22 Best Beaches In Massachusetts

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There are so many things to see when you get to Massachusetts. You may want to feel the sand on your toes at Cape Cod National Seashore.

You may have seen the movie “Manchester by the Sea” and want to check out Martha’s Vineyard.

There are a lot of things to see in Massachusetts. There are also some bluffs you will see when you get to Martha’s Vineyard that you will remember for a long time.

Cape Cod is known in the area for the right reasons. The beaches in Massachusetts will all come with different features that will help you experience the best moments of your life.

Some will be close to restaurants and bars so you can enjoy yourself with the people you are with afterward.

When Should You Go?

The beaches in Massachusetts usually are very busy during the summer months.

People generally go there during the summer, so you can expect the places there to get rather busy. Different activities can be done all year long.

It will be up to you whether you are searching for family-friendly options or want to have fun with friends. Get to know the different beaches that you can visit soon.

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Top Beaches In Massachusetts To Visit

1. Chatham Lighthouse Beach

Chatham Lighthouse Beach

If you are searching for the largest beach that you can find in Chatham, you do not have to search any further because this is the best one for you.

This is just below the Chatham Light, which is known to be an operational lighthouse that is near the Coast Guard section.

If you check out the town, you will notice this is a short distance from the beach.

Aside from the beach, you can hike and take scenic walks to Monomoy Island. Lighthouse Beach Chatham should always be on your list of places to visit in Massachusetts.

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2. Coast Guard Beach

This is always one of the beaches that people think about whenever they are near Massachusetts, and it is also near Cape Cod Bay.

This comes with a very attractive stretch of sand wherein people want to walk with their loved ones.

You must take a shuttle bus if you need to come here during the summer. This would depart from the Little Creek parking lot.

From there, you will be able to access the public beach. The beach may have some steep areas, but the view will always be worth it.

This is one of the best beaches in Massachusetts that should be checked soon.

3. Good Harbor Beach

This has often been dubbed as the prettiest beach in Massachusetts. There is just something about it that would make you want to check this out.

This may be a seaport, but nobody can deny it is pretty with its powdery white sands.

Different crowds flock here during the summer season. Note that some hotels and resorts are by the sea so that you will have better access to its sandy shores.

4. Crane Beach

Crane Beach

If you want to check out the East Coast, this is one of the beaches you will like.

The clean and soft sand is always one of the things that people look forward to. There is something about Crane Beach that is worth visiting.

The calm water will make it perfect for many kids who would love to stay or play near the shore.

Crane Beach Ipswich will also come with many dunes, making it more protected whenever there are storms.

Some soft marshes pass by the Pitch Pine forest on the North Shore. It will be worth your while to check out Crane Beach Ipswich soon.

5. Singing Beach

You may be wondering why this is called a “Singing Beach.” This is because the dry sand away from the water will make a squeaking sound every time you walk on the sand.

There is a scientific explanation for this, but you may not be interested to know more about it.

You should know that parking space near the singing beach will be expensive during the summer even if it is a long beach.

It can also be tricky because of the many people who want to visit.

6. Joseph Sylvia State Beach

Are you searching for a beach in Massachusetts that is popular among families? If you answer yes, this is one of the best beaches you should visit.

This has warm water, which can appeal to a lot of people. The beach is also shallow off the shore, especially at low tide.

Remember not to wander too far because the water will become deeper. The beach will allow many visitors to see some rare birds.

If you are a bird watcher, this is one of the best beaches to check.

7. Spectacle Island Beach

Spectacle Island Beach

A beach that is in downtown Boston and just 20 minutes from the mainland.

From the island, you will see the beautiful skyline of Boston. With the water surrounding you on Spectacle Island, you will feel that the stresses of everyday life will be far away.

This used to be just a project of the city, but right now, people choose this to remove their stress.

8. Madaket Beach

This beach in Nantucket is one of the relaxing beaches you may want to visit. This beach in Massachusetts, found on the west coast, is a tourist destination.

One thing you can expect from Madaket Beach Nantucket is that it will have amazing sunsets. You will never know what you are going to get.

You may stay for a day, although you may be tempted to stay for more than a few days, there aren’t a lot of accommodations available.

You can follow the Madaket road to reach the Atlantic Ocean eventually. There is a snack bar that is located near Madaket Beach Nantucket that will sell amazing tacos.

You can also take a side trip to Buzzards Bay if you please.

9. Princess Beach

Some people are not fans of saltwater. If you want a completely different experience, this lake beach can be found on Cape Cod.

You will have fun checking out the 1901 Scargo Tower if you are also into short hikes.

There will be days when you can go to this place consecutively, and there will always be different activities.

Whether you want to spend a quiet day near the water or you would like to have an adventure, this will be one of the spots that you would like to visit.

10. Horseneck Beach State Reservation

Horseneck Beach State Reservation

This is one of the best beaches you can visit if you want a day full of activities.

