17 Best Beaches In Nigeria You Should Visit

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Nigeria is known as one of the biggest and most popular countries in West Africa. Each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Nigeria for vacation. 

There are a lot of exciting places to visit, including beaches with amazing coastlines. 

There are a lot of beaches in Nigeria that will take your breath away. 

Bring your entire family for a picnic or other beach-related activities. 

So if you are looking for a place to relax and be yourself, consider visiting the following beaches.

Let’s get into it!

17 Best Beaches In Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, including beautiful beaches. There are many stunning beaches to explore from the east to the west. 

Here are the 17 best Nigerian beaches you should go to today.

1. Elegushi Beach

If you love to party all night and meet new people, you should check out Elegushi Beach in Lagos State. 

The place is filled with partygoers and tourists, especially during the summertime.

Elegushi is known to be a high-end resort, so you will need extra cash before heading to this place.

Elegushi Beach Attractions: Tropical feel, white sand, and horse rides

2. Unwana Beach

If you are looking for a place that is not congested, you can check out Unwana Beach, located in Ebonyi. 

The beach is known for its uniquely colored golden sand and calm waters. 

Enjoy activities such as snorkeling, beach volleyball, and sunbathing, and share an unforgettable meal with your companions by the sea. 

Bring some food, water, and beverages so that you get to enjoy your stay at the beach.

Unwana Beach Attractions: Traditional meals, tropical fruits, and world-class resorts

3. Asaba Beach

Asaba Beach - Nigeria

Located in Delta state, Asaba Beach is one of the main attractions in the area. 

It is considered one of the best beaches in Nigeria because the view is breathtaking. 

It has beautiful white sand and palm trees that you do not get to see at other beaches. 

It is also a great spot to play beach volleyball and spend some quiet time working on your summer tan. 

Asaba beach is also famous for its fresh grilled fish, usually served during dinnertime.

Asaba Beach Attractions: Beach volleyball, sunbathing, and delectable barbeque

4. Ibeno Beach

Explore one of the longest coastlines in Nigeria, located at Ibeno Beach. The beach itself is about 30 kilometers long and reaches James Town. 

Ibeno attracts thousands of locals and tourists because it’s a perfect place to relax and have a great time. 

If you are adventurous, you can do many things at the beach, like volleyball, soccer and water sports. 

Explore the coastline by hiring a boat, even if only for a couple of hours.

Ibeno Beach Attractions: Water sports, boat rides, and delicious cuisine

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5. Patigi Beach

Patigi is a beach that overlooks the Atlantic ocean. It is known for its breathtaking views of the Niger River. 

The beach has fine sand and calm waters and is a safe place to bring your family on the weekend. 

Patigi Beach is a perfect place for a quick weekend getaway. 

Enjoy sunbathing, beach parties, and water sports, or take pictures while taking a stroll along the shoreline.

Patigi Beach Attractions: Sunbathing, water sports, and canoeing

6. Oniru Beach

Oniru Beach - Nigeria

Oniru Beach is one spot that never ceases to amaze Lagos beaches. Located at VI, this private beach has whatever you need to relax.

Due to its serene environment remains a top destination for birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. 

If you’re looking for a beach with fantastic scenery overlooking the Atlantic, Oniru is for you. 

You’d also get treated to that tropical feel with the best white sand you’ve ever seen.

This spot packs a lot of tropical settings where you can unwind, relax, and make the most of your leisure time.

Oniru Beach is also a stone’s throw from all the best five-star hotels in Lagos State, so you’re sure to have assured yourself the best treat!

Oniru Beach Attractions: Sunbathing, windsurfing, and canoeing

7. Tarkwa Beach

Looking for a getaway from the ‘crazy’ Lagos life has to push you towards Tarkwa Beach.

Tarkwa Bay Beach sits a few minutes from Lagos Harbour. It’s among the few beaches in Nigeria that can only be accessed by boat. 

Based on its secluded nature, Tarkwa Beach attracts tons of tourists yearly, and that’s not all!

Tarkwa Bay Beach has a pristine coastline with lots of make-shift tents for visitors to relax. 

It’s also got many raffia/coconut trees to provide decent shade if you’re not keen on sunbathing.

Tarkwa Bay Beach is most famous for hosting surfing and other water sports tournaments.

