The Essential Smichov Beach Travel Guide

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You may scratch your head and wonder how there is a beach in the Czech Republic

The country is landlocked without any maritime border. 

The Czechs got creative and created a beach paradise by the river that bisects the city. That’s how you get a beach in a landlocked country.

Smichov Beach is part of the historic city of Prague, which means visitors will have plenty to do. 

Use this essential Smichov Beach travel guide to set up your holiday there.   

Cost Of Lodging At Smichov Beach

There are no hotels on the beach since it is a manmade area and part of the city of Prague. 

To find lodging, you will need to look at hotels in Prague. While Prague is far from being Europe’s most expensive city, it is not an inexpensive price to stay. 

Tourists will have many options to stay in that cover all sorts of price points. Visitors can also look for Airbnb to see if that will cost less than a hotel. 

Prices will vary based on what side of the river you stay on. The side of the river by the Narodni Museum costs more than the side with the Prague Castle.

For Western visitors, you will see hotels that are familiar to you. Global companies like Hilton and Marriot will have hotels in Prague that are part of their brand. 

If you don’t want to try an unknown chain, you can go with what you know.

Best Things To Do At Smichov Beach

The primary thing to do at Smichov Beach is to sunbathe and have a good time. The area was built as a way for people to get some sun and have a good time. 

Some bars surround the beach area, which helps keep a party atmosphere going.

Once you have had your fill of the beach, you can head out into the city of Prague. 

Prague is one of the oldest cities in all of Europe and sports a vibrant history. Unlike many others in this part of Europe, many of its buildings withstood World War Two. 

You can take a tour of many castles and admire the breathtaking architecture. Prague Castle is believed to be the largest castle in the world. 

There are over 200 castles in the Czech Republic, and Czech natives would say even as stunning as the ones in Prague are, they aren’t the best!

The area immediately by the beach has undergone a large-scale renovation over the last several years. 

The area had been known for being quite dingy and dirty, but that is no longer the case. New businesses have moved in and brought the area back to life. 

It is now a thriving part of the city that millennial crowds flock to. You can find small art galleries and coffee shops in this city area.

Where is Smichov Beach?

Smichov Beach is located in the Czech Republic in the city of Prague. Smichov is the name of the neighborhood the beach is located in.

What are the main attractions at Smichov Beach?

The great thing about this beach is that it is manmade. There are also plenty of bars and other nightlife options nearby. 

This beach is also part of Prague, so you get to enjoy the city’s rich history when you aren’t enjoying the beach.

Does Smichov Beach have any music festivals?

There aren’t any music festivals that happen on the beach. However, some concerts do happen in the beach area. 

Since the beach only holds 500 people, chances are these happen elsewhere, and people can watch them from the beach.

How long is Smichov Beach?

There needs to be more information on this. I found 10 meters by 7 meters listed online, but it could refer to the pool in the middle of the river. 

However, many places say the capacity of the beach is only 500 people. That should indicate that the beach is a little small.

Where can I stay overnight at Smichov Beach?

Since this is a small manmade beach in a portion of the city, you won’t find hotels on the beach. The benefit of this is that you aren’t restricted to one area and can stay anywhere in Prague.

What can I wear to Smichov Beach?

This area doesn’t have any restrictions on beachwear. If you want to wear a two-piece, that should be fine. 

However, this isn’t as permissive as somewhere like Brazil, so make sure your two-piece covers appropriately. 

Men can wear any swim trunk or short that covers appropriately.

Can I swim at Smichov Beach?

You wouldn’t be swimming in the ocean much as in the river. You can swim in the river, but fair warning, it will be a bit chilly. This part of Europe never gets particularly warm.

Is Smichov Beach safe to travel to?

Yes, this area is safe for travel. Previously, this part of the city was a bit run down and may have yet to attract the best crowds. 

Upgrades in recent years have brought this part of the city back to life.


Smichov Beach is quite a wonder for visitors to take in. The Czech citizens decided they wanted a beach, even in a landlocked country. 

So they built one on the banks of a river. Once you have spent some time soaking up the sun at the makeshift beach, the historic city of Prague awaits you. 

There are countless castles and other historical sites available to tour. Some date back hundreds of years and survived two world wars. 

Use this essential Smichov Beach travel guide to make a list of what you must do on your visit to the Czech Republic.

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