Atican Beach Travel Guide – Relaxation With Privacy

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At Atican Beach, an unspoiled aura captivates first-time and return visitors alike. An ideal spot for tranquility-seekers and revelers alike, Atican has several glowing recommendations.

I’ve made multiple visits to this beach at different times. 

I’ve put together a comprehensive Atican Beach travel guide for your convenience through this time. 

Please make the most of what it offers and get that beachside experience you deserve!

What to Take Along To Atican Beach?

These are some of the essentials things you should bring when visiting Atican Beach:

  • Inflatable sleep bag (for nighttime visits)
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunshades
  • Swimwear

Price List for a Day at the Beach

Getting the proper budget is ideal for assuring an excellent beach trip. I don’t struggle with planning my spending before heading to the beach. 

And with this Atican Beach price list, you’re sure to be in the green every time.

Only YouWith PartnerFamily of 4
FoodN3500 ($9)N6500 ($16)N9000 ($22)
DrinksN1500 ($~4)N3000 ($7.50)N5000 ($14)
TransportationN4000 ($10)N8000 ($20)N16000 ($40)
Entrance FeeN1000 (~$3)N2000 (~$5)N4000 (~$10)
Side attractionsN5000 ($14)N8000 ($20)N10000 ($25)

* Transportation costs may not apply for tourists lodging at Atican Beach Resort

If you’re keen on saving more on lodging fees, consider renting a hotel room away from the private resort.

Prices at Atican Beach resort could be ridiculous, but it’s worth considering for more comfortable visits.

What to Wear To Atican Beach?

Atican has enough private space to accommodate several relaxation desires. 

With so much of the Atlantic bearing down onto the powdery sands, it’s a brilliant choice for watersports and swimming.

Consider following this clothing chart when planning how to storm the beach;

Shorts Above-knee-level knickers are fine Slightly-above knee level at minimum
Shirts Singlets, sleeveless shirts, and othersSleeveless at minimum (no open-chest shirts)
ShoesAnything comfortableFlip-flops, moccasins, or matching comfy shoes
Headwear Face capScarves, sunhat, or face cap
SunshadesOptionalOptional (particularly handy in the summer)

Even if swimwear is okay at the beach, consider avoiding provocative clothing. 

Sultry beachwear could get you kicked out for being too offensive to other visitors. 

But this conservative nature doesn’t take anything from your potential to enjoy the beach.

Fun Stuff at the Beach

Here are some of the fun stuff you can expect at the Atican beach:

  • Basketball/beach volleyball courts
  • Barbeque and Äsun (beef delicacy) stands
  • Live concerts
  • Nightclub
  • Billiards tables
  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing

Main Attraction

Children’s Playground

Atican Beach is one of the few spots in Lagos with a state-of-the-art children’s playground. 

You can get your kids to this beach to max out their fun experience while you relax at the shoreline.

Beachside chalets

Several chalets are available for rent at Atican Beach. These chalets make your beachside experience a whole lot better than expected. 

You can get a private beach experience at these chalets for prices that seldom exceed $80.

Best Time of Year to Visit

Visiting Atican at any time of year assures a fantastic, fun-filled experience. But personal preferences do matter. 

So, if you’re keen on relaxing at an empty beach, visit during the weekdays. Atican is mostly sparsely-populated mid-year too.

Lovers of crowded beaches should visit Atican at the weekend and at the festive seasons.

Opening Hours

There are no opening or closing hours at Atican Private Beach.

Safety Tips

Night movements

Nighttime beach visits at Atican are mainly safe. There’s always security at this private beach, making it ideal for lone and group visitors.

Mingling with crowd

Atican Beach isn’t all that crowded throughout the year. But when the crowds gather, consider mingling with your personal stashed away safely or stay away.

Hotels Nearby

Some of the affordable hotels you can find near the beach:

  • Atican Beach Resort and Hotel
  • Villa Savoye Hotels and Suites
  • Jerico Villa Hotel and Suites
  • Holla Jobi Guest House

Most Common Beachgoers,

Families, couples, and young and old friends grace Atican Beach throughout the year.

Common Weather

Atican Beach adopts the regular temperate Lagos climate. The summers aren’t too hot, and the wet seasons are forgiving. Such moderate weather conditions make Atican an ideal spot to check out.


Where is Atican Beach?

Atican Beach is a picturesque natural landscape situated at Abraham Adesanya Estate, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

What are the main attractions of Atican Beach?

Horseback riding
Live band
Beachside lodging

Does Atican Beach have any annual festival?

Atican Beach doesn’t hold any annual festivals but has a slew of live music events through its yearly calendar.

How long is Atican Beach?

Atican Beach stretches more than two kilometers and merges with other popular spots along the coastline.

Where can I stay at night in Atican Beach?

Aside from the beach resort, there are at least a dozen hotels nearby you can lodge in. Renting a room far from the beach may save you more cash overall.

What can I wear to Atican Beach?

Atican Beach has a liberal orientation so that visitors can wear comfortably without extremes. Sultry swimwear is frowned upon, so consider getting something else ideal for hitting the water.

Can I swim on Atican Beach?

What do you think about swimming? Atican Beach allows swimming for its rampant, ever-satisfied visitors. But ensure you pack the proper clothing if you plan to swim.

Is Atican Beach safe to visit?

Atican Beach is a safe spot to visit. The beach is under private management and has a detailed security apparatus.

Final Word

If you’ve been searching for an outstanding beach experience, consider visiting Atican. 

There’s so much to do at this beach, and that’s why it’s one of my top candidates to loosen up.

Make the most of this Atican Beach travel guide, and you can be sure of a great time without hassle.

It is indeed one of the great beaches in Nigeria you must visit! A great time without hassle.

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