Elegushi Beach Travel Guide For The First Timers

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Located less than 10 kilometers from Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Elegushi beach is one of Nigeria’s liveliest coastal destinations.

It’s one of the most popular beaches in Nigeria.

In this Elegushi Beach travel guide, you’ll get the best hacks on maxing out relaxation at this spot. 

I’ve been to this beach multiple times, and sharing my observations and experiences will make your visit easier and fun-filled.

Let’s get into it!

What To Bring Along To Elegushi Beach?

Add the following items to your inventory for a fun-filled visit to Elegushi:

  • A camera (a smartphone will do)
  • Picnic boxes (if you don’t like eating meals prepared by fast food outlets)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Sunshades
  • Handkerchiefs (particularly in the summer months)

Price List for a Day at the Beach

Spending right is a primary concern when I head out to any beach. Having too little to spend may limit the fun. 

And that’s why I’ve come up with this chart for Elegushi after several visits.

Even if there are a few variations due to inflation and exchange rates, you’re still sure to have enough cash.

PurposeSingleCoupleFamily of Four
FoodN4000 ($10)N6000 ($15)N10000 ($25)
DrinksN1200 ($3)N2000 ($5)N4000 (10)
TransportationN4000 ($10)N8000 ($20)N16000 ($40)
Entrance FeeN1000 (~$3)N2000 (~$5)N4000 (~$10)
Side attractionsN5000 ($14)N8000 ($20)N10000 ($25)

* Transportation costs may not hold for tourists living close to the beach

Rather than head out to the beach without refreshments, consider stopping at fast food joints beforehand. 

Several fast food outlets around Elegushi serve inexpensive, tasty meals. 

Consider leveraging takeaways from these joints to max out your time at the beach.  

Buying food at the beach may be better for some. But I do recommend the suya – a local favorite for beef lovers.

Aside from meals, consider getting transportation arranged around town from your hotel. Get a personal driver if you’re not lodging at a spot close by. 

The hotel can arrange this and save you the trouble attached, asking for directions.

What To Wear To Elegushi Beach?

Going skimpy at Elegushi is a massive no-no. While at the beach, I noticed everyone dressed in somewhat airy but decent clothing.

There was one odd moment, though. A newbie to the beach dressed in bikinis got eyed into feeling uncomfortable. 

So, to avoid feeling watched while on the beach, leverage recommended picks below:

Shorts Above-knee-level knickers are fine. No need for swimming pantsSlightly-above knee level at minimum
Shirts Singlets, sleeveless shirts, and othersSleeveless at minimum (no open-chest shirts)
ShoesAnything comfortableFlip-flops, moccasins, or matching comfy shoes
Headwear Face capSunhat or face cap
SunshadesOptionalOptional (particularly handy in the summer)

Please don’t take this as a rigid guide all through. You can be comfortable in your clothing at Elegushi. Just make sure you’re not dressed to attract undue attention.  

If you’re visiting during the pregnancy, read the dress guide here.

Some Fun Stuff To Do At The Beach

  • Horseback riding
  • Beach sports
  • Jet skiing
  • Parties and live music shows

Main Attraction At Elegushi Beach

Copa Lagos

National beach soccer teams converge yearly at Elegushi for the Copa Lagos tournament. Soccer week ranks as an event that attracts many foreign and local visitors.

Best Time of Year to Visit

Visiting Elegushi during the Harmattan season (usually late November – Mid December) may be too cold for some beachgoers. 

But don’t let that fool you. Beachgoers always throng to this fantastic spot all year.

If you’re keen on having fun with many people, consider visiting the beach during festive periods. 

This beach is packed to capacity from the third week of December to late January.

But if you like having a tan or just a much-needed rest, visit from February to May. 

The wet months from June to October are also ideal for basking in the calm Atlantic breeze.

Opening Hours

Elegushi is one of the few beaches in Lagos known to be open 24/7 year-round. Visitors usually throng to revel at this fantastic spot during the day. 

And most night visitors usually gather for night parties and frequent beachside events.

Safety Tips

Night movements

If you’re planning to visit Elegushi at night, consider confirming if there are any events slated. 

Night events with ample lighting along the beachhead rarely attract any illegal activity. 

Tourists traveling in groups of three to five won’t have an issue visiting this beach at night. 

On the other hand, Lone tourists should tread the path of safety and wait until morning.

Mingling with crowds

Even with so much fun available in Elegushi, you still need to be cautious. Fridays – Sundays usually see more people visiting the beach. 

During such dense periods, consider avoiding crowded spaces. Pickpockets could lurk in populated areas waiting to wreak havoc.

Find a sparsely populated area with shade, and you can max out fun at Elegushi without worry.

Hotels Close To Elegushi Beach

There are many hotels around Elegushi Beach. Check out some of these recommended 3 – 4-star spots below:

  • Caesar’s Luxury Hotel
  • Citilodge Hotel Lagos
  • Esporta Suites
  • Goosepen Suites Victoria Island
  • Number 95 Suites
  • The Lilygate
  • The View Lekki
  • Ziroc Residence


Where is Elegushi Beach?

Elegushi Beach, situated along Road 3, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos State, is one of Nigeria’s best relaxation destinations.

What are the main attractions of Elegushi Beach?

Jet skiing
Horseback riding
Volleyball and other beach sports
Night parties and regular weekly live band events
Traditional cuisine

Does Elegushi Beach have any annual festivals?

Copa Lagos is an international beach soccer event held annually at Elegushi. Teams from all over the world compete in several beachside matches for 4 – 7 days.

How long is Elegushi Beach?

Elegushi Beach measures around eight to ten kilometers long, making it one of Nigeria’s most extensive beaches by the coastline.

Where can I stay at night in Elegushi Beach?

There are more than a dozen hotels a stone’s throw or within ten to twelve miles of Elegushi. Renting a hotel room close by could cost more than a location far from the beach.

What can I wear to Elegushi Beach?

Comfortable clothing ideal for partying and relaxation is ideal for beachgoers at Elegushi. The beach isn’t popular among swimmers, so bikinis shouldn’t be part of your wardrobe.

Can I swim on Elegushi Beach?

Elegushi has some rocky deposits along its beachhead, making it largely unsuitable for swimming.

Is Elegushi Beach safe to visit?

Elegushi Beach is a safe place to visit and one of Lagos’s few 24/7 relaxation spots.

Final Word

Elegushi Royal Beach is a top spot for unwinding in Lagos. Beachgoers can’t get enough of this beach’s fun activities.

With the info from this Elegushi Beach travel guide, you’re sure to max out fun without hassle!

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