Tarkwa Beach Attractions: Surfing, kayaking, and windsurfing

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8. Eleko Beach

If you know the Lagos Free Trade Zone, then you’re not far from Eleko Beach, the pride of Lekki, Lagos.

It’s a top destination with lots of palm trees to shield you from the sun. Rent a privately-owned hut ($15-$30) and get a direct glimpse of the Atlantic.

If you’re thirsty and need a drink, then restaurants and bars will give you whatever you need.

Eleko has one of the longest coastlines in Lagos State and is just over half an hour from Ikoyi if that’s where you’re staying.

Eleko Beach Attractions: Tropical drinks, sunbathing, and kayaking

9. Santa Cruz Private Beach

Santa Cruz Beach is situated off Abraham Adesanya Estate, Lekki Phase 2. This private beach is meant for a host of events that need the best beach theme possible.

It has some purest white sand, peculiar to numerous top-class Lagos beaches. It’s also a top spot for celebrity events based on its tight security.

An area set aside for kids is safe and fitted with the latest toys.

You can also get comfort at bars on this private beach.

Santa Cruz Private Beach Attractions: Privacy guaranteed, Kids’ area, calm scenery

10. Atican Beach

Atican Beach - Nigeria

Along the Lekki-Ajah axis of Lagos State lays Atican Beach. This beach features numerous exciting attractions capable of fantastic anyone.

Atican Beach is notably famous for having an assortment of top-class hotels around the area, so expect a lot of tourists on this beach in the summer.

The private beach has all you need to laze and get that freshness you’ve always wanted. There’re bars around this beach to quench that thirst of yours.

Atican also remains one spot in Lagos where many horses can give you a fantastic ride.

Atican Beach Attractions: Horse rides, incredible scenery, and great food

11. Alpha Beach

On Alpha Beach, you’d get a perfect collection of many things you need a beach to have. 

Alpha Beach, located in Lekki, has a complete collection of top-class bars with all your favorite drinks.

There’s a fun activity wherever you look in Alpha Beach. It’s got palm trees, perfect spots for sunbathing, and many more.

Please make the most of your time at Alpha Beach, as it’s sure you’d visit more often than you ever imagined!

Alpha Beach Attractions: Vast coastal area, surfing, canoeing

12. Ilashe Beach

Located on the fringes of Ilashe, Lagos State, Ilashe Beach is a place to be when you need pampering from the sun and the Atlantic.

This beach features numerous attractions that entice tourists to pour in every year.

When in Ilashe Beach, you’d notice so many palm trees that you can quickly rest under and unwind. 

Also, there’re spots where you can quickly get access to a drink with so many bars around.

If you’re looking to spend a long time cooling off at Ilashe, this area has some of the best hotels in Lagos. 

There’re so many exciting events you can engage in, and you’re sure to be your best whenever you visit!

Ilashe Beach Attractions: Resorts, canoeing, and African cuisine

13. Lil Zanzibar, Eleko

Lil Zanzibar has everything you’d ever need for many fun lovers who can’t find a tropical setting among other Lagos beaches. 

Lil Zanzibar private beach is situated along the Eleko axis of Lagos State.

This spot features a lot of exceptional spots where numerous visitors make the most of their leisure time. 

An assortment of cuisine, games, and more make Lil Zanzibar the place in Lagos.

Lil Zanzibar, Eleko Attractions: Excellent cuisine, water sports, and canoeing

14. Calabar Beach

Calabar Beach is located at the edge of the Calabar River and is one spot for lovers of quiet moments with nature. 

Based on the local setting of this beach, you’d only find tourists and a few locals around all year.

It’s got an attractive, blue-golden outlook as the Atlantic meshes with its golden sands. 

There’re many palm trees on the beach, and you can get an excellent coconut drink cheaply.

It’s got many attractive tents where you can rest your head, and sunbathing is a sure breeze on this beach.

Calabar Beach Attractions: Lots of palm trees, a serene environment, water sports

15. Kamp Ikare

Kamp Ikare  - Nigeria

If you’re looking for an island shut out of Lagos, you should get connected to Kamp Ikare right now. 

Located 30 minutes off the coast of Lagos when you’re coming from VI, this beach resort is a place to be.

It features suites where you can relax for as long as you want. There’re also kitchens on this island with everything to satisfy your tastes.

You can also get your wet suit on, as jet skis are in no short supply at this resort. 

Get that custom experience you’ve always needed on Ikare, and you’d certainly be back for another visit!

