17 Mile Beach Barbuda – The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway

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When you’ve got your sights set on getting an outstanding beach experience, there’s one spot you need to consider.

17 Mile Beach Barbuda is one of the top Antigua and Barbuda beaches that many visitors from all over the world throng to. 

Everyone wants to pay a visit with an outstanding collection of fun stuff to do, coupled with everything else.

Visitors want to feel the much-talked-about sands and turquoise beach waters. And if you’re up for a massive picturesque environment, this beach has all you need.

Indeed, there’s a lot you’re in for should you make this beach your top spot. A massive breath of fresh air and access to quality relaxation awaits you. 

Regardless of your age or budget, this beach is a place you’ve got to visit. So, if you’ve finally opted to visit 17 Mile Beach, there are a few stuff you’ve got to know.

Access to relevant facts about the fun in-store makes managing an immersive experience more comfortable. 

And with access to quality info on this beach, you’d be enthusiastic about paying a quick visit!

This guide will give you the facts that guarantee complete time at the beach!

Best Time To Visit 17 Mile Beach Barbuda

17 Mile Beach is fun to visit any time throughout the year. But if you’ve special needs, there’s a time to slot your visit.

Beachgoers who love a crowded area to mingle with others and have fun should visit between October – January. 

Crowds also gather at the beach around the summer months.

Others who need calm scenery for unwinding at the beach will find most weeks in May – July favorable.

So, if you’ve got different tastes, tailor your visit to the timeframe best suited to your needs.

The Beach

Barbuda beach

17 Mile Beach is primarily famous for its exceptional, pink-hued sands. Many visitors don’t fail to lie alongside several spots on the beach to appreciate the shore’s beauty.

Also, the blue-to-grey-green color of this beach’s water ensures beachgoers can’t get enough. 

You’d likely notice several local and international tourists appreciating this superbly inviting beach water.    

Seventeen-mile beach also has many fun and inviting activities for guests to unwind. 

During the crowded months, it won’t be odd to spot a few beachgoers having a go at several fun games. 

And there are lots of pastimes at the beach from dawn till dusk.

Also, many options are available if you’re looking for hotels close to the beachhead.

But refreshment spots are few and far between when getting supplies around the beach. 

So, before leaving the hotel, consider packing everything you need to relax.

Hotels Around 17 Mile Beach

Barbuda Belle Luxury Beach Hotel

Barbuda Belle Luxury Beach Hotel should be your preferred spot if you need a spa and free parking.

Five-star services are always available at this spot, making it one of the top spots tourists love to lodge in. 

The hotel’s location along the beachhead gives tourists a two-in-one experience every time!

Barbuda Cottages

Getting internet connectivity at the beach has always been more comfortable. 

With Barbuda Cottages, you have access to the best when it comes to free Wi-Fi. Aside from free internet, there’s more!

Guests can conveniently appreciate the scenic beach views around this spot’s stretch of shore.

Coco Point Lodge

Most visitors place their lodging reservations at Coco Point Lodge. At this lodge, beachgoers get a treat to some of the best hospitality services in Barbuda.

And with free internet services, it becomes easier to link up with the outside world.

Palm Tree Guest House

At the Palm Tee Guest House, you have direct access to quality hospitality services and enhanced relaxation potential. 

The guest house has decent accommodations and boasts professional service delivery. There’s free Wi-Fi at this spot for visitors, too.

Side Attractions

Taking a dip across several spots on this beach is super comfortable. The pristine nature of this beach’s water and its peculiar colors attract loads of tourists yearly. 

Other side attractions are:

  • Boating
  • Kayaking
  • Sunbathing

Fun Spots in/around 17 Mile Beach

There are plenty of options if you’re looking for a fun and exciting spot near 17 Mile Beach.

  • Frigate Bird Sanctuary
  • Darby Cave
  • Martello Tower


Where is 17 Mile Beach?

17 Mile Beach sits at the beautiful edge of Codrington, Barbuda.

What are the main attractions of 17 Mile Beach?


Does 17 Mile Beach have any music festivals?

There are no music festivals in 17 Mile Beach throughout the year.

How long is 17 Mile Beach?

17 Mile Beach is seventeen miles long and is famous for having the longest stretch in Barbuda.

Where can I stay at night at 17 Mile Beach?

Barbuda Belle Luxury Beach Hotel
Barbuda Cottages
Coco Point Lodge
Palm Tree Guest House

What can I wear to 17 Mile Beach?

Comfortable shorts and light shirts are great for guys visiting 17 Mile Beach. Females can bring lingerie along since most parts of the beach are quiet throughout the year.

Can I swim at 17 Mile Beach?

Swimming is a major attraction for tourists visiting 17 Mile Beach. Its seventeen-mile stretch merges with pristine waters from the ocean.

Is 17 Mile Beach safe to travel to?

17 Mile Beach is relatively safe for tourists to unwind and relax. But it’s advised you refrain from being alone all the time.

Final Word

Taking time off to visit 17 Mile Beach Barbuda is one decision you will never forget. 

The massive beachhead and several eye-popping attractions make it a place to be.

And with a host of side attractions, this destination would likely be your return spot. 

Get your travel reservations and accommodation arrangements finalized. 

You’re sure in for the time of your life at this beach.

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