Eleko Beach: Very Cool And Private Beach In Nigeria

Eleko Beach Nigeria

Located at the Lekki Peninsula, Eleko Beach is an exquisite destination with outstanding picturesque views.  It’s one of the most famous beaches among Nigerians. I know it’s a great spot because I’ve made multiple visits to this beach. That’s why I’ve put this Eleko Beach travel guide to ensure you get a fantastic experience with … Read more

Santa Cruz Private Beach – Secluded VIP Relaxation In Nigeria

Santa Cruz Private Beach Nigeria

Santa Cruz Beach is at a breathtaking, calm, pristine end of Abraham Adesanya Estate, Negombo, Lekki Phase II.  The beach has several unspoiled sections laden with palm-fringed backdrops adjoining an ever-aqua-blue Atlantic.    With this Santa Cruz Private Beach travel guide, you can be sure of an unrivaled experience at the beachside. What to Bring To … Read more

Atican Beach Travel Guide – Relaxation With Privacy

Atican Beach Nigeria

At Atican Beach, an unspoiled aura captivates first-time and return visitors alike. An ideal spot for tranquility-seekers and revelers alike, Atican has several glowing recommendations. I’ve made multiple visits to this beach at different times.  I’ve put together a comprehensive Atican Beach travel guide for your convenience through this time.  Please make the most of … Read more

Ilashe Beach – Unspoilt Spot In Nigeria

Ilashe Beach Nigeria

Sited at Snake Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Ilashe Beach is an unspoiled spot to guarantee true refreshment.  It’s one of the most spectacular beaches in Nigeria. Revelers and tranquility-seekers throng to this beach in droves all through the year. Most visitors to this beach come to get a custom, premium shoreline experience. And I’ve been privileged … Read more

Patigi Beach Travel Guide: Nigeria’s Paradise

Patigi Beach Nigeria

Located in Nigeria’s North Central region, Patigi Beach is a major tourist destination. Visitors to this beach bask in its warm climate, golden sands, and aqua-blue waters. After many anecdotes about this beach, I decided to pay a visit. And boy, was I wowed!  From my fun-filled time at the beach, I decided to roll … Read more

17 Best Beaches In Nigeria You Should Visit

Beaches in Nigeria

Nigeria is known as one of the biggest and most popular countries in West Africa. Each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Nigeria for vacation.  There are a lot of exciting places to visit, including beaches with amazing coastlines.  There are a lot of beaches in Nigeria that will take your breath away.  Bring … Read more

Oniru Beach Nigeria: A Popular Choice

Oniru Beach Nigeria

Oniru Beach, located at Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, is a highly sought-after relaxation spot.  Visitors to this private beach have many activities to leverage for unrivaled fun. With this beach’s scenic view, there’s sure never to be a dull moment. Before I visited the shoreline, I made several investigations and got a complete Oniru Beach … Read more

Unwana Beach – Secluded Paradise Of Southern Nigeria

Unwana Beach Nigeria

A large golden sand deposit merging at its south end with the Atlantic – Unwana is a southern Nigerian jewel.  I first discovered Unwana Beach on the web and saw it firsthand a while back. This Unwana Beach travel guide makes all the relevant tips to maximize relaxation easy to manage.   And when you finally … Read more

Asaba Beach Travel Guide – Ultimate, Fun-Filled Experience

Asaba Beach Nigeria

Asaba Beach, one of Nigeria’s best relaxation spots in Delta State, is a sight you can’t afford to miss.   With this Asaba Beach Travel Guide, you can be sure of maxing out relaxation without hassle.  Recommendations in this guide make your journey easier.  Undoubtedly, you’ve never been so equipped for a fun-filled trip by the … Read more

Elegushi Beach Travel Guide For The First Timers

Elegushi Beach Nigeria

Located less than 10 kilometers from Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Elegushi beach is one of Nigeria’s liveliest coastal destinations. It’s one of the most popular beaches in Nigeria. In this Elegushi Beach travel guide, you’ll get the best hacks on maxing out relaxation at this spot.  I’ve been to this beach multiple times, and sharing my … Read more

Tarkwa Beach Nigeria – Captivating Jewel By the Atlantic

Tarkwa Beach Nigeria

Accessible only by water, Tarkwa Beach is one of the few unspoiled, picturesque shorelines in Nigeria.  Since most beaches in Lagos are primarily populated, Tarkwa offers an escape from the noisy city. This Tarkwa Beach Travel Guide will give you the correct facts to help you navigate this beach without hassle. Make the most of … Read more

Suntan Beach Travel Guide – Enjoy the Coastal Paradise

Suntan Beach Nigeria

Badagry is a coastal area of Lagos, Nigeria, with an impressive beach concentration. Most visitors to beaches in Badagry are keen on getting that natural tan.  If you’re keen on a tropical beach with powdery sands and calm waters, try out Suntan Beach. I’ve been to this coastal marvel several times and had many fun-filled … Read more