Unwana Beach – Secluded Paradise Of Southern Nigeria

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A large golden sand deposit merging at its south end with the Atlantic – Unwana is a southern Nigerian jewel. 

I first discovered Unwana Beach on the web and saw it firsthand a while back.

This Unwana Beach travel guide makes all the relevant tips to maximize relaxation easy to manage.  

And when you finally make the trip, you’ll be glad you did!

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What to Take Along To Unwana Beach

  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Picnic box
  • Refreshments

Price List for a Day at the Beach

Unwana Beach is mainly remote and serves as an economic hub for many locals.

There are some exciting events to engage in at the beach. 

But don’t expect Unwana to be a heavily crowded beach. Consider following the recommended price list for maxing out spending at Unwana Beach:

Only YouWith PartnerFamily of 4
Food($5) N2000($15) N6000($40) N16000
Drinks($3) N1200($7) N2800($20) N8000
Transportation($8) N3200($12) N4800($16) N7200
Entrance Fee
Tour Guide($10) N4000($15) N6000($25) N10000

* Transport fees may not apply to visitors living at nearby hotels

* Consider getting food and drinks from your hotel before heading beachside

Unwana is mainly remote, making it quite an odd place for visitors that need thriving side spots. 

Consider bringing your meals when visiting Unwana Beach, as you may not find any refreshment spots around.

Also, arrange transportation to and from the beach, as it’s likely not to get a cab quickly when you’re there. 

Make transport arrangements from your hotel and get relevant contact details for emergencies.

What to Wear

People of Unwana are highly conservative, making bikinis and other provocative wears a no-no at the beach. Take cues from the guide below for a comfortable time beachside;

Shorts Above-knee shorts and other comfortable wear Above knee shorts below (frown at bikinis)
Shirts Anything comfortableSleeveless shirts and other sleeved wear (no revealing clothing)
ShoesFlip-flops or other comfortable legwearAny footwear
Headwear Face capFace cap, scarf, or other headwear
SunshadesYes, particularly during the summer)Yes, particularly during the summer

You can improve on these ideas to get the most from hitting the beach in your best clothing. But for the ladies, ensure you don’t reveal too much.

Fun Stuff at the Beach

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Snorkeling
  • Beach sports

Main Attraction

Unwana Highlands

The Unwana Highland area, located 200m above sea level, is a significant tourist attraction. 

Hikers intend to get in touch with nature and traverse this challenging terrain that leads onto the beachhead.

If you’re keen on getting in touch with the Unwana Highlands, consider enlisting the services of experienced tour guides. 

The hotel you’re staying at can get one arranged for the entire trip at a budget-friendly rate.

Best Time of Year to Visit

Unwana Beach is an excellent destination to visit across seasons. But when you’re keen on getting a particular beach experience, consider monitoring seasons before visiting. 

During the late months (October – December), Unwana Beach gets populated with numerous visitors.

Beachgoers keen on getting a quiet time beside the ocean should visit other seasons.

Opening Hours

Unwana Beach doesn’t have a stipulated opening or closing time. It’s best to avoid heading to this beach when it’s dark. 

Tourists traveling alone should consider avoiding this beach when it’s less populated.

Safety Tips

Night movements

Moving along the Unwana beachside at night isn’t advisable, particularly for tourists traveling alone. 

There is no evidence of harm coming to visitors at this beach. But you can’t be too careful about assuring safety in a new environment.

Mingling with crowds

Crowds rarely flock to Unwana Beach. During the festive season, there’s a high chance of sizeable crowds showing up. 

Most of these visitors are locals and tend to be quite receptive to foreign visitors.

Hotels Nearby

  • P. Noble Hotels and Suites
  • Ndibe Beach Hotels
  • River Side Hotel
  • The Focus Hotel and Resort

Most Common Beachgoers

Young beachgoers usually flock to Unwana during the weekends and in more numbers at festive periods. 

If you’re keen on a lively, less-crowded beach, Unwana has all your needs checked out.

Common Weather

Unwana Beach sits in the southern area of Ebonyi state. Located along the equatorial climate belt, Unwana’s high-temperature range rarely exceeds 38°C. 

High rainfall and humidity across the Unwana area add to the overall comfortable weather year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Unwana Beach?

Unwana Beach sits at the southern edge of the Afikpo Local Government Area of Ebonyi state.

What are the main attractions of Unwana Beach?

Unwana Highlands is a major attraction around its beachhead with the same name.

Does Unwana Beach have any annual festivals?

There are no annual festivals around Unwana Beach.

How long is Unwana Beach?

Unwana Beach stretches over 5 kilometers and is one of Ebonyi’s most extended beachside destinations.

What can I wear to Unwana Beach?

Consider wearing shorts and some comfortable shirts when visiting Unwana Beach. The locals usually frown at skimpy clothing. So, it is best to avoid any provocative wardrobe options.

Can I swim on Unwana Beach?

Unwana Beach is an ideal spot for expert swimmers to try their skills. Other attractions like canoeing are also available for tourists to get a better feel of the water.

Is Unwana Beach safe to visit?

Unwana Beach is a safe spot to visit, particularly for tourists moving in groups. Tourists visiting the beach alone are also safe. But tourists should avoid heading to the beach at night.

Final Word

The Unwana Beach Travel Guide makes the most of getting you an unrivaled experience without the hassle. 

With all recommendations and hacks in this list, you’re sure in for a fun time!

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