Champerico Beach Guatemala: A Conclusive Guide

Champerico Beach Guatemala

Champerico Beach is a popular location for locals and visitors alike. This gem sits on the Pacific Coast’s southwestern corner of the country.  The water is an exquisite blue and very clean. The boisterous waves make it a great place for surfers.  This definitive Champerico Beach travel guide will help you learn more about this … Read more

Beautiful Aranuka Beach in Kiribati

Aranuka Beach Kiribati

Aranuka Beach in Kiribati is part of the Aranuka atoll. This atoll is one of the 32 atolls that form the Republic of Kiribati.  Several of these atolls used to be a part of the British Colony of The Gilbert Islands. Of the 32 atolls in Kiribati, only 20 are inhabited, adding to the area’s … Read more

Top 20 Beaches in Albania

The purpose of a trip is to relax and get away for a while. Beaches are always popular places for a trip.  The fresh air and the blue water can have a pretty calming effect. Albania shares a coastline with Greece and Croatia.  This area needs more credit for how stunning its beaches are. With … Read more

Lil Zanzibar – Breathtaking Relaxation in Private

Lil Zanzibar Nigeria

Lil Zanzibar has some of the best scenic views on any Lagos beach. The privacy visitors get second to none by several miles.  Its merge with the Atlantic makes it a top spot for getting an airy, soothing rest by the ocean. I’ve made several visits to Lil Zanzibar, and sharing my experiences and observations … Read more

7 Birthday Celebration Ideas For Husband On The Beach

Husband Birthday Celebration Ideas

Are you looking for birthday celebration ideas for your husband? If so, this blog post is perfect for you.  We will discuss seven tips for creating a fantastic experience when celebrating a birthday with your spouse.  One way to plan the perfect husband’s birthday celebration is by going on a beach vacation.  Check out these … Read more

The 10 Marvelous Beaches In Brunei

Beaches in Brunei

The Kingdom of Brunei is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, the place has many surprises and amazing sights that are worth your time.  No wonder thousands of tourists from various parts of the world decide to spend a few days exploring different national parks and trying out recreational activities.  Brunei is … Read more

Calabar Beach: A Breathtaking Views In Nigeria

Calabar Beach Nigeria

Calabar Beach, located in Cross River State, Southern Nigeria, is one of nature’s wonders.  The beach features picturesque outlooks and some truly captivating scenery. It merges with some of the unspoiled areas of signature blue Atlantic waters. As a diehard traveler and fun seeker, I made repeat visits to Cross River a while back.  With … Read more

20 Naughty Beaches In Brazil (#10 Is Breathtaking)

Beaches in Brazil

Brazil is most famous for two reasons – football and the Amazon. But many tourists don’t recognize this South American paradise as a top beach spot.  Many beaches line Brazil’s Pacific Rim, and many visitors worldwide troop in each year.  Scenic beauties, picturesque scenes, and lots more are all available in Brazil. And to make … Read more

The Essential Smichov Beach Travel Guide

Smichov Beach Czech

You may scratch your head and wonder how there is a beach in the Czech Republic.  The country is landlocked without any maritime border.  The Czechs got creative and created a beach paradise by the river that bisects the city. That’s how you get a beach in a landlocked country. Smichov Beach is part of … Read more

Kamp Ikare Travel Guide – Sensational Destination

Kamp Ikare Nigeria

Located on an island along Badagry’s creeks, Kamp Ikare Beach is a destination that assures privacy.  Visitors to this beach can be sure of a fantastic, fun-filled experience with every visit.  Built by Anuradha Mahbubani several years ago, it’s now a top spot for privacy-seeking beachgoers. I’ve had the opportunity to make several visits to … Read more

Zlute Lazne – Spectacular Waterside Destination In Prague

Zlute Lazne Czech

If you’re in southern Prague for the first time; indeed, you’ll be fascinated by its landscape.  Prague is a pristine European destination with bustling commerce and architecture. But if you’re planning on getting to beaches in the Czech, it becomes easier to appreciate the city even more. With this Zlute Lazne Travel Guide, you’ll be … Read more