Top 10 Must-Haves for Pregnant Beachgoers

What are some must-have items for pregnant beachgoers?

Planning when you head out with your baby bump is important to enjoy the day without worrying about anything.

This blog post discusses ten items pregnant women should bring on their next beach trip!

Pregnant Beachgoers Must-Haves List

1. Beach chair/mat

A great way to avoid the sun’s scorching heat is by bringing a beach mat or chair. Most beaches do not permit umbrellas, so that the beach chair will come in handy during those sunny hours.

2. Towel

When you go to the beach, you will inevitably get wet at one point or another, whether by jumping waves or letting children play in the water.

Make sure you have a large towel to dry yourself and your children after getting wet.

3. Sunscreen

Just like the towel, this may seem like an obvious item to bring, but you should always double-check that you have enough sunscreen for the whole day.

Plus, some sunscreens are handy sticks that can be brought easily on vacations.

4. Beach bag

If you plan to stay at the beach for a few hours, it will be best to have your own beach bag with essentials such as snacks, bottled water, or shades.

You can also bring other small items that may come in handy while at the beach.

5. Snacks

Having snacks on hand can be very beneficial, especially if you stay at the beach for extended periods.

6. Tropical fruit

If you plan to bring your children with you, fruits such as mangoes and bananas are always good snacks for them.

They will also enjoy playing with these pieces of fruit because they can eat them later or create a fruit necklace.

7. Sand toys

You can always bring your children’s favorite sand toys to the beach; they will surely enjoy digging even more with these items.

Plus, most beaches already have seashells and other treasures for them to play with.

8. A whistle

A whistle is very useful when on the beach because it is not easy to get children’s attention when they are in the water. Whistles do not irritate their eardrums as screams or shouts would.

9. Change of clothes

When you plan to stay on the beach for a few hours, it is best to bring an extra set of clothes for your children or yourself.

You should bring clothes you can wear again if it gets wet because the seawater and sand may make them smell.

10. Small books or activity books

Having small reading material can make the time go faster if you plan to spend most of your beach trip with your children.

If you are alone, it would be best to bring something that will keep you entertained, whether it is a Kindle tablet or an activity book.


Pregnant women should take extra care of themselves when going to the beach.

Ensure you have everything you need before heading out to avoid inconvenience.

The most important items on this list are sunscreen, a towel, snacks, and water.

Of course, every pregnant woman is different, so it is best to tailor this list to your needs.

Have a safe and fun beach trip!