Playa Tilapa Guatemala: A Great Place To Relax And Have Fun

Playa Tilapa Guatemala

Playa Tilapa is one of the beaches in Guatemala that guarantees a breathtaking experience. You’re sure of Latin America’s exceptional hospitality and warmth from your time at the beach. There’re several reasons why countless visitors make their way to this beach. And when you get access to this outstanding beach for the first time, it … Read more

Champerico Beach Guatemala: A Conclusive Guide

Champerico Beach Guatemala

Champerico Beach is a popular location for locals and visitors alike. This gem sits on the Pacific Coast’s southwestern corner of the country.  The water is an exquisite blue and very clean. The boisterous waves make it a great place for surfers.  This definitive Champerico Beach travel guide will help you learn more about this … Read more

Top 15 Spectacular Beaches In Guatemala

Beaches In Guatemala

Guatemala is a coastline-rich country in Latin America. When you get to Guatemala, you’d instantly notice the diverse, intriguing culture of the locals. There’s so much relaxation you’ve got to get in that vacation period, so it’s best you set out to one (or more) of Guatemala’s beaches.  Balneario El Chulaquito, Champerico, El Paredon, Iztapa, … Read more