16 Gorgeous Beaches In Senegal [Must Visit!]

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When you’re in Senegal, West Africa, for the first time, you’ll be charmed by its serene environment and lots more.

Many people in this country fancy getting a lot of comfort by the Atlantic, and that’s where you’ll get much fun stuff to do, too.

The beaches in Senegal add much color and splendor to its balmy weather.

Many choices include Plage BCEAO, Plage Hydrobase, Plage de la Voile d’, Plage de l’Anse Bernard, and Plage des Mamelles. 

So it would be best if you made an informed decision on the top spots to visit with the info below:

15 Sensational Beach Destinations in Senegal

15 Breathtaking Beaches in Senegal with Data Table [Rank by Attractions]

1. Plage BCEAO Beach

  • Plage BCEAO Beach Attractions – Beach sports, canoeing, and sunbathing

When you get to Dakar, Plage BCEAO should be your next destination after getting a hotel reservation.

Most tourists visit this beach for fun and to link up with Africa’s Atlantic paradise. 

All forms of beach sports occur at this beach, and its warm, ambient atmosphere attracts many visitors.

This spot also has enough shade from makeshift tents to provide excellent coverage on a hot day.

2. Plage Hydrobase Beach

  • Plage Hydrobase Beach Attractions – Swimming, sunbathing, and beach resorts.

When you’re in St. Louis, Plage Hydrobase (Hydrobase Beach) should be your favored first location to visit. 

Located along a streamlined stretch of land over 2km, this beach is an excellent relaxation spot.

This beach is famous for having a lot of surrounding trees to provide shade for visitors, and there’s the main resort along its head for increased relaxation.

3. Plage de la Voile d’ or Beach

Plage de la Voile d’ or Beach Senegal
  • Attractions – Boating, swimming, and surfing.

Powdery sands, cool breezes, and a touch of paradise, everything you need is on Plage de la Voile d’ or. 

Located along Dakar’s Atlantic coast, this over 1km beach promises visitors an excellent, fun-filled time.

You’d notice several makeshift shades along the beachhead for sun protection. There are also lots of fun sports to engage in!

Swimming, surfing, and boating are all possible on this beach. 

All these and more make this beach an excellent destination for unwinding and getting the rest you deserve.

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4. Plage de l’Anse Bernard Beach

  • Plage de l’Anse Bernard Beach Attractions – Windsurfing, jet skiing, and sunbathing.

A visit to Plage de l’Anse Bernard should be on the cards when you’re in Dakar. 

Most visitors to this over 1 km beachhead come for its serenity, calm beaches, and surrounding landscape. 

Several coves are around this beach, which provides excellent shade.

And to give you a heads-up, this beach isn’t deserted. So, if you’re looking for an excellent spot for some alone time, try elsewhere.

5. Plage des Mamelles Beach

  • Plage des Mamelles Beach Attractions – Surfing, swimming, and boating

Many surf spots litter Senegal’s west coast, and Plage de Mamelles, Dakar, is another exceptional tourist spot.

Located just a little south of Secret Beach, this location perfectly blends everything beautiful in Senegal.

Surfing, boating, and other fun activities are possible along this beach’s stretch. And you can also go sightseeing too!

Some parts of the beachhead feature cliffs and two dormant volcanoes tourists can appreciate. 

This beach is exceptional and a great place to get a sun tan.

6. Secret Beach

Secret Beach beach in Senegal
  • Secret Beach Attractions – Boating, sunbathing, and swimming.

Located around Dakar’s southwestern edge is a beach famous for attracting tourists from all over the world.

Secret Beach extends to Plage des Mamelles from its southern position and features all you want to experience in Senegal. 

Boating tours are typical on this beach; many tourists come for the calm scenery and view of Senegal’s rocky side.

7. Plage de Yoff Tongor Beach

  • Plage de Yoff Tongor Beach Attractions – Beach sports, sunbathing, and camelback riding.

Dakar has some of Senegal’s most exceptional beaches. Plage de Yoff-Tongor is one of such exceptional beach spots in this West African city.

Most tourists grace this location for its warmth and calm beach breeze. 

A lot of other tourists come for a view of this beach as an escape from the humid and hot city center.

Most locals visit the beach to sell wares or provide excellent local cuisine. 

If you’re up for an adventure, there’s a great taste of Senegal on this beach.

