Nuweiba Beach: A Budget-Friendly Guide For A Great Time

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Nuweiba Beach is an area of Egypt that most people don’t know much about. 

When people think of Egypt, the pyramids in Giza (outside of Cairo) are the first things that come to mind. 

But the beach resort of Nuweiba is a hidden gem that every tourist should see when they take their trip to Egypt. 

Use this Nuweiba Beach travel guide to plan your trip to the area.

About Nuweiba

The town of Nuweiba doesn’t have a truly defined city center. You could almost break the town into three sections. 

Parts of the city have undergone a recent renovation and are missing some of the traditional cultures other parts of the city have. 

Nuweiba translates to “bubbling springs.” 

Costs of Visiting Nuweiba Beach

The cost of visiting Nuweiba Beach will vary depending on how you travel and what activities you want to do while you are there.

Below is the guideline.


Nuweiba offers something for everyone. They have lodging and dining that can fit every price point. 

They also have activities for couples as well as families. Be warned that with lodging, you will get what you pay for. 

Plenty of cheap hotels are available, but they aren’t the cleanest. Some of those hotels are the equivalent of USD 1.88 per night. 

On the other hand, you can also find four and five-star all-inclusive resorts that cost over USD 100 per night. 

It all depends on what your budget allows and what you can tolerate. 

I wouldn’t suggest cheap hotels to families with small children.


Meals are pretty much the same thing as lodging. Bataw, Eish Baladi, Eish fino, Eish merahrah, Eish Shamsi, and Feteer meshaltet are famous dishes in Egypt. 

You can find anything to fit any price point. But for those low price points, you get what you pay for. 

Camps and hotels run their food services.

Camel ride

Activities vary in price. Camel rides are entertaining for tourists and are affordable, roughly USD 1.50 per hour.


Transportation to areas outside of Nuweiba is too difficult to estimate. Different cabs can even charge different prices. 

Buses between the cities are cheap but dirty with questionable safety. You can use ferries to enter and exit Egypt via Jordan. 

There is less paperwork sometimes when entering via Jordan versus Israel. 

Flights can be pricey, especially if you are flying from the States. Finding a direct flight from the US to Egypt is also challenging. 

You will likely have to take multiple flights, landing first in Europe and then continuing to Egypt.

What To Do At Nuweiba Beach

Since Egypt is a very conservative nation, this is not a place to visit if you want a bustling nightlife culture. 

Those aren’t a thing here. You can find some alcohol in a few camps and hotels, but no vast bars or clubs are in the country.

The beaches are great for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. The flat sand makes the beach great for families. 

Visitors are encouraged to take in the sunset on the beach and enjoy shopping in some of the outdoor shops and boutiques.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nuweiba Beach

Here are FAQs related to Nuweiba Beach that you interested to know:

Where is Nuweiba Beach?

Nuweiba Beach is located in Egypt, Africa. It is on the Gulf of Aqaba on the Sinai Peninsula.

What are the main attractions of Nuweiba beach?

Nuweiba Beach offers many things to its guests. In the late 70s, this was a bustling hub of tourism. The area provides resorts that fit different budgets and activities for all ages.

Does Nuweiba Beach have any annual festivals?

The area does try to hold multiple large festivals and gatherings each year. 

The Cloud 9 festival, Desert Dance Festival, and Desert Soul music festival are a few of the festivals that have become annual events in the resort.

The area has a reputation for hosting large-scale events in the past, especially in the 70s.

How long is Nuweiba Beach?

The length of the beach is 7 kilometers.

Where can I stay at night at Nuweiba beach?

There are many hotels and camps to stay at when visiting this beach. You can find affordable camp lodgings and high-end resorts.

What can I wear to Nuweiba Beach?

Egypt is a conservative country. Make sure you are fully covered when you are out at restaurants and bars. Everything should be ¾ length or more. 

The weather is warm, so you will want breathable fabrics and lighter colors to remain cooler. If you don’t dress appropriately, you open yourself up to unpleasant looks and comments. 

A bikini is fine at the beach and while you are swimming. Even men should be cautious about wearing shorts and showing too much skin.

Can I swim in NuweibaBeach?

Yes! The beach is flat, which makes it great for children. The water is also a perfect blue and safe for swimming. Expect to encounter some sea life when you are in the water.

Is Nuweiba Beach safe to travel to?

It can be, but foreign travelers need to be cautious. Egypt has an unfortunate reputation for terrorist activity. 

They used to get a considerable amount of tourism from Israel. But bombing incidents in the early 2000s have made those tourists less like to visit the country. 

US and European tourists also have received travel advisories from their State Departments. 

The Sinai Peninsula, in particular, is subject to frequent attacks. If you travel, stay in places and visit places that other Westerners and tourists frequent. 

The section of Sinai, where the beach is located, seems reasonably safe, but countries still have posted advisories to their residents. 

This is partly due to their embassies needing to function like they do in other countries.

In Summary

Nuweiba Beach is a beautiful place to visit if you take the proper precautions. The beach is clean, and the water is beautiful. 

You have your choice of activities and lodging that can fit any budget.

Hopefully, this Nuweiba Beach travel guide can help you plan your next trip to the Sinai Peninsula.

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