20 Beautiful Beaches In Argentina

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Every year, millions of people from different parts of the world visit this famous South American nation for a one-of-a-kind experience.

That is why the government is working hard to develop the country as a first-class destination to attract more visitors each year.

It is famous for its Patagonian highlands, festivals, museums, waterfalls, and beaches.

Aside from Brazil, Argentina is known for its unspoiled white sand beaches that will complete your holiday vacation.

Whether you are a solo traveler, honeymooner, or traveling with your entire family, you should visit the top 20 beaches in Argentina.

The Best Beaches In Argentina

1. Bariloche Beach

If you are around town, you should not miss the chance to visit Playa Bonita, an 8-kilometer trip from Bariloche.

The journey to the beach is very convenient, perfect for those backpackers who do not have a means of transportation.

Meanwhile, Playa Centenario is the ideal place to visit to avoid the crowd. The beach is wide, quiet, and perfect for relaxation and meditation.

Bariloche Beach Attractions: Beach and snack bars, local shops, sightseeing, and canoeing.

2. Cariló Beach

Cariló Beach Argentina

Playa de Carilo Paraiso is one of the most frequented beaches in Cariló, known as a family-friendly beach because of its calm waters.

You can hardly get bored at the beach because of the long list of outdoor activities. Cariló is also popular because its spas help you relax and relax your mind from stress.

Cariló Beach Attractions: horseback riding, ATV rides, remote beach.

3. La Frontera Beach

La Frontera Beach, located at Pinamar, is known for its beautiful sand beaches and average currents, making it a popular summer destination for hundreds of families yearly.

The place also has a pier to buy fresh fish and seafood from the local fishermen.

La Frontera will be the perfect beach if you wish to go surfing.

For accommodation, places like Hotel Mojomar and Casa Frontera are known to offer guests an excellent ambiance and great facilities.

La Frontera Beach Attractions: amazing sunsets, ATV beach rides, forest rides, and surfing.

4. Lake Correntoso Beach

Spend the day at Lake Correntoso Beach, bathing in the warm water and camping overnight.

You can rent a motorboat, explore the lake for a few hours, and try fishing for trout.

If you opt for simple accommodation, you can pitch a tent at their campsite that provides guests with amenities such as bathrooms, toilets, and potable water.

You can cook your food or buy some supplies at nearby stores.

Lake Correntoso Beach Attractions: kayaking, horseback riding, campfires.

5. Las Grutas Beach

Las Grutas Beach Argentina

Las Grutas is located in the southern part of Patagonia, in Rio Negro.

It is a popular tourist destination that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists, especially during summer.

Enjoy beach volleyball, sunbathing, strolling, and bathing in the warm water of Playa Las Grutas. For accommodations, you can rent a villa hotel room or go camping.

You may check out Departamento El Quincho, Hotel Marina Cero, and Casa de Mabel for a more comfortable stay.

Furthermore, there are a large number of restaurants around the area that are known to serve seafood and local dishes.

Las Grutas Beach Attractions: sightseeing, casinos, live shows, and restaurants.

6. Mar de Ajo Beach

Known for its pleasant weather, the city of Mar de Ajo is a bustling center for tourism. It has several kilometers of beaches that overlook the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

Visit Playa La Lucila del Mar so the kids can play and build sandcastles along the shoreline while teens and young adults can play watersports.

If you love walking, you can stroll along the seaboard while enjoying drinks and snacks.

If you are hungry, you can walk around the beach community searching for restaurants like El Gran Choripan and Noi Restaurant, famous for their local food.

If you want some pizza, you should visit The Pier Pizza Gourmet.

Mar de Ajo Beach Attractions: beach volleyball, frisbee, bars, restaurant hopping.

7. Mar del las Pampas Beach

This small town just a few kilometers away from Villa Gessel is known for its serene beaches, well-preserved pine forests, and magnificent dunes.

The beaches have a resort that provides all guests with excellent service 24/7.

