Pontal do Atalaia: A Secluded Beach In Arraial Do Cabo

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Prainhas Do Pontal do Atalaia is a small but breathtaking beach in Arraial do Cabo, Brazil. 

There are famous beaches around Arraial do Cabo, such as Praia Grande, Prainha, Praia dos Anjos, and Praia do Forno.

However, Pontal do Atalaia is considered one of the best beaches in Brazil. Visitors flock to this idyllic spot to enjoy the crystal-clear water, white sand, and stunning views.

It is surrounded by lush vegetation, adding to its natural beauty.

In addition, it’s also famous for the long wooden stairs to the beach. It becomes a MUST for every visitor to take photos of it.

If you’re planning to visit this beautiful beach, there are a few things to remember.

Please continue reading so that you are well-informed about Pontal Do Atalaia Beach.

Where is Pontal do Atalaia located?

Pontal do Atalaia Location
Source: Google map

Pontal do Atalaia is located in Arraial do Cabo, which is a municipality located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is about 3.7 miles (6 km) drive from the center of Arraial do Cabo town. And it takes about a 2.5-3 hour (the distance is 165 km) drive if you’re coming from Rio de Janeiro.


Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia

R. Projetada, 161-2475

Arraial do Cabo


What’s the best way to see Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia beach?

Accessing Pontal Do Atalaia Beach can be tricky due to its location and very crowded during the high season.

However, there are four common ways (there could be more) you can get to Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia beach from Arraial do Cabo town.


Dirty road in Pontal do Atalaia

You can drive to the beach via Pontal do Atalaia. The road is narrow. It’s unpaved and dirty towards the end of the route. It can be difficult to navigate, especially if you’re not used to driving on such roads.

This road is also used by tourist buses and taxis to the beach. Image how crowded there are during high season.

The parking space is very limited, and they will only allow up to 220 cars at a time. You have to park alongside the road.

Sometimes, when there are so many people, you have to park far away and walk about 3 to 4 kilometers (about 2 miles) away to the beach.

So, you have to come very early (yes, we’re talking before 8 am) to get a parking spot for your car. Note that this is typically applied during high season.

It’s a good idea to come by taxi and drop you near the beach. This can be an expensive option but less stressful.


You can rent or bring your bike and cycle to the beach. This is a great option to avoid traffic and enjoy the scenery.

There’s no dedicated place to park your bike. So, you have to take your risk parking the bike at the roadside.

Make sure you take any preventive action to secure your bike from theft. In general, the beach is safe, but bad things can happen.

By Boat

boats in Prainhas Do Pontal Do Atalaia
Source: Flickr (Miro Carvalho)

The other way to get to Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia beach is by boat. You can get the boat from Praia dos Anjos.

Many boat tours at Praia dos Anjos will take you to Pontal do Atalaia daily. You can easily find the tour operators as they’re all gathered together.

You must arrange with the boatman when you want to be picked up. They will normally wait for you at the beach until late afternoon.

Many types of boats are available, from small to double-story boats you can hire or rent.

Most boats are covered in shady areas to protect you from the sun. Foods and beverages are usually available for sale on board.

If you need snorkels and goggles, most boat tours provide these. Just ask them the boatman.

Boat ride prices vary depending on the boat type and the number of people. You could expect to pay about R$ 10 (USD 1.90) per person.

By Foot (Hiking)

If you’re fit enough, you can leave your car near the entrance and walk up to the beach.

Choosing the same route as the cars will take two hours to climb. The whole distance is about 6.6 km (about 4.1 miles).

Another faster option is to walk from the trail on the right corner of Prainha, close to the Instituto de Estudos do Mar Almirante Paulo Moreira (IEAPM). The total journey takes around 1 hour.

What Is The Beach Opening Time?

Like many other beaches worldwide, Pontal do Atalaia Beach is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

You can visit the beach anytime you want, but note that there’s a security post at the entrance to the beach.

They may not allow visitors at night to ensure the safety of the residents who live in condominiums and houses near the beach.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Pontal Do Atalaia?

Best Time To Visit Pontal Do Atalaia
Source: Flickr (Homemade lucky shots!)

Summer is the peak season in Arraial do Cabo, where the crowds flock to the area to take in the beautiful natural scenery and experience the crystal-clear blue/green waters.

