12 Fascinating Beaches In Ghana To Visit

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When you get to any international airport in Accra, it’s sure you’d be greeted with ‘Akwaaba Chale,’ Ghana’s famous greeting meaning ‘welcome my friend.’

And when you get to the Aborigines, Ankobra, Bojo, Busua, and Coconut Grove beaches in Ghana, it’s sure you’d know you’re a genuinely welcome friend.

This country has over 500km of coastline facing the Atlantic, and many beaches in Ghana remain rife with slavery history and more.

There’re so many spots to visit on the Gold Coast, as Ghana was formerly called. 

And that’s why this read points out the best of the best in this West African paradise.

Let’s find out!

12 Best Beach Destinations in Ghana

1. Aborigines Beach

  • Aborigines Beach Location: Keta, Ghana
  • Aborigines Beach Attractions: Horse riding, surfing, sunbathing

Aborigines Beach is located in Keta, Ghana, and remains one of the country’s most vibrant beaches. 

The locals sometimes call Keta Beach and have enough attractions to keep tourists thrilled year-round.

When you’re in Aborigines Beach, you’d be treated to at least 8 – 10km of beach coastline up until the Keta lagoon.

This beach is famous for being a hotspot for the Keta Sometutuza festival, which is held annually in the town. 

You will receive an enthralling treat of Ghana’s finest cuisine and culture during this time.

2. Ankobra Beach

  • Ankobra Beach Location: Axim, Ghana
  • Ankobra Beach Attractions: Private beaches, Local cuisine, Cultural attractions

When you get to Axim, your first port of call should be Ankobra Beach. With some of the most exciting scenes along Ghana’s coast, Ankobra is a choice spot for you.

Another exciting feature of Ankobra Beach is its huge budget collection of hotels and resorts. 

The beach is pristine and famous for having a decent amount of palm trees, providing much-needed shade.

There’re private beaches in Ankobra too, and these resorts offer a delectable taste of Ghana in a remote setting.

3. Bojo Beach

Bojo Beach Ghana
  • Bojo Beach Location: Bortianor, Ghana
  • Bojo Beach Attractions: Jet skiing, Canoeing, Beach soccer

Right from the time you get into Bortianor, Ghana, you’d be thrilled by the culture and welcoming nature of the locals.

Bojo Beach is a central attraction in this coastal Ghanaian city and remains one of the top spots for having a wonderful summer.

This beach resort is famous for having many side attractions that keep tourists thrilled throughout the year.

4. Busua Beach

  • Busua Beach Location: Ahanta region, Western Ghana
  • Busua Beach Attractions: Beach soccer, Surfing, Kayaking

Located in the Ahanta region of Western Ghana, Busua Beach is one of the country’s most popular destinations. 

This beach houses numerous tourist attractions and stretches several kilometers on both sides.

The beach boasts overall relaxation and sports activities along its ever-captivating golden coastline. 

Busua keeps tourists satisfied through all seasons, and there’s a spot for someone like you.

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5. Coconut Grove Beach

  • Coconut Grove Beach Location: Elmina, Ghana
  • Coconut Grove Beach Attractions: Spa, Beach soccer, canoeing

Coconut Grove Beach is located in Elmina, Ghana, and boasts many side attractions capable of keeping your fun level considerably high.

While at Coconut Grove Beach, you can hang out at the popular beach resort, Elmina Castle, St. Jago Fort, and more.

For golf lovers, you’d be impressed with the vast golf course out at the beach resort, and other attractions abound at this spot to assure you of a top-class experience.

6. Escape 3 Points Beach

Escape 3 Points Beach Ghana
  • Escape 3 Points Beach Location: western Ghana
  • Escape 3 Points Beach Attractions: Surfing, Windsurfing, Canoeing

Escape Three Points is a beach located in western Ghana. It’s a perfect blend of nature’s splendor and welcoming warmth associated with the Ghanaian people.

You’d have direct access to a massive view of the country’s coastline overlooking the Atlantic from this beach.

Escape 3 Points is within Ghana’s dense tropical forest region and can efficiently serve as a getaway from reality. 

Check out hot attractions on this beach, such as jet skiing, canoeing, and more.

Indeed, you won’t be disappointed while on this Ghanaian beach.

7. Kokrobite Beach

  • Kokrobite Beach Location: Accra’s Atlantic coastline
  • Kokrobite Beach Attractions: Surfing, Cultural sites, Beach soccer

Kokrobite Beach is located along Accra’s Atlantic coast. It’s a budding spot on the outskirts of Accra and has a bubbling tourist population annually.

Kokrobite is famous for its Rastafarian representation, so don’t be surprised if you get to see many Jamaican and American tourists week in and week out.

8. Kumasamba La Bamba

  • Kumasamba La Bamba Beach Location: Omanye Street, Accra
  • Kumasamba La Bamba Attractions: Beach volleyball, Jet skiing, canoeing

On Accra’s coast lies Kumasamba La Bamba, one of Ghana’s favorite beaches. It’s located on Omanye Street on the southeastern corner of Ghana’s capital.

This beach is famous for creating an ambient atmosphere with some of the finest cooling spots. 

There’re bars and restaurants on the beach, and you can go jet skiing or canoeing.