They serve snacks, shakes, alcoholic drinks, and mouthwatering local dishes that will keep you asking for more.

Some performers do concerts and dance shows to keep the guests entertained.

Mar del las Pampas Beach Attractions: nature walks, sandboarding, food, and entertainment.

8. Mar del Plata Beach

A city in southeastern Argentina, surrounded by beaches like Playa Varese, draws thousands of visitors yearly because of its fine sand and vast shoreline.

This is the perfect place to go swimming and surfing, rent some umbrellas and chairs, and hang out at the beach.

If you are looking for a place to stay, you should check out Honu Beach Resort, which has a heated swimming pool, restaurant, Wi-Fi, and private rooms.

Mar del Plata Beach Attractions: surfing lessons, kayaking, local restaurants, and nightlife.

9. Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach Argentina

Miramar Beach is considered the best to bring your family for a vacation.

Miramar has a 10-kilometer stretch of inviting and safe beaches like Mar del Sud, so you and your family can maximize your recreational activities throughout your stay.

There are a lot of hotels and apartments that you can rent for a short stay. Two of the most popular in the city are Hotel San Francisco and America Miramar Hotel.

Miramar Beach Attractions: beachside ATV and 4X4 rides, jet-skiing, snorkeling.

10. Monte Hermoso Beach

Monte Hermoso is known for its vast gray-sanded coastline that boasts a spectacular sunrise and sunset view, making it a perfect background for your photos.

The water at the local beach is relaxing and shallow, which is great for families with small kids.

Dining and drinking at the beachfront is an excellent way to pass the time. Try out restaurants like La Marea Parador, which serves tasty Argentinean food and different types of fresh seafood.

Monte Hermoso Beach Attractions: windsurfing, kite surfing, beach volleyball.

11. Pehuén Có Beach

Pehuén Có is known for its beachside resort, providing a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for all incoming tourists.

You can take pictures of the world-famous prehistoric footprints and admire the fantastic sunset that gives the place a unique character.

You do not have to go too far for your accommodation by checking out several beachfront hotels in the area, like Conflar Hotel Boutique and Hotel D’ Horizont.

Pehuén Có Beach Attractions: nature trips, kayaking, relaxation.

12. Pinamar Beach

Pinamar Beach Argentina

Pinamar Beach is a place that is bustling with tourists, especially during summer and other holidays.

If you are in the area, do not miss the chance to visit their local beach, Green Beach.

This attraction is known for its calm waters, vast seashore, and bustling crowd, making it a perfect place to have a good time with friends.

Book a room at Terrazas Al Mar beside the beach and enjoy their friendly service and first-class amenities.

Pinamar Beach Attractions: beach volleyball, frisbee, outdoor cafes.

13. Playa Bristol Beach

Playa Bristol is a vast public beach in Mar del Plata, known for its mild waves that make it safe for swimming.

During peak seasons, the beach can draw up to 10,000 visitors daily. You and your friends can rent umbrellas, bring big towels, and spend time lying on the sand.

Feel free to roam around and explore the Casino right across the street. You can enjoy the scenic view on the beach while jogging or walking early in the morning.

There are lots of stalls and tents that sell food, drinks, and souvenir items.

Playa Bristol Beach Attractions: restaurants, cafes, casinos, and shopping.

14. Playa La Cantera Beach

Located in Puerto Madryn, Playa La Cantera is one of the most peaceful beaches in the area.

Tourists visit the beach to watch for whales and penguins, both abundant in certain seasons.

The beach is full of pebbles, and it does not have many trees. So it is best to wear a hat and comfortable shoes when visiting the beach.

Bring your food and snacks, or sit at a nearby outdoor restaurant as you enjoy the view.

Playa La Cantera Beach Attractions: whale watching, strolling, and jogging.

15. Playa Larga Beach

Playa Larga Beach is one of the most remote beaches in the province of Tierra del Fuego and is known for its cold waters, even during the hot season.

