Top 20 Beaches in Albania

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The purpose of a trip is to relax and get away for a while. Beaches are always popular places for a trip. 

The fresh air and the blue water can have a pretty calming effect. Albania shares a coastline with Greece and Croatia. 

This area needs more credit for how stunning its beaches are. With turquoise water and white, pebble-laden sand, Albania is the perfect place for a trip to the beach. 

These beaches are far less crowded, and your money goes much further than in other European coastal areas. 

Let’s take a look at the top 20 best beaches in Albania.

List Of The Best Beaches in Albania

1. Borsh Beach

Borsh is a beautiful maritime village situated on what is referred to as the Albanian Riviera. 

The sand is sprinkled with pebbles, and the water is a stunning shade of blue. The village is still very authentic Albanian. 

There are no chain stores, well-known businesses, and nothing glitzy. You can come to Borsh and enjoy the simpler things in life.

2. Bunec Beach

Travelers can overlook Bunec since it lacks a reputation as a party beach. This means visitors have the place almost to themselves. 

Bunec boasts the same pristine sand and vibrantly blue water that other places on the Albanian coastline enjoy. The difference is fewer tourists. 

You have peace while being surrounded by only the beach and the mountains.

3. Dhermi Beach

Dhermi Beach Albania

Dhermi is another stunning beach village where you can enjoy the beach and the mountains in the same area. 

This village is recognized for being unspoiled by commercialization. It gives visitors the feeling of going back into another era. 

The village isn’t very large, so you can easily travel on foot to anywhere you want to go.

4. Drymades Beach

Drymades is pretty close to Dhermi. These beaches and the town are centered on a bay. 

A large rock divides the pebble-covered beach from the sand-covered beach. It doesn’t matter which one you spend time on; the water is the same stunning shade of blue. 

This beach is also lesser trafficked than other Albanian beaches, even during peak season.

5. Gjipe Beach

Gjipe beach is touted as one of Albania’s best. It sits protected in a cove. Unlike other places, this isn’t a beach town. 

It is merely a secluded beach. There will be vendors who make the daily trek so you can buy fresh food or rent a beach chair. 

But there is no town associated with the beach. You can access it by foot, car, or boat. 

If accessing Gjipe on foot, there are several gorgeous hiking trails and ravines you can experience on the way. 

It’s about a 30-minute walk to access it on foot. It’s best to travel here by boat.

6. Golem Beach

Golem Beach Albania

Golem is a highly popular beach with those who live in this part of Albania and those who live in the neighboring countries of Macedonia and Kosovo. 

When visiting here, prepare for crowds. With crowds come more access to vendors and other things like hotels and restaurants. 

This beach is not isolated, like many others on the coast. If you want a resort that offers multiple options and nightlife, Golem is the place to go.

7. Himara Beach

Himara is widely regarded as one of Albania’s best beaches. 

Situated in the southern part of the country, it is close enough to Greece to absorb some of its culture and cuisine. 

And even though development is growing on the coast, Himara has managed to experience growth without losing its fishing village feel. 

You are also close enough to make day trips to other beach locations on the coast, like Gjipe.

8. Jale Beach

Jale Beach is shaped like a half-moon, surrounded by mountains. The hills are covered in olive groves. 

The water is also described as an azure blue color. This beach is perfect for snorkeling and swimming. 

Once at Jale, you are within a short distance of other small beaches, water caves, and coves. 

There are multiple activities for you here. There are also campgrounds you can stay at nearby. The campsites are in the olive groves that are in the mountains.

9. Ksamil Beach

Ksamil Beach Albania

Like many other beaches on the Albanian Riviera, Ksamil beach is somewhat secluded and surrounded by cliffs or mountains. 

It gives the area quite a secluded feel. But this beach has something the others don’t, its own set of private islands. 

That’s right! As you approach Ksamil from the sea, you will encounter several small islands as you get close to the beach. 

The best part is all of the islands are accessible from the beachside as well. You can swim or canoe to them. 

The area is also prime for snorkeling. While not very commercialized, local restaurants will serve you freshly caught seafood.

10. Livadhi Beach

Livadhi is one of the most extensive beaches in the entire region. Like so many others, you will find the hills around the beach full of olive groves. 

It is also known for its pristine sand and crystal blue water. While not commercialized, there are more amenities here than at other beaches. 

You will find hotels, restaurants, and bars for you to enjoy. 

This area is also popular with residents, so there will be more people out and about than at other beaches.

11. Lukova Beach

Lukova Beach can be found between the Adriatic and Ionian coastlines. Located near larger beach towns, this area is the perfect escape from the crowds. 

You can enjoy the beach or water activities without so many people. 

