionsN6000 ($15)N9000 ($24)N14000 ($35)

* Transportation costs may not be relevant for tourists close to the beach. Prices may vary if you decide to come along with your refreshment packs.

Before heading to the beach, consider arranging transportation. Your hotel can come in handy in getting you a personal driver you can reach out to for your entire stay.

Also, getting a tour guide could be a great idea, particularly if you’re planning to visit any cultural site.

What to Wear To Asaba Beach

Delta state is largely liberal orientation, so don’t expect too much fuss when you’re in swimwear.

Bikinis may go too far, but some more comfortable swimming wear could be acceptable. 

Also, suppose you’re looking for a tropical tan in the summer. In that case, you can sunbathe at this beach without a hassle:

Shorts Swimming trunk and any other comfortable clothingSwimming trunk and any other comfortable clothing
Shirts Anything from a singlet to Hawaiian shirtsComfortable wear (sleeveless minimum)
ShoesFlip-flops or covered shoesFlip flops or cover shoes
Headwear Face capScarf, face cap, or sunhat
SunshadesYes (handy in the summer)Yes (handy in the summer)

As a word of advice, consider getting to the beach before putting on your swimwear. 

Asaba is great, but some locals may scoff at provocative wardrobe choices.

Fun Stuff at the Beach

  • Swimming
  • Beach sports
  • Parties
  • Bars and relaxation spots
  • Canoeing
  • Jet skiing

Main Attraction

Lander Brothers Anchorage

Sited at one of the unspoiled areas of Delta state, Lander Brothers Anchorage is a must-visit for several tourists. 

With a mix of beautiful natural landscapes and architectural designs, it’s a spot you shouldn’t miss.

Best Time of Year to Visit

Asaba Beach hosts a multitude of beachgoers during the weekends.

Hundreds of visitors throng to Asaba Beach around the festive season too.

If you’re looking for a crowded beach, visit from October – mid-January. 

Beachgoers looking for a primarily deserted beachside should visit during the hotter months (February – May).

Regardless of your chosen time to visit, this beach has something special in store for everyone.

Opening Hours

Asaba Beach is open to the public without any time restrictions. But if you’re planning to visit alone, consider visiting during the day and leaving before it’s dark.

Safety Tips

Night movements

Moving in groups of six to eight is ideal for nighttime visits to Asaba Beach. 

Also, consider requesting a security detail from the hotel you lodge in at an extra charge. 

Tourists traveling alone should avoid visiting Asaba Beach.

Mingling with crowds

During the festive season, thousands throng to Asaba Beach’s shoreline. It would be best if you kept your distance from dense crowds. 

Some nefarious individuals could leverage the crowd to steal from unsuspecting tourists.

There are several spots with shades at Asaba Beach. Get a spot that’s not jam-packed for a complete beach experience.

Hotels Nearby

  • Asabana Suites
  • Best Western Plus Hotel
  • GQ Suites
  • Grand Hotels
  • Lone Palm Hotel
  • Orchid Hotels
  • The Rodinia Hotel

Most Common Beachgoers

Young beachgoers of both sexes usually visit Asaba Beach. Families, honeymooners, and group visitors sometimes grace the beach’s shoreline.

Common Weather

Delta state has some of the driest and most humid climates in Nigeria. During the wet season, temperatures could drop to around 24°C. 

The hotter months are a little unforgiving, as tourists could get bashed with +30°C temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Asaba Beach?

Asaba Beach is in Otuogo, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.

What are the main attractions of Asaba Beach?

Cultural sites
Fashion houses
Beach sports

Does Asaba Beach have any annual festivals?

Several music events are held at Asaba Beach each year, but there is no major annual festival at this beach.

How long is Asaba Beach?

Asaba Beach stretches for more than four kilometers along Nigeria’s Delta state, an oil-rich territory.

Where can I stay at night in Asaba Beach?

There are several hotels around Asaba Beach. Here is a list of lodging and accommodation spots to consider:

Asabana Suites
Best Western Plus Hotel
GQ Suites
Grand Hotels
Lone Palm Hotel
Orchid Hotels
The Rodinia Hotel

What can I wear to Asaba Beach?

Avoid wearing bikinis and other revealing clothing when visiting Asaba Beach. Consider wearing comfortable clothing to enjoy the calm Atlantic breeze.

Can I swim on Asaba Beach?

Visitors to Asaba Beach can swim at several spots along its beachhead.

Is Asaba Beach safe to visit?

There is no security threat at Asaba (Otuogo) Beach. But it’s best to avoid heading to the beach when it’s late or dark.

Final Word

With this Asaba Beach Travel Guide, it becomes easier to max out your time beside the Atlantic. 

Leverage all the information in this piece, and get that rest and fun you’ve always wanted!

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