To get to the beach, you need to walk for an hour, but it is worth your effort because Playa Larga is well-preserved and perfect for those who want to get close to nature.

In downtown Ushuaia, you can check out several 3-star hotels like Lennox Hotel and Alto Andino Hotel for a more comfortable stay.

Playa Larga Beach Attractions: whale and penguin watching, biking, trekking, nature tripping.

16. Playa Paraná Beach

Playa Paraná Beach Argentina

If you want to visit a different kind of beach, you should take a short drive toward the southern part of Puerto Madryn City and Playa Paraná.

The beach is known for its pebbled shorelines that go on for many kilometers. The place is breathtaking and rustic, thanks to the shipwreck that contributes to the overall beauty of the surroundings.

If you want a place to think, write, de-stress, or have a quick getaway, visiting Playa Paraná is an excellent idea.

If you want to glimpse the sea lions, walk south until you reach the Punta Loma Nature Reserve.

Playa Paraná Beach Attractions: kayaking, snorkeling, diving.

17. Puerto Madryn Beach

Puerto Madryn is a port city located in the province of Chubut in South Argentina that is a known gateway to the Patagonian region.

The place is known for its breathtaking view of the coast. You can bask in the sun and enjoy long walks as the sun sets.

You can also visit an ocean-side museum called Ecocentro Madryn, which showcases sea creatures and other forms of wildlife.

Go to El Dorado Beach, which is famous for its whale watching. Puerto Madryn is a modern city, so you will not have a hard time looking for a place to stay, eat, and shop.

Puerto Madryn Beach Attractions: bar and restaurant hopping, picnics by the beach, and water sports.

18. Rio Correntoso Beach

Located in the town of Villa La Angustura, Rio Correntoso is one of the smallest and shortest rivers in the world.

You can hire a guide and rent a boat that takes you down the river and lakes Correntoso and Nahuel Huapi.

You can stay at the famous Correntoso Lake & River Hotel and enjoy the fantastic view and serene atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

Rio Correntoso Beach Attractions: trout fishing, Incayal Waterfall, and local restaurants.

19. Tigre and the Delta Beach

Tigre is famous for its brownish-colored rivers from coffee beans’ sediments.

Tigre is a generally busy town where you can explore the river canal by hiring a boat taxi and heading to one of the famous island resorts, Playa Catalina.

Do not forget to check out a restaurant named La Miguela because they serve great seafood dishes that you will enjoy.

Tigre and the Delta Beach Attractions: small bars and restaurants, rowing, and kayaking

20. Villa Gesell Beach

A beachside city near Mar Azul and Mar de las Pampas, it is a popular destination for those who want to experience a laid-back atmosphere.

The local beach has a long wooden boardwalk, perfect for a stroll and enjoying the sunset.

Local artists also perform by the beach, especially during summer breaks, when many students visit the site.

Places like Hostería Santa Bárbara and La Deseada Hostel are worth checking out.

Villa Gesell Beach Attractions: beach volleyball, long walks, jogging, seasonal migration of sea otters and penguins.