Kamp Ikare Attractions: Jet skiing, continental dishes, and luxurious suites

16. Ifoko Beach

You can’t afford to miss visiting Ifoko Beach when you get to Rivers State. Situated around the Asari–To axis of Rivers, Ifoko Beach remains among the few natural beaches in Nigeria.

The Atlantic flows into Ifoko unperturbed, and tons of canoes are ready to give you a ride whenever you want.

Get in a tent and indulge yourself in the cool Atlantic breeze. You can also grab many drinks to make your time out in Ifoko truly exciting.

Ifoko Beach is also very calm and gives you a serene experience whenever you visit.

Ifoko Beach Attractions: Canoeing, private tent, and palm trees

17. Ndibe Sand Beach

Located in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, the Ndibe Sand Beach remains a top spot for relaxation in Nigeria.

This destination remains a considerable tourist location based on its signature golden sand. 

It’s a spot where relaxing under a palm tree will give you the relaxation you’ve always wanted.

Ndibe Sand beach is sometimes wet during the rainy season, but many beaches in Nigeria can’t beat its scenery when the sun’s up.

Get on a canoe, appreciate other parts of the beach, and mingle with the locals better than you’d expect.

Ndibe Sand Beach Attractions: Golden sand, canoeing, kayaking

* Suntan Beach is also one of the beautiful beaches near Lagos, Nigeria; you should consider it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nigeria have a beach?

Nigeria borders the Atlantic and has at least 30 beaches for tourists. Most Nigerian beaches are in Lagos, Cross River, and Bayelsa States. There’re also some inland beaches in Delta, Rivers, and Akwa Ibom States.

What is the best time of year to visit Nigerian beaches?

Nigerian beaches are excellent spots to visit during the summer months (Nov – Mar). But you’d also find its temperate rainy season (April – Oct) an ideal time to visit.

Most Nigerian beaches provide cover with trees and huts, so you’d find comfort regardless of when you want to visit.

What Are The Top Beaches In Nigeria?

1. Kuramo beach
2. Oniru Beach
3. La Campagne Tropicana
4. Lil Zanzibar, Eleko
5. Alpha Beach
6. Santa Cruz Private Beach
7. Eleko Beach
8. Elegushi Beach
9. Bar Beach

How much is a tourist visa for Nigeria?

A Nigerian tourist visa ranges based on your nationality. Visitors from Europe and the US may have to fork out anywhere between $170 – $200 for a 30 – day tourist visa. Extensions are available in some cases.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Nigeria?

It’s pretty safe for US citizens to tour Nigeria. Southern states like Delta and Bayelsa have travel warnings in place.

If you’re planning on being perfectly safe while in Nigeria, choose beaches in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub and top tourism hotspot.

Venturing into Northern Nigeria is a total no-no as there’s a terrorism and kidnapping warning in most Northern states for tourists.

Is it safe to swim on Nigerian beaches?

Nigeria’s beaches are pristine enough to encourage swimming. Most beaches in Lagos and other Atlantic border states welcome tourists year-round for their neat beaches and thriving aquatic life.

What should you not wear in Nigeria?

On Nigeria’s beaches, anything except nudity goes. So if you’ve got those summer wears, bikinis, Hawaiian shirts, etc., pack them up when coming to Nigeria.

But you’ve also got to be formally dressed in many places, but you can let loose when out on the beach.

Are Nigerian beaches expensive to visit?

Travelers planning to spend a week or more in Nigeria must possess around $2000 – $6000. Differences in costs arising from the choice of beaches, accommodation, and more.

Can I travel to Nigeria beaches without a visa?

No, you can’t. You must possess a passport valid for six months before applying for a visa, alongside other documents.

Where can I surf on Nigerian beaches?

Most beaches in Lagos, like Kuramo, La Campagne Tropicana, Elegushi Beach, etc., are ideal surf spots.

How much money should I take to go to Nigeria beaches?

If you’re spending a day on Nigerian beaches, $100 (N36000) should be enough to enjoy yourself.

Couples may spend around $150 – $200 daily at their preferred beach. If you’re planning to go in a group, you’d have to multiply the cost based on the number of people in your group.

Wrap Up

There are so many beaches in Nigeria to visit. Each of them has unique characteristics that make them distinctive from other attractions. 

The beaches are clean, sandy, and picture-perfect, which is why they attract tourists and locals.

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