8. Plage Ouakam Beach

  • Plage Ouakam Beach Attractions – Boating, sunbathing, and swimming.

Situated a little way off Plage des Mamelles, it is another spot for tourists to relax and have a good time. 

Plage Ouakam is located on Dakar’s southwestern edge and attracts visitors annually.

Boating tours, canoeing, and resorts line this beach area. 

Many tourists come here for Ouakam’s calmness and exceptional connection with the Atlantic.

9. Plage du Virage Beach

  • Plage du Virage Beach Attractions – Surfing, boating, and beach sports.

Also very popular among locals and tourists is this over 1km of beach stretch in Dakar. 

Famous for its beachhead, raging waters, rocks, and beach houses, Plage du Virage is the choice for you.

Surfers come to this spot to have a go at the waves regularly. 

Surrounding relaxation spots also add to the comfort you’ll get on this beach.

10. Plage Des Amoureux Beach

  • Plage Des Amoureux Beach Attractions – Canoeing, beach sports, and beach resorts.

Most parts of Dakar’s coast are lined with exceptional beaches. A top spot for visitors is at Plage Des Amoureux. 

Loads of tourists grace this location through all seasons, and there’s always something fun to do.

If you’re searching for a jam-packed beach with lots of stuff to do, Plage Des Amoureux should be your choice.

11. Baie de Mermoz Beach

Baie de Mermoz Beach Senegal
  • Baie de Mermoz Beach Attractions – Theme parks, swimming, and canoeing.

A little off the Cap-Vert peninsula, Dakar lies a top beach destination in Senegal. Baie de Mermoz is a local beach famous across Senegal. 

Most parts of this less than 2km stretch of beach receive huge yearly populations.

In the beach area, tourists come for an exceptional view of the surrounding landscapes and a captivating sunset.

Many accommodation facilities, theme parks, and more are on this beach to provide extra comfort for visitors.

12. Plage de la Pointe des Almadies Beach

  • Plage de la Pointe des Almadies Beach Attractions – Watersports, boat tours, and sunbathing.

Also, in Dakar, Plage de la Pointe des Almadies is famed for having some of the best fun stuff to do in Senegal.

Most areas along this 2km stretch of beach are rocky but filled with a lot of fun. 

Many tourists come here for boat tours around most of Dakar’s coast. 

Other tourists come here for watersports and sunbathing, and you’d likely get an excellent shade for relaxing, too.

Whatever works for relaxation or fun is available on Plage de la Pointe des Almadies. All you need to do is pay a visit.

13. Plage Privee du Club Med Beach

  • Plage Privee du Club Med Beach Attractions – Surfing, canoeing, and swimming.

Just a little off the westernmost end of Africa lies a Senegalese beach you should visit. 

Plage Privee du Club Med is a beach loaded with many fun stuff and relaxation points for tourists.

This beach is close to several resorts and stretches for almost 2km. 

Visitors to this beach come for its famous populated beaches for most of the year.

Many spots to unwind and refresh are available on this beach—no wonder many tourists can’t get enough and choose to return on their next visit.

14. Saly-Portudal Beach

  • Saly-Portudal Beach Attractions – Swimming, boating, and sunbathing.

In Petite Côte lies a beach close to a former Portuguese port known for loads of features. 

Located in the Thien region of Senegal, this beach is an excellent spot to relax and do much more.

A very clean beachhead that merges naturally provides an exceptional atmosphere for vacationing. 

Also, many resorts around this beach ensure you get the needed accommodation.

Visitors to this location are exceptional, as many yachts are usually lined up at the nearby marina. 

What many tourists want from Senegal beaches is available on Saly-Portudal. 

That’s why it attracts tourists the world over and keeps visitors entertained.

15. Cap Skirring Beach

  • Cap Skirring Beach Attractions – Canoeing, swimming, and sunbathing.

In the Casamance region lies a secluded beach famous for attracting tourists and locals alike.

Cap Skirring Beach is a chosen spot for visitors who need ample time to relax and unwind away from public glare.

This over 1km stretch of beach is famous for its calm, swimmable waters and golden sands. 

So, if you’re checking out a perfect spot to get some quality alone time by the beach, Cap Skirring is for you.

16. Somone Beach

Somone Beach Senegal
  • Somone Beach Attractions – Surfing, sunbathing, and boating.

