Llamani Beach Albania: A Travel Guide

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Llamani Beach is part of the town of Himare, known for its lovely beaches and crystal blue water. It has come a long way from being a tiny, sleepy fishing village.

The Albanian people are welcoming and love having visitors in their country.

This area is still populated with many ethnic Greeks, so that you can experience two countries at once. The Greek influence is quite heavy.

This Llamani Beach travel guide can help you check things off your list before you arrive. You can also use it to help you plan what to do and where to stay.

This nice part of Llamani Beach and Himare is that you are still close to historical sites and religious buildings.

You can have a beach vacation and enjoy the old-world culture of Albania at the same time. The region has held onto its Mediterranean flavor in its culture and food.

The olive oil from this region is regarded as some of the best in the world. Its proximity helps this to Greece.

Cost Of Lodging At Llamani Beach

Lodging will vary in this area. There are no hotels at this beach so visitors will stay in Himare. Airbnb is probably the least expensive option.

Hotels will fit many price points, some at $37 USD per night and others at $ 97 per night.

There are no international brands in Himare, so most of these companies will not be recognizable to Westerners.

Rest assured, these are still reputable establishments known to people in this part of Europe.

For those who want a more personal experience, there are also several bed & breakfast options in the area.

Things To Do At Llamani Beach

For those visiting this beach, there are two activities to choose from. You can swim, or you can sunbathe.

Unlike other beaches which offer other activities or watersports, Llamani Beach keeps it simple.

Outside of beach-related activities, there are few things to do in Himare.

However, traveling from Himare to other towns is easy to visit cultural sites, mosques, or other historical monuments.

If you head further into the countryside, you can find places that will take you on tours of Albanian castles.

Within the town of Himare, there are also multiple other beaches. Llamani Beach is smaller and more crowded than others in town.

If you need a break or a change of scenery, it is a quick trip to visit a different beach. Himare is known for having the best beaches in the country, so take them all in while you are here.

Gjipe Beach, Jale Beach, and Livadhi Beach are part of the town. There will be additional offerings of watersports and other activities in these locations.

You can even enjoy the marine life and watch nature at other places along the coast.

This part of the Albanian coast isn’t far from Greece. If you want to visit two countries in one trip, explore your travel options to hop across the border while you are in the area.

What are the main attractions at Llamani Beach?

People come to Llamani Beach to relax, sunbathe, and swim. There are beach bars and small restaurants where you can eat or grab a beverage during your visit.

However, there are no places where you can parasail or participate in watersports.

Does Llamani Beach have any music festivals?

No, it does not. The beach isn’t very large, so there isn’t room to host a music festival.

How long is Llamani Beach?

This information isn’t available, but an educated guess is that it isn’t very large. This is based on pictures found online.

Where can I stay overnight in Llamani Beach?

Llamani Beach doesn’t have any hotels to call its own. But there will be hotels in Himare that visitors can stay at.

None are international names like Hilton or Holiday Inn. But there is a variety to choose from.

Some are bed & breakfast establishments. Others are classic hotels with varying prices. Airbnb is also an option for people coming to the town.

What can I wear at Llamani Beach?

The beaches of Albania don’t have a strict dress code like other countries do. Use common sense and don’t dress in a risqué fashion.

Other than that, you should be ok to wear bikinis that are ok in Western countries.

If you are visiting religious institutions during your stay, it is suggested that you cover your knees and shoulders.

Can I swim at Llamani Beach?

Yes, this beach is great for swimming. It’s one of the primary activities that tourists and locals can participate in.

The water is clean and clear. There also aren’t any rocks or other obstacles that would make swimming unsafe or undesirable.

Is Llamani Beach safe to travel to?

Yes, Llamani Beach and Himare are very safe for travelers. The country of Albania, in general, is very safe for tourists.

Petty crime is common throughout the country, so visitors should be smart and not draw attention to themselves.

But violent crime and other issues like kidnapping and terrorism are not a concern for those coming to Albania.


If you can visit Llamani Beach, you must do so! This beach is a treasure full of simple pleasures for those who come to town.

The beach is clean, the water is blue, and it is the perfect place to relax. Use this authoritative Llamani Beach travel guide to help plan your visit to the small sliver of paradise.

You won’t regret taking a chance in this lovely Albanian town.

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