Beautiful Aranuka Beach in Kiribati

Aranuka Beach Kiribati

Aranuka Beach in Kiribati is part of the Aranuka atoll. This atoll is one of the 32 atolls that form the Republic of Kiribati.  Several of these atolls used to be a part of the British Colony of The Gilbert Islands. Of the 32 atolls in Kiribati, only 20 are inhabited, adding to the area’s … Read more

6 Best Beaches In Kiribati

Beaches in Kiribati

Kiribati offers some truly beautiful beaches. It’s a superb location for yachting or boating.  Take time to explore the atolls by bike or on foot. Kiribati’s spectacular lagoons will give you Instagram-worthy photos!  You’ll find white sandy beaches dotted with swaying palm trees. It’s like a real-life holiday brochure.  Let’s discover the top 6 beaches … Read more