Ilashe Beach – Unspoilt Spot In Nigeria

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Sited at Snake Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Ilashe Beach is an unspoiled spot to guarantee true refreshment. 

It’s one of the most spectacular beaches in Nigeria.

Revelers and tranquility-seekers throng to this beach in droves all through the year. Most visitors to this beach come to get a custom, premium shoreline experience.

And I’ve been privileged to make multiple visits to Ilashe. 

Through my multiple visits, I learned several interesting facts about this beach. Armed with this information, I compiled an Ilashe Beach travel guide.

The guide assures you of an unrivaled beachhead experience with several tips and recommendations. 

When you finish your first trip, you’ll want to revisit Ilashe.

What To Bring Along To Ilashe Beach?

  • Sunscreen
  • Refreshments in an ice cooler (optional)
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal supplies (body care products)

Price List for a Day at the Beach

Going on a beach trip without enough cash could spoil the fun. With the recommended price list below, leveraging several stuff at Ilashe for your enjoyment becomes easy. 

Make the most of what this list offers, and get that relaxation your money can buy

Only YouWith PartnerFamily of 4
FoodN10000 ($25)N15000 (~$38)N20000 ($50)
DrinksN4000 ($10)N6000 ($15)N8000 ($20)
TransportationN50000 ($125)N80000 ($200)N100000 ($250)
Entrance Fee
Side attractionsN5000 ($13)N10000 ($25)N15000 (~$38)
Accommodation N50000 ($125)N80000 – N100000 ($200 – $250)N100000+ ($250+)

* Transportation costs may not apply for tourists lodging close to the beach

Ilashe is one of the most expensive beaches to visit in Lagos. If you’re planning to visit this beach, consider taking some cues from the next section,

There are some exorbitant price tags at Ilashe Beach, particularly for transportation on a boat and accommodation. Consider making reservations as a group. 

Beach houses at Ilashe are usually booked in advance. Discounts normally go to visitors who book in groups.

Also, taking some extra cash along for some side attractions will help max out your fun time at the beach.

What to Wear To Ilashe Beach?

Check out this recommended chart to look your best at Ilashe Beach.

Shorts Above-knee shorts and other comfortable clothingBelow–knee shorts
Shirts Sleeveless shirts, Hawaiian beach shirts, etc.Tank top or other comfortable, non-sultry wear
ShoesFlip-flops, cover shoes, etc.Flip-flops or other comfy footwear
Headwear Face caps, hats, etc.Scarves, sunhats, face caps, etc.
SunshadesYes (for the extra-sunny days)Yes (for the extra-sunny days)

Fun Stuff at the Beach

  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • Beach sports

Main Attraction

Many beach houses are available at Ilashe, making it a spot for secluded relaxation.

Best Time of Year to Visit

Every time of the year is excellent for visiting Ilashe Beach.

Opening Hours

Ilashe Beach remains open to the public 24/7 year-round. But some boats to this beach may be unavailable for passengers, particularly during crowded seasons.

Safety Tips

Night movements

Since many beach houses are on site, Ilashe is relatively safe for visitors at night. Consider visiting in-group if possible, as numbers at Ilashe make the fun much better.

Mingling with crowds

Crowds rarely form at Ilashe Beach, so you have little to worry about if safety is your concern.

Hotels Nearby

More than a dozen popular hotels line the area surrounding Ilashe. Consider staying at any of these hotels when at the beach;

  • La Casa Ilashe
  • Ocean Breez Suites
  • Blue Ivy Suites
  • Epe Resort and Spa, Lagos

Most Common Beachgoers,

Families, couples, honeymooners, and lone visitors usually grace Ilashe Beach.

Common Weather

Ilashe Beach has a more humid climate than most parts of Lagos. Since it’s situated on an island, cooler temperatures aided by the sea breeze make it more comfortable for visitors.


Where is Ilashe Beach?

Ilashe Beach sits at the edge of Badagry Creek, Snake Island, Lagos, Nigeria. It is one of the few beaches exclusively accessible by water.

What are the main attractions of Ilashe Beach?

The massive concentration of beach houses and an island mall at Ilashe Beach make it a top spot for visitors. Several beachgoers throng to this spot for its calm beachhead and picturesque scenery.

Does Ilashe Beach have any annual festivals?

There are no annual festivals at Ilashe Beach. But at weekends and during the festive season, many music events are held at this beach.

How long is Ilashe Beach?

Ilashe Beach is one of the longest beaches in Lagos, spanning over three kilometers.

Where can I stay at night in Ilashe Beach?

There are several beach houses at the shoreline of Ilashe, making stay-in options easier to come by. Also, you could get hotels on the island that usually attract a thirty-minute boat ride.

What can I wear in Ilashe Beach?

Several spots at Ilashe Beach are ideal for loosening up. Since it’s one of the less-crowded spots in Lagos, you can be comfortable with your wardrobe choices. 

But as a precaution, don’t go overboard with sultry clothing that may attract too much attention.

Can I swim on Ilashe Beach?

You can swim, sunbathe, kayak, boat, and many more at Ilashe Beach. Its pristine coastline allows many visitors to take a dip as they desire.

Is Ilashe Beach safe to visit?

Ilashe Beach is a secluded spot that’s rarely deserted. If you’re a group or couple, Ilashe Beach is safe to visit at any time. 

Lone visitors, on the other hand, should consider scheduling daytime tours.

Final Word

Ilashe Beach has a serene environment and is one of Lagos, Nigeria’s few unspoiled destinations. 

Visitors to the beach can be sure of enhanced relaxation free from hassle. 

And if you’re keen on getting to a relaxation spot laden with VIPs, Ilashe is a great place to visit.

With this Ilashe Beach travel guide, you can know the best for maximum relaxation. 

Undoubtedly, you can make the most of your time by the beach and get that refreshing experience you need!

Make the most of your time by the beach and get that refreshing experience you need!

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