Lhota Beach: Best Manmade Beach In The Czech

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Ranked as one of the Czech Republic’s best manmade attractions, Lhota Beach is a sight to behold. 

With so many trees lining several sections of this beach, relaxing and unwinding in this tropics-like environment is easier.

Several visits to this spot are under my belt, making this Lhota Beach Travel Guide a valuable read for first-timers. 

And if you’re a return visitor, reading through the tips will give you a better experience with each trip!

What to Bring To Lhota Beach?

Here are some other things to remember to pack for a day at Lhota Beach:


This is a must-have, no matter what beach you’re visiting. Be sure to reapply often, especially if you’re swimming or sweating.


You’ll need something to wear while swimming, so don’t forget your swimsuit!

Inflatable sleeping pad:

This is excellent if you want to relax on the beach without getting sand in your clothes. It’s also perfect for lounging in the sun.


They will help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

Picnic box

This is a great way to keep your food and drinks cool at the beach.

Cold drinks

Don’t forget to pack plenty of water or other cold beverages to keep yourself hydrated.

Collapsible tent

This is a great item to have if you want to get out of the sun for a while or if you want to spend the night on the beach.


If you have a kayak, Lhota Beach is a great place to use it. There are plenty of coves and inlets to explore.


This is an excellent option if you want to explore the coastline. Just be sure to bring enough gas to get back to the mainland.

Price List for a Day at Lhota Beach

Spending a day at Lhota Beach will surely be eventful when you have enough cash. Since the beach follows a pay-to-enter format, you must have the dough to blow.

Check out the recommended prices in this list to make the most of your time beachside:

SingleWith PartnerFamily of Four
FoodCZK40 – CZK60CZK80 – CZK120CZK150+
DrinksCZK30 – CZK50CZK60 – CZK100CZK150 – CZK200
Transportation~ CZK100~ CZK200CZK 400+
Entrance FeeCZK40 ~ CZK60  (based on your time of visit)X2 of singleX4 of single

Transportation costs may vary based on your lodging location

A parking fee may be necessary if you’re planning to bring your vehicle

Prices described in the table above are rough estimates and remain prone to change.

Consider bringing your refreshments if you want to spend long hours at Lhota.

Also, make the most of your funds by considering enlisting a ride-hailing cab for your trip. 

Going to the beach with your vehicle could be expensive, mainly if you’re not nearby.

What to Wear To Lhota Beach?

There’s nothing not allowed at Lhota Beach when it comes to dressing. Consider using the table below for an outstanding impression of the beach:

ShortsAbove-knee shorts and other comfortable clothingBelow–knee shorts
ShirtsSleeveless shirts, Hawaiian beach shirts, etc.Tank top or other comfortable, sultry wear is allowed
ShoesFlip-flops, cover shoes, etc.Flip-flops or other comfy footwear
HeadwearFace caps, hats, etc.Scarves, sunhats, face caps, etc.
SunshadesYes (for the extra-sunny days)Yes (for the extra-sunny days)

Sunbathers are always at this beach, particularly during summer. So, if you’re keen to loosen up and soak in the tan, this beach is a beautiful option.

Fun Stuff To Do At The Beach

Some fun things you can enjoy at the beach such as:

  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • Kayaking
  • Sunbathing
  • Kids area
  • Hiking areas

Main Attraction

The massive beachhead of Lhota is a significant attraction tourists don’t fail to flock to each year. For several weeks each year, hundreds of visitors grace this beachhead every other day.

Best Time of Year to Visit

It is best to visit Lhota Beach during the summer months. Most visitors to this beach plan their visits when it’s summertime to soak up the sun.

Opening Hours

The beach is open daily from 6 am – 9 pm.

Safety Tips

Night movements:

The beach closes by 9 pm, making entries very difficult to manage afterward. If you’re a lone visitor, consider leaving the beach long before dark.

Mingling with crowds

If you plan to mingle at this beach when it’s crowded, consider safeguarding your items first. You don’t want to be left red-faced while at the beachhead.

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Most Common Visitors

People from all orientations and age ranges visit Lhota Beach. But is more likely to spot young singles, couples, and families at the beach.

Crowds usually gather at this beach during the weekends and summer months.

Common Weather

The summer weather is balmy and ideal for getting a suntan. Most regular visitors recommend paying a visit when it’s summertime.


Where is Lhota Beach?

Lhota Beach lines an unspoiled edge of North Eastern Prague, Czech Republic.

What are the main attractions of Lhota Beach?

The beach has nudist and compulsory clothed sections, making it a top choice for visitors seeking double doses of fun.

Does Lhota Beach have any annual festivals?

No annual festivals take place at Lhota Beach. But several fun seekers usually throng to the beach at weekends all year round.

How long is Lhota Beach?

Lhota Beach is about ten kilometers long, with most parts of its waterside ideal for relaxation and fun activities.

Where can I stay at night in Lhota Beach?

There are more than a dozen spots to spend the night around Lhota. When you’re keen on selecting a budget lodging location, consider hospitality locations a bit far off the beach.

What can I wear in Lhota Beach?

Lhota Beach has two sections – regular and nude. The section you choose determines your ideal wardrobe selection.

But if you’re planning on visiting the nude beach, your birthday suit is a perfect choice to visit this spot.

Can I swim in Lhota Beach?

Swimming, watersports, and aqua-based activities are available year-round at Lhota Beach.

Is Lhota Beach safe to travel to?

Lhota Beach is a relatively safe place to visit. Sometimes, the beach may be secluded at night, so consider scheduling your visits in the daytime.

Final Words

Leveraging the information in this Lhota Beach Travel Guide makes your first and subsequent visits less hassling.

The beach has everything you need to guarantee a fun-filled experience. Max out your visits, and get that relaxation and fun you’ve always wanted!

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