December to February is the hottest month in Arraial do Cabo. You can expect the weather to be hot and sunny.

The water temperature is also warm during this period and is perfect for swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

If you choose to visit the Pontal Do Atalaia beach during this period, you should expect difficulties finding your spot there due to overcrowding.

Also, the travel cost can be slightly more expensive than in other seasons due to the high demand.

If you want to avoid the crowds, you can visit Pontal Do Atalaia in the spring between September and May when the weather is pleasant, and the beach is less crowded.

The sea temperature is not too cold. It’s just nice for you to swim and have fun. Moreover, the visiting cost tends to be slightly cheaper than in the summer.

Activities You Can Do At The Beach

Famous wooden staircase at Pontal Do Atalaia
Source: Flickr (h o s e)

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy, including swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. If you’re lucky, you may encounter turtles when swimming.

Did you know that Pontal do Atalaia has a famous wooden staircase to the beach?

It has more than 250 steps! The staircase was built by the authority of Arraial do Cabo as a way to get down to the beach.

Get ready with your best camera because the scenery from the top of the staircase is breathtaking.

You’ll see a splendid beach view, clear blue/green waters, and lush greeneries surrounding Pontal do Atalaia.

Many visitors, especially women, love to take pictures there. Maybe you should too! For your Instagram.

You can also take a boat ride to the nearest caves or beaches or relax on the beach chair, enjoying the ocean’s view and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

If you have kids, they will surely enjoy the white sand and have fun building a sandcastle.

Where To Stay Nearby The Pontal do Atalaia Beach?

The best option is to stay at the Arraial do Cabo town because you’ll have plenty of places to choose from. Many inns, hostels, and hotels are available that suit your budget.

You can easily find a place to stay by searching on online booking platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com.

Some recommendations are:

If you stay very close to the Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, there are a few places to stay along the way.

Some recommendations are:

Where To Eat Nearby The Pontal Do Atalaia Beach?

Unfortunately, when it comes to food options, Prainhas is pretty limited. There’s no good infrastructure, such as restaurants there.

You can expect kiosks selling food and drinks near the wooden staircase.

Many food vendors set up tents or “barraquinhas” during the high season to sell food and drinks.

The food prices are very reasonable.

If you’re looking for food for lunch or dinner, the best way is to go to the town as plenty of restaurants sell good food.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Pontal Do Atalaia Beach.

How Much Do I Need To Spend In Pontal Do Atalaia Beach?

It depends on your activities, transportation options, and places you stay. In general, Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia is reasonably cheap.

If you opt to go by boat, it will cost you around R$15 round trip.

The cost can be added if you do many activities, such as renting a boat, going to the caves, or doing some watersports.

For food and drinks, you can expect to spend around R$10-R$15 per meal or even more if you’re visiting with a family.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia?

Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia is open all day, and there’s no reservation needed.

If you’re coming by car, it would be best to arrive as early as possible to find a parking spot.

In addition, it is advisable to book your accommodation in advance, especially during the high season, as the hotels tend to be fully booked.

How safe is Pontal do Atalaia?

Pontal do Atalaia and Arraial Do Cabo town are generally very safe even though they are not touristy.

You are free to walk whenever you want. The locals are very friendly and approachable.

The Pontal Do Atalaia beach is generally safe for swimming and other activities.

Brazilian authorities secured the surrounding area. You will be surprised to see a few Brazilian armies securing the area.

Is Pontal Do Atalaia a family-friendly beach?

Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia is a very family-friendly beach. You are welcome to bring along your children.

There are also plenty of things to do for children, such as building sandcastles, swimming, and running around on the beach.

Always watch them as they will get lost in the crowds.

I can’t speak Portuguese. Will it be a problem?

Finding locals who speak English can be challenging in Pontal do Atalaia. Going on an organized bus tour might be best if you do not speak Portuguese.


Pontal do Atalaia Beach’s beauty is comparable to the Caribbean’s.

Many activities are available, such as swimming, sunbathing, visiting the caves, and doing watersports.

And, even if you don’t speak Portuguese, don’t let the language barrier stop you from visiting the beach.

It is worth a visit if you’re coming to Arraial do Cabo!

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