9. La Palm Royal Beach

  • La Palm Royal Beach Location: Accra, Ghana’s capital city
  • La Palm Royal Beach Attractions: Volleyball, Cultural performances, Continental cuisine
La Palm Royal Beach Ghana

La Palm Royal Beach is located in Accra, Ghana’s capital city. This tourist hotspot boasts a decent stretch of neat beaches and excellent hospitality.

This beach has existed for over two decades and still attracts numerous visitors. 

It features numerous outstanding side attractions nearby and is famous for being close to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Centre in Accra.

Check out this beach resort if you need a secluded destination with a private beachhead.

10. Labadi Beach

  • Labadi Beach Location: Near Accra city center
  • Labadi Beach Attractions: Spa, Sightseeing, Volleyball, Surfing, Football

If you’re looking for a mix of everything fun, you’ve got to try out Labadi Beach. 

This attraction is located around 5km from Accra city center and is a top spot for tourists worldwide.

Labadi has several kilometers of beach coastline, which supports some of the most vibrant and pristine environments along Ghana’s Atlantic rim.

This beach is famous for its resort which has a lot of excellent hospitality services and support for tourists throughout the year.

11. Laboma Beach

  • Laboma Beach Location: Near Ghana International Trade Fair Centre
  • Laboma Beach Attractions: Sightseeing, Football, Surfing

When you’re on Laboma Beach, you will get a similar experience to Labadi Beach. 

Laboma Beach is a few minutes from the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre and is accessible by road.

There’re numerous attractions to keep your interest fixed on Laboma. Also, numerous resorts crowd the beach area if you’re keen on lodging very close to the beach.

12. Nordsee Beach

  • Nordsee Beach Location: Old Winneba Road, Accra
  • Nordsee Beach Attractions: Private beach, Games, and Delectable local cuisine

Nordsee Beach is a public beach along Old Winneba Road, Accra. This beach attracts numerous tourists per year and has a unique side too!

There’re beach resorts along the Nordsee coastline that house private beach access. 

If you’re looking for a raw dose of private fun, it’s perfect for seeking a budget, top-class resort on the beach.

It’s also an excellent spot for surfing and kayaking and isn’t far from the airport.

Rank By Attractions In Ghana

RankBeachCity/AreaBest Time to VisitAttractions
1Aborigines BeachKetaOctober – MarchSwimming, sunbathing
2Ankobra BeachAximOctober – MarchSunbathing, boating, surfing
3Bojo BeachAccraNovember – FebruarySunbathing, boating 
4Busua BeachBusuaMay – SeptemberBeach sport, boating. Surfing
5Coconut Grove BeachElminaNovember – FebruarySwimming, sunbathing
6Escape 3 Points BeachBusuaMay – SeptemberTurtles watching, surfing
7Kokrobite BeachTubaOctober – MarchBoating, sunbathing
8Kumasamba La BambaOmanyeNovember – FebruaryBeach sports, horse riding
9La Palm Royal BeachBypassMay – SeptemberBeach sports, sunbathing
10Labadi BeachAccraOctober – MarchBeach sports, sunbathing
11Laboma BeachAccraOctober – MarchHorse riding, sunbathing
12Nordsee BeachWinnebaNovember – FebruaryBeach sports, sunbathing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Ghana have a beach?

Ghana borders the Atlantic Ocean and has at least 20 famous beaches where tourists converge each year. Most Ghanaian beaches are in Accra, Bortianor, Ahanta, and Elmina.

What is the best time of year to visit Ghana?

This depends on the weather you want to experience. If you’re looking for a very hot and dry summer by the beach, you’ve got to visit Ghana between September and March.

But for a much more relaxed season, you can get your bags packed and pay a visit between April and August.

How much is a tourist visa for Ghana?

A single visa for tourists in Ghana costs around $60 and must be used within 90 days of issuance. A multiple visa costs $100.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Ghana?

Americans are very safe as tourists in Ghana. The country has a lot of welcoming locals. But do be careful by limiting your movements and walking with someone if possible.

Is it safe to swim in Ghana?

It’s safe to take a dip in most of Ghana’s beaches.

What should you not wear in Ghana?

There’s certainly nothing you can’t wear while holidaying in Ghana. The country is open to Western culture and has no issues with how you dress.

On the flip side, Ghana won’t be a great spot to go nude sunbathing on public beaches.

Is Ghana expensive to visit?

Ghana ranks among the cheapest spots to visit in West Africa. Most hotels range from three (3) to five (5) stars.

You can get a decent hotel room for around $50 to several hundred bucks. Price hikes are mostly attached to classier hotels.

Can I travel to Ghana without a visa?

Ghana allows entry without visas for citizens of some countries. But if you’re coming from the US, you must file for a visa on arrival.

Check out if it’s possible through your travel agent.

Where can I surf in Ghana?

Here are Ghana’s surfing hotspots:

1. Cape Three Points
2. Busua
3. Kokrobite
4. Labadi

How much money should I take to go to Ghana?

Expect to spend $10 – $30 daily (transportation and feeding only) in Ghana, depending on your tastes.


There’s no doubt you’ve got your mind made up on getting on a plane to Ghana right now. The best beaches in Ghana and its warm, welcoming locals welcome you.


Be thrilled. 

And come back for more fun!

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