12 Gifts For Grandson For The Beach Occasion

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Look no further if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your grandson to commemorate a special beach-themed occasion.

We’ve covered you, from fun and colorful toys to practical items that will come in handy during a day at the shore.

Check out our selection of twelve great gift ideas for your grandson below!

12 Gifts For Grandson

1. Beach Towels

It’s important first to consider what type of towel your Grandson would like.

Whether he prefers microfiber, terrycloth, or other materials, there are endless options out there for beach towels.

You could opt for something simple and classic with a nautical feel, but if your Grandson is more into the laid-back surfer lifestyle, choose something more colorful.

2. Flip Flops

If your Grandson is like most young men his age, he’s probably into the stateside pastime of wearing flip-flops.

Please pick up a new pair or two that will match his summer outfits and take him from the pool to the beach with style.

3. Beach Bag + Swim Trunks

A good beach bag is essential for sunscreen, towels, and accessories. A few swim trunks are also a must for the beach; they’re easy to throw on, comfortable, and go with pretty much everything!

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4. Sunglasses + After Sun Lotion

Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory that every guy needs this summer. If your Grandson works up a good sweat every day hitting the waves, an after-sun lotion will be just what he needs to get rid of that parched feeling.

5. Kindle Reader + Ebook Subscriptions

If your Grandson is anything like us at Island Man, he’s always looking for ways to sneak in his favorite reading material.

An ebook reader will allow him to download his favorite books and carry them with him whenever he’s on the go.

And if your Grandson is a devoted beach bum, tons of great publications are dedicated solely to beaches and finding the best places to travel.

6. Beach Umbrella

When the sun goes down, most people head home, but your Grandson is more likely to go out and party until the sun comes up.

A beach umbrella can provide a safe way to hang out at the beach overnight with his friends. And, of course, he’ll need a sleeping bag or something to lie on!

7. Bathing Suit + Swim Trunks

Your young man probably owns a spare bathing suit or two, but he’ll need something for the beach.

A good pair of swim trunks that gives him enough freedom to roam around as much as he pleases makes for a great gift.

8. Workout Towel + Flip Flops

If your Grandson is active and spends his free time hiking and exploring, a workout towel is a great gift. These towels are made from the same material that most beach tents are made with, making them tough enough to withstand any outdoor activity.

9. Flip Flops + Sunscreen

Your Grandson will always need sunscreen when he spends his days in the sun! And of course, a pair of flip-flops will go great with any swim trunks, so he’ll have the perfect beach outfit.

10. Beach Chair + Flip Flops

If your Grandson is lucky enough to live by the coast or a lake, bring him along for a day at the shore and let him relax! A lounge chair, towels, and flip-flops are all he’ll need for the day.

11. Drink Koozie + Sunglasses

Keep your drink warm when the weather gets cold with a fun koozie while rocking some sunglasses on the porch! Try to find one in your Grandson’s favorite color so he can easily spot it when he needs it.

12. Beach Sign + Workout Towel

Decorate your home with a beach sign that reminds you and your Grandson of all the good times you’ve had together!

A workout towel is a great way to keep him hydrated at the gym if he’s an avid workout enthusiast or athlete. I hope you enjoyed these gifts as much as I did!

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