Need a surfing spot with a lot of comfort assured? 

You’d have to check out Somone Beach. Located about 80km from Dakar, Somone is a small town with exceptional landscapes and clean beaches.

Locals you’d encounter at this beach are genuinely welcoming, and you should expect a wonderful time whenever you visit. 

Surfing is Somone Beach’s number one attraction. Wave seekers visit this spot each year; there’s much more fun stuff to do.

Rank By Attractions In Senegal

RankBeachCity/AreaBest Time to VisitAttractions
1Plage BCEAODakarNovember –  MayBeach sports, sunbathing
2Baie de MermozDakarDecember – AprilSunbathing
3Cap Skirring BeachCap SkirringNovember – MarchSurfing, sunbathing
4Plage de la Pointe des AlmadiesDakarNovember –  MayBoating, fishing
5Plage de la Voile d’ orDakarNovember –  MaySunbathing, swimming
6Plage de l’Anse BernardDakarDecember – AprilSnorkeling, sunbathing
7Plage de Yoff TongorDakarDecember – AprilBoating, fishing, sunbathing
8Plage Des AmoureuxDakarNovember – MarchSnorkeling, sunbathing
9Plage des MamellesDakarNovember –  MaySnorkeling, sunbathing
10Plage du VirageDakarDecember – AprilBoating, surfing, sunbathing
11Plage Hydrobase BeachSaint-LouisDecember – AprilBeach sports, sunbathing
12Plage OuakamDakarNovember – MarchSwimming, boating, sunbathing
13Plage Privee du Club MedDakarNovember –  MayBoating, snorkeling, sunbathing
14Saly-Portudal BeachSaly-PortudalNovember –  MaySwimming, sunbathing
15Secret BeachDakarNovember –  MaySwimming, boating, sunbathing

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the common questions people ask about travel to Senegal beaches.

Does Senegal have a beach?

Senegal borders the Atlantic Ocean and has over 20 beaches. Most of Senegal’s beaches surround Dakar, Cap Skirring, and Petite Côte.

What is the best time of year to visit Senegal beaches?

Senegal is an excellent spot to visit during the wet season (April-Oct). Temperatures tend to be mild during this period but skyrocket when approaching drier months (Nov – Mar)

What are the top beaches in Senegal?

Saly-Portudal Beach
Plage Hydrobase
Plage de la Voile
Plage des Mamelles
Plage du Virage
Plage Privee du Club Med
Somone Beach

How much is a tourist visa for Senegal?

Acquiring a tourist visa to Senegal will cost around $35 – $70 for a 30–day visit. Extensions are possible for visitors at a fee determined by your country’s high commission/embassy.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Senegal?

It is safe for American tourists to visit Senegal. The country boasts meager crime rates against foreigners, with little incidence of violent crime.

Conversely, try to get out of lonely areas while traveling alone to be perfectly safe.

Is it safe to swim on Senegal beaches?

Most beaches in Senegal aren’t ideal for swimming, particularly in the larger cities. Beaches located in remote areas are primarily clear and support many swimming activities.

What should you not wear in Senegal?

Senegal has a significant presence of Muslims, so you should avoid wearing revealing clothes women. 

Shorts aren’t ideal for men, either. Just pack up light clothing that the locals won’t find offensive.

Are Senegal beaches expensive to visit?

Senegal’s beaches aren’t expensive to visit. You can spend around $30 – $50 daily and experience total comfort and relaxation along Senegal’s beaches. 

But costs could pile up if you get accommodation at a 5–star resort.

Can I travel to Senegal beaches without a visa?

If you’re from the US and many other visa-exempt countries, you can visit Senegal for up to 90 days visa-free.

However, visitors who intend to spend more than 90 days in Senegal must apply for a visa before entry.

Where can I surf on Senegal beaches?

Ngor Island, and

How much money should I take to Senegal beaches?

Make a budget to spend at least $80 daily on food, transportation, and other stuff at Senegal’s beaches.
You may have to spend much more to get a high-end taste of Senegal.

Final Word

When you’re in Senegal, there are lots of attractions to keep tourists entertained and refreshed. 

All the beaches in Senegal receive loads of visitors every year, and there’s ample space for you to join the list.

Make your travel plans earnest, and enjoy the best West African beaches!

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