The 10 Best Gifts For Beach Lovers: Spouse Edition

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It’s not always easy to find the right gifts for people. 

It can be even harder when trying to find something for someone who is a beach lover but has a spouse who doesn’t share their enthusiasm. 

If your spouse loves the ocean and sand between their toes, these ten gift ideas for beach lovers will surely please them.

10 Best Gifts For Beach Lovers Ideas

1. Hanging Cabana Bed with Mosquito Net

Vivere Double Cacoon, Natural/White

The beach isn’t relaxing when your spouse can’t get any shut-eye because bitters are constantly on the prowl. 

Fortunately, you can relieve them from their itchy tormentors by getting them a hanging cabana bed. 

This large mesh shade provides a comfortable space for a couple to relax out of the sun while also protecting them from pesky bugs.

2. Go Pro Camera

If your beach lover is into sports or other outdoor activities, chances are they’d love to be able to record their escapades on video. 

A GoPro camera provides high-quality pictures and videos with its wide-angle lens and durable case so that your beach dweller’s adventures can be recorded for future enjoyment.

3. Portable Speaker

JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Blue, 3.6 x 3.6 x 8.5

Nothing is worse than being at a perfect spot on the beach but not having any music to listen to. 

Fortunately, you can make it a thing of the past by providing your significant other with a portable Bluetooth speaker. 

This will let the both of you jam out to your favorite tunes while sitting in the sand.

4. Haven Cooling Towel

This towel won’t just provide relief from the sun but also will lower the temperature around it to an air-conditioned chill. 

All this towel requires soaking it thoroughly with water and then snapping it. 

The material will then be activated, providing your partner with a cold surface for hours.

5. Beach Chair

Tommy Bahama 5-Position Classic Lay Flat Folding Backpack Beach Chair, Aluminum , Red, White, and Blue Stripe

While sitting on the sand is nice, it isn’t comfortable and tends to get painful after a long time. 

Help make your spouse’s beach days more enjoyable by getting them a nice beach chair. 

This chair is designed to provide back support, and it usually even has a canopy or other accessories that will make their days at the beach more enjoyable.

6. Water Proof Casing for Phones

While your spouse may be able to enjoy themselves on the sand, their phone probably won’t survive the trip. 

You don’t want them to be unable to take pictures or videos, so you can provide them with a phone case to protect their device from the elements. 

This sleek case protects from pool water, sand, and dirt.

7. Water Shoes for Walking on Sandy Beaches

VIFUUR Water Sports Unisex Shoes Black - 11-12 W US / 9.5-10.5 M US (42-43)

Just because there is a lot of sand doesn’t mean it is comfortable to walk on. 

Fortunately, you can make your spouse’s beach walking experience more enjoyable by providing them with water shoes. 

These shoes are designed with heavy-duty soles that protect their feet from sharp rocks and shell pieces while allowing them to enjoy the sand between their toes.

8. Nautical Doormat

Don’t let your spouse’s guests get turned away from your beach house. 

This doormat will make it clear to all visitors that they are entering a nautical-themed home and may need to adjust accordingly. 

If you don’t want a doormat, consider getting them a sign for their car or a large metal cutout of the words.

9. Beach Towel Warmer

HAVLULAND Turkish Beach Towel,100% Cotton Oversized 71x39 Turkish Bath Towels, Sand Free Beach Towels, Lightweight Absorbent Quick-Dry Outdoor Camping Beach Blanket (Green/Blue)

If your spouse is like most people, they probably enjoy taking long showers after getting home from the beach, so their towels are nice and toasty. 

Unfortunately, warm water takes much longer to heat up than cold water. You can shorten their experience by providing them with a warmer beach towel. 

This nifty device plugs into the wall to help get their towels nice and toasty within minutes.

10. Beach Blanket with Pockets

It is difficult for your significant other to relax at the beach if they constantly worry about losing their phone or keys in the sand. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen, you can provide them with a large beach blanket with pockets for their valuables. 

This will ensure they can enjoy a day at the beach without worrying about losing things.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is the best price range to spend on beach-lover gifts?

Gifts within the $10-30 range are usually considered the most appropriate for a spouse. After that, your preferences and how much money you want to spend can be up to you.

What is the best type of Beach Lovers Gift?

The best type of gift is the one that your spouse enjoys. If they have a specific need or would prefer you buy them something different, listen to them and provide them with what they want.

What if I buy my spouse a gift, but they don’t like it?

If you aren’t sure about their taste in beach accessories, consider asking them to accompany you when shopping for a gift. This way, you can make sure you pick something that they enjoy.

What is another good idea for Beach Lovers?

If you and your spouse want to spend time together on the beach, consider getting them a nice pair of water shoes. These will protect their feet from sharp rocks and shells while only costing $12.99-16.95 at most stores.

Final Thoughts

Beach lovers need gifts that can help make their days more enjoyable. 

These ten gift ideas will smile on your spouse’s face and make their beach days more comfortable. 

With these, they will indeed have a great time at the beach!

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