Kamp Ikare Travel Guide – Sensational Destination

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Located on an island along Badagry’s creeks, Kamp Ikare Beach is a destination that assures privacy. 

Visitors to this beach can be sure of a fantastic, fun-filled experience with every visit. 

Built by Anuradha Mahbubani several years ago, it’s now a top spot for privacy-seeking beachgoers.

I’ve had the opportunity to make several visits to this private beach resort. 

And with so many visits under my hat, I’ve decided to share my Kamp Ikare travel guide with you. 

With this info, you can get the most out of your trip, even as a first-time visitor.

What to Take Along To Kamp Ikare?

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Debit card (for miscellaneous transactions)
  • Sunhat
  • Swimwear

Price List for a Day at the Beach

There are several things to do at Kamp Ikare. Consider making your trip with a flexible cash reserve. 

And if you’re searching for lodging options, Kamp Ikare has several choices available.

Take cues from this price list below for an idea of how best to navigate Kamp Ikare with your wallet:

OnlyWith PartnerFamily of 4
FoodN8000 ($20)N16000 ($30)N40000 ($100)
DrinksN1200 ($3)N2000 ($5)N4000 ($10)
TransportationN4000 – N10000 ($10 – $25)N8000 – N15000 ($20 – $39)N16000 – N30000 ($40 – $78)
Entrance FeeVaries on admissionVaries on admissionVaries on admission
Side attractionsN5000 ($14)N8000 ($20)N10000 ($25)

* Transportation costs may not apply for tourists lodging close to the beach

Suppose you plan to spend several days at the beach; phone in and make your reservations. 

Also, consider getting some extra cash source on hand if you plan to rent a duplex cabin by the beach.

What to Wear

Shorts Above-knee-level knickers are fine Slightly-above knee level at minimum
Shirts Singlets, sleeveless shirts, and othersSleeveless at minimum (no open-chest shirts)
ShoesAnything comfortableFlip-flops, moccasins, or matching comfy shoes
Headwear Face capScarves, sunhat, or face cap
SunshadesOptional (particularly handy in the summer)Optional (particularly handy in the summer)

It would be best to keep revealing clothes under wraps at the beach. Bikinis and other sultry clothing could attract undue attention in some cases. 

But don’t let that stop you from packing your comfortable swimwear for an eventful time at this beach.

Fun Stuff at the Beach

  • Jet skiing
  • Swimming
  • Continental and local meals
  • Boating
  • Watersports
  • Volleyball

Main Attraction

A few minutes off, Kamp Ikare is one of the best historical sites in Lagos. The Badagry Heritage Museum is an outstanding showcase of one of Lagos’ oldest tribes. 

Get a glimpse of the art, culture, tradition, and other features of the Badagry people.

Also, if you’ve got the time, consider visiting the oldest-story building in Nigeria at Badagry. 

Built-in the 19th Century, this structure still stands strong. Some historical items are embedded in this building to quench your thirst for arts and culture.

Best Time of Year to Visit

There’s no time of year that’s bad for visiting Kamp Ikare. At Kamp Ikare Private Beach, you get the typical weather common to most areas of Badagry.

During the hot months, sunny days aren’t that offensive. And rainy days don’t tend to dent the plans of any visitor with several shades available.

Crowds don’t usually gather at this private beach, so there’s a high chance of getting privacy while relaxing.

Opening Hours

Kamp Ikare Resort is open to the public 24/7. There are no curfews or restrictions for a boat ride to this beach.

Safety Tips

Night movements

Visiting Kamp Ikare at night may not be a great idea. Most boats don’t work at night, and anyone you find may not have proper visibility. Consider waiting till morning before heading to Kamp Ikare.

Mingling with crowds

Crowds seldom form at Kamp Ikare Resort, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Hotels Nearby

  • Ocean Breez Suites
  • La Casa Ilashe
  • Blue Ivy Suites
  • Dublina Suites

Most Common Beachgoers

Couples, honeymooners, families, and other vacationers visit Kamp Ikare regularly.  

Common Weather

The typical weather of Badagry and its surrounding islands is temperate across seasons. 

Don’t expect scorching sunrays or prolonged rainfall at this spot. With this moderate weather comes an immense opportunity to unwind across seasons without hassle.

Where is Kamp Ikare?

Kamp Ikare Resort is a breathtaking beachside attraction located at Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.

See more beautiful beaches in Nigeria.

What are the main attractions of Kamp Ikare?

Aside from being a top spot for partying and relaxing, Kamp Ikare is a destination close to several cultural sites. 

Visits to these sites give beachgoers a clearer insight into history in Badagry and Nigeria in general.

Does Kamp Ikare have any annual festival?

There are no annual festivals held at Kamp Ikare.

How long is Kamp Ikare?

Kamp Ikare doesn’t exceed 1 kilometer in length but still attracts a fair share of fun seekers.

Where can I stay at night in Kamp Ikare?

Several hotels are around the Kamp Ikare area. These hotels offer professional services visitors can leverage for maximum comfort.

What can I wear in Kamp Ikare?

You can put on anything you’re comfortable in at Kamp Ikare. Just make sure your preferred clothing isn’t sultry.

Can I swim in Kamp Ikare?

Visitors to Kamp Ikare can swim for as long as desired. It’s one of the many top spots around Badagry where swimming is a regular visitor attraction.

Is Kamp Ikare safe to visit?

Kamp Ikare is a largely safe environment, with people always at the beachhead 24/7.

Final Word

With all this Kamp Ikare travel guide offers, it’s sure a fantastic experience by the ocean is within reach. 

Make the most of this travel guide, and get that much-needed relaxation your body needs!

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