51 Thrilling Beach Destinations in Argentina with Data Table [Rank by Attractions]

RankBeachCity/AreaBest Time to VisitAttractions
1Balneario La HoyaEl VolcanJune – SeptemberSunbathing
2PoseidonSanta TeresitaJanuary – DecemberChildren’s playground, Sunbathing
3Arenas Blancas Punta MogotesMar del PlataJune – SeptemberSunbathing
4Playa PopularMar del PlataJune – SeptemberSunbathing
5Camping Paso VeraConcepcion del UruguayMay – Septembercanoeing, Sunbathing
6Balneario El DiquecitoProvincia de CordobaJanuary – DecemberWaterfall, Sunbathing
7Balneario Marbella Mar del PlataMar del PlataJune – SeptemberSunbathing, pool
8South BeachMar del PlataJanuary – DecemberSunbathing
9Balneario Apolo N°15Mar del PlataJanuary – DecemberSunbathing, pool
10Playas de OroVilla Carlos PazMay – SeptemberDam, Sunbathing
11Playa LargaUshuaiaJanuary – DecemberBiking, Sunbathing
12Playa QuequenNecocheaJanuary – DecemberSurfing, Sunbathing
13Playa EscondidaMar del PlataJanuary – DecemberMassage therapy, Sunbathing
14Balneario BarbadosPinamarJanuary – DecemberSunbathing
15Balneario ceroMar del PlataJanuary – DecemberChildren playing ground, Sunbathing
16Playa MelipalRio NegroMay – SeptemberSunbathing
17Balneario sur del surVilla GesellJune – SeptemberSunbathing
18Península San PedroRio NegroMay – SeptemberCanoeing, Sunbathing
19Playa MuñozRio NegroJune – SeptemberCanoeing, Sunbathing, nature reserve
20Playa GuillermoMar del PlataMay – SeptemberSunbathing, swimming pool
21Playa El DoradilloPuerto MadrynJune – SeptemberSunbathing, whale watching
22PLAYA DE PUERTO PIRAMIDESGolfo NuevoSeptember – AprilWhale and seal watching
23UFO POINTPinamarMay – SeptemberSunbathing, seafood, horse riding
24Playa De Los PatosDominican RepublicJune – SeptemberSunbathing, bike tour
25Beach BalconyGrand VillaJune – SeptemberSunbathing, ocean overview
26Playa BristolMar del PlataJune – SeptemberSunbathing
27Playa de San Martín de los AndesNeuquenJune – SeptemberSunbathing, canoeing
28Playa de Puerto MadrynChubutJune – SeptemberSunbathing, canoeing
29Playa NuevaNuevaJune – SeptemberSunbathing, surfing
30BALNEARIO MEDANOSMiramarJune – SeptemberSunbathing, swimming pool
31Barrio AlfarMar del PlataMay – SeptemberNature reserve, swimming pool
32El TainoBuenos aires ProvinceJune – SeptemberSunbathing
33Helena BeachMar del PlataJune – SeptemberSunbathing, swimming pool
34Villa Gesell BeachVilla GesellJanuary – DecemberSunbathing, beach sport
35Balneario ChicamaMiramarJune – SeptemberSunbathing, surfing
36Playa AlfonsinaMar del PlataJune – SeptemberSunbathing, windsurfing
37La Perla SpaMar del PlataJanuary – DecemberSunbathing, spa, resorts
38Bahia LópezRio NegroJune – SeptemberSunbathing, canoeing
39Playa Sun RiderMar del PlataJune – SeptemberBeach sports, canoeing, Sunbathing
40The Playa BristolMar del PlataJune – SeptemberSunbathing
41Playa iragoVilla GesellJune – SeptemberSunbathing
42club de playa EliseoVilla GesellMay – SeptemberSeafood, Sunbathing
43Playa Cuesta Blanca 2Cuesta BlancaMay – SeptemberDam, Nature reserve, Sunbathing
44NATURE RESERVE PROVINCIAL PEHUEN CO MONTE HERMOSO Gran Buenos airesJanuary – Decembernature reserve
45Playa QuerandiVilla GesellJune – SeptemberBeach sports, Sunbathing
46Playa Nueva AtlantisNuevaJune – SeptemberSunbathing
47Playa en Mar de AjoMar de AjoJune – SeptemberDam, children playing ground, Sunbathing
48Chapadmalal BeachChapadmalalJune – SeptemberSunbathing
49Playas Mar De CoboMar ChiquitaJune – SeptemberSurfing, Sunbathing
50Playa Las ConchillasRio NegroJanuary – DecemberOff-shore shells, Sunbathing
51Playa De Rada TillyRada TillyJune – SeptemberBeach sports, Sunbathing


Argentina is a vast country in terms of land area. If you plan to visit this place, you should make a detailed itinerary of all the places and sights you would like to visit.

Do not forget to check out several beaches, lakes, parks, and churches. Argentina has a lot to offer that will make you come back again and again!

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