Like so many other places on the coast, it is surrounded by lush greenery and olive groves in the cliffs that surround the town. 

You can enjoy local cuisine from the handful of nearby restaurants near the water. Expect fresh seafood to be on the menu!

12. Mirror (Pasqyrat) Beach

Mirror (Pasqyrat) Beach Albania

Suppose you want quiet when at the beach; Mirror Beach (aka Pasqyrat) can provide that for you. 

While located within driving distance of more crowded beach cities, Mirror never gets very crowded. 

This allows you to take in the views and enjoy nature at its finest. Like other places, it is surrounded by cliffs that create breathtaking panoramas. 

The water is also a stunning shade of blue. The locals call this Mirror Beach because the sun reflects off the water during the day. 

It reminds them of a mirror. Tourists still unspoil the area. The coastline is free of homes and resorts. This is a must-see on the coast.

13. Monastery Beach

Monastery beach is another beautiful gem isolated from the crowds that come to the Albanian Riviera. Cliffs completely isolate the beach. 

Visitors have total privacy when visiting this piece of paradise. 

There are very few restaurants around for visitors to dine at, but there are a couple of small bars for tourists that may have food. 

There are also makeshift springboards in the water so individuals can dive and jump off of them into the water.

14. Narta Beach

Narta is a fantastic place to enjoy nature. It is undoubtedly a gorgeous area that is untouched by commercialization. 

The beach area is technically a lagoon. There are several protected species of birds living here as well. 

Accessing the area will take a little work. You will be driving on a bumpy road that is an uneven and hollow road in some places. 

There are spots on the shore and that water that have rocks jutting out at random. If you want a place to relax and not be bothered, Narta is that place.

15. Neasden Lane Beach

Neasden Lane is a private beach located within Ksamil. 

As with other beaches on the coast and in Ksamil, you will be treated to the pristine sand and the most vibrant blue water you have ever seen. 

Because of its private nature, the beach is renowned for being very clean and extremely quiet. 

You can find some bars and restaurants around the beach, and the area is known for being very friendly to campers.

16. Ohana Beach

Ohana Beach Albania

Ohana Beach is a newer addition to the available beaches in Albania. It is located in Ksamil. 

This beach is open to the public but has a small & exclusive feel to it. You can relax in your chairs and enjoy service from a variety of vendors. 

The cocktail drinks and the service of the staff on the beach win rave reviews online. 

This is a great place to go to escape the crowds at other nearby beaches.

17. Orikum Beach

Orikum has one of the oldest ports in Europe. In the early days, it was used during wars for battleships. 

The history brings many visitors to the area. The beach is another bonus. 

The beach itself is pretty long, so it can accommodate the crowd. Its pristine sand is sprinkled with pebbles. 

This resort is less commercialized than others on the coast, but you can find restaurants and hotels in the town to frequent. 

There are many places to see in town and activities for tourists to enjoy.

18. Palasa Beach

Palasa is a dream area to visit. This beach overlooks a stunning bay and a copious amount of nature. 

The beach is white and pebbled, and the water is a stunning shade of turquoise. Lush, green hills surround visitors. 

Nearby campsites allow one to make a full day or holiday out of this beach. 

The water isn’t too deep, so it’s safe for children. There are a few bars and restaurants, so visitors don’t have to leave town for those amenities.

19. Llamani Beach

Llamani Beach Albania

For visitors who want more activities, Llamani Beach offers much to do. Water sports are readily available for beachgoers. 

There are no shortages of resorts and hotels for visitors, so they can relax and play all in the same town. 

There are options for nightlife as well. For those who want a more commercial feel to their beach resort, Llamani offers that to them.

20. Spille Beach

Spille Beach is another stunning gem on the Albanian Riviera. This resort offers visitors wide beaches without the same crowds they may find at others in the region. 

The sand is comfortable and is said to slope directly into the sea. This slope and shallow water close to the coast make it ideal for parents and small children. 

While this beach doesn’t have as many food choices as others, the available options offer freshly cooked food to guests. 

There is a lush forest of pine trees directly behind the beach, which offers visitors a nice place to hide when the sun gets too hot.


Albania is an underrated country to vacation to. The beaches here rival anywhere else in the region, including Greece. 

The Albanian Riviera is miles of white, pebble beaches and some of the clearest water in the world. 

These beaches should be at the top of your list for those looking for an amazing place to trip. 

There is something for everyone. Some are so remote they are better accessed by boat. 

Others have all the commercial bells and whistles you could dream of. Many others are right in between. 

Check out these suggestions for the 20 best beaches in Albania. 

Hopefully, you will find the beach for your trip.

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