Champerico Beach Guatemala: A Conclusive Guide

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Champerico Beach is a popular location for locals and visitors alike. This gem sits on the Pacific Coast’s southwestern corner of the country. 

The water is an exquisite blue and very clean. The boisterous waves make it a great place for surfers. 

This definitive Champerico Beach travel guide will help you learn more about this area and what you can do while you are there.

Guatemala is not an expensive country to visit, so that tourists can get a lot of bang for their buck. Resorts and local businesses are happy when it’s tourist season. 

Since Guatemala never really cools down, that is almost year-round! 

Take a trip to visit their volcanic black sand beaches.

Cost Of Lodging At Champerico Beach

Since Champerico Beach is pretty famous, visitors will have multiple types of lodging to choose from. 

It is one of the beaches in Guatemala.

You can find 5-star luxury hotels that have spas and other high-end amenities. Some are low-cost and could be better. 

Your budget will dictate what you can afford. But if possible, try to stay at a higher-cost hotel. 

Those hotels have more safety features for guests. The least expensive hotels are not likely to be safe.

Things To Do At Champerico Beach

Champerico Beach is known for the black sand found on its beaches. Black sand happens in areas that are proximal to volcanos, which Guatemala is. 

Since it is so rare to find a beach with this color of sand, lounging and taking in this view is a big tourist draw. 

Many visitors also like to swim and cool off from the heat. But the waves can be choppy in this part of the Pacific with a strong undertow. 

Some prefer to skip swimming and go surfing instead. Rougher waves are better for surfers than swimmers.

Fishermen who like to find bigger catches can find them off the coast of Champerico Beach. The area is a hot spot for those who want deep-sea fishing. 

Many of these boats bring back their fresh catches for local restaurants to serve to patrons. The best establishments have the freshest food.

If you are a history buff, you can travel inland to see the many Mayan ruins that are common throughout the country. 

You could also see the volcanos that are active in the country. Even though the beach has black sand, that doesn’t mean the volcanos are immediately by the beach. 

Fuego is the most active of all the country’s volcanos, and it is 20 miles away or so. There are 37 volcanos around the country. 

Three are pretty active and all close to each other. The rest are dormant or extinct.

Where is Champerico Beach?

Champrico Beach is a port city on the southwestern Guatemala coast. It sits on the Pacific Ocean side of the country. It is a popular beach destination in the country.


What are the main attractions at Champerico Beach?

Champerico Beach offers several attractions to visitors. The water is excellent for surfing! Also, the beaches have very dark sand, making them stand out compared to other beaches across the globe. 

Most have light-colored sand and are white or beige. Dark sand is not common and is usually only found in places with volcanos, which can be found in Southern Guatemala.

Does Champerico Beach have any music festivals?

There are many music festivals throughout the country of Guatemala. However, they seem to be outside the coastal areas. So it does not appear Champerico Beach hosts a music festival.

How long is Champerico Beach?

The size of the beach isn’t the information that is easily located on the internet. The town will be a reasonably sized area since it is a crucial shipping port for the country.

Where can I stay at Champerico Beach?

Visitors have several options for lodging at Champerico. Some are very low-key hotels, while others are 5-star resorts with spas and other luxury amenities. 

Prices points vary based on the quality of the hotel you stay in. Some are very low-budget, but you will get what you paid for. Or, in this case, what you did not pay for.

What can I wear to Champerico Beach?

There are no rules against two-piece bikinis for women on public beaches. However, visitors shouldn’t wear too tight or too revealing clothes. 

Most of these rules seem to apply to women. There doesn’t seem to be any guidance about men and shorts length. 

The most important thing about clothing in Guatemala is that you will want cool clothing because the country is hot.

Can I swim at Champerico Beach?

You can swim, but take caution in the water. It can get rough, and the currents can quickly pull you away from shore. Not all beaches have lifeguards, so you must be careful when in the water.

Is Champerico Beach safe to travel to?

Visitors can come to this beach and have a great time safely. However, tourists must understand that Guatemala experiences a great deal of gang-related crime and is ranked as one of the most violent countries in the world. 

In this country, tourists should be in groups with tour guides for safety. Visitors must always keep their guard up, leave all valuables home, and don’t carry a lot of cash.


Champerico Beach is a must-visit beach when you are in Guatemala. The rare black sand and excellent surfing conditions make this a premier destination. 

You can also see historical ruins and active volcanos outside the immediate area. 

Hopefully, this Champerico Beach travel guide will help you plan your holiday in this great country. There is so much to see and enjoy during your stay.

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