Whether you would like to take a short walk or you would like to take long walks, you will enjoy it.

There are a lot of picnic areas, probably because this is a mile-long beach. You can go fishing, or you can even do bird watching here in Horseneck Beach State Reservation.

You will never run out of activities you can do here. Just remember that there are some months wherein this is not recommended for pets.

As long as you are aware, you will not make the mistake of bringing your furry friend to this sandy beach in certain months.

11. Mayflower Beach

If you are the type of person who loves strolling along the shoreline, then you know that you do not have to look any further.

Mayflower Beach may be the one that you are looking for. This is a great beach for all ages because there are so many things that you can do.

There are available restrooms. There are also some food stands just in case you feel hungry. There is no need to leave the beach whenever you want to relax and enjoy it.

Some sunset chasers would specifically wait for the sunset before packing their things.

You will probably enjoy it so much that you will not feel time pass you by when you are here.

12. Revere Beach

Are you interested in being on a beach where you need to do more than sunbathe?

If you answer yes, you know this is one of the best beaches to check out.

This is America’s oldest established beach, so if you are also interested in history, this fact can help you choose this over all the others.

Different events are available in this area, too, so there are lifeguards on duty, especially when many people are around.

13. Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

If you would like to visit an island, then this is one of the islands you can check out. This is a wildlife sanctuary that seems to be dedicated to different birds.

This is one of the best areas you can check out in the spring if the summer season is too crowded for you.

Expect that there will be piping plovers who will breed and nest here. Take note that there are only certain areas wherein you can stay.

Most areas will be barred, so you can bring binoculars to enjoy bird watching.

14. Mayo Beach

Mayo Beach Massachusetts

Some beaches are blessed with amazing views, and Mayo Beach is one of them. This will give you an awesome view of Breakwater Light and Wellfleet Harbor.

This is considered a long beach, but once the high tide comes, expect you will not have a lot of space to walk on anymore.

Visiting the beach during low tide is best to experience it better. The beach grass may differ slightly from the white sand you are used to seeing on other beaches.

There is a park across the street from the beach in case your kids get bored when the tide comes.

15. Marconi Beach

Some people will say that Marconi Beach is their favorite, probably because it is a very basic beach that will provide all the necessary things.

It comes with restrooms in case you need to relieve yourself or if you need to change. There are also some open showers, but these will only be available during summer.

There is a large parking lot that will be available for those who will be bringing their cars.

Those who would like to do something different can check out Atlantic White Cedar White Trail to look at the available trees within the area.

16. Bound Brook Island Beach

Are you searching for an island that is secluded and serene? This is one of the most uncrowded beaches that you will find on Cape Cod.

This is located in Wellfleet, and make sure you bring your snacks to enjoy. You cannot expect a snack bar near the area because this is a secluded place far from the main street.

Do some hiking before you reach this beach, but once you get there, you will realize it is worth it.

Another tourist spot that you can check while you are in Wellfleet is Cahoon Hollow.

This somewhat secluded beach in Wellfleet will give you the serenity you want. Just remember that parking may be a bit.

17. Revere Beach

Revere Beach Massachusetts

If you want to know more about the first-ever public beach in America, this is the best one to check.

This is many people’s favorite, so you can never expect this to be secluded.

Kelly’s will be available here, so you can access great food whenever you feel hungry.

The airport is near, so aside from the amazing shore, you will see, expect that you can see planes take off and land. Parking will be available in the area too.

18. Coast Guard Beach

You can expect a Coast Guard station to be available in Coast Guard Beach.

This is one of the best beaches that can be found in America, so whenever you are in the area, you may choose to visit.

This is better to check out during the summer because many activities will be available.

Expect to do a little bit of seal-watching. Surfing and boogie boarding will be great activities that you can try as well.

This is one of the beaches that will fill up during the summer season, so make sure you are prepared. Know the right time to go so you will still have a parking space.

19. Aquinnah Public Beach

When you reach the point of checking out Moshup Trail on Martha’s Vineyard, you already know that you will be near Aquinnah Public Beach.

This is also near Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. This beach in Edgartown will be one of the best side trips you can check.

This is one of the more isolated beaches, and it can be found on the western side of Massachusetts.

Some people would like to go here to see the lighthouse, similar to how some would like to check out the Chatham lighthouse beach.

This time, the lighthouse found here is made specifically to alert different sailors when they arrive.

Take note that this beach has a part wherein clothing is considered optional. if you are daring, you will have a lot of fun checking this out.

This is one of the best beaches in Massachusetts that will be checked out by those who are into something different.

20. Craigville Beach

Craigville Beach Massachusetts

If you are searching for the right beach in Nantucket Sound, you should check this out.

This is one of the best beaches in Barnstable, especially for people who love playing volleyball.

It comes with a shore that is wide enough, so no matter what time of the day you go, you will be able to find your own space.

You can sunbathe, tan, and cool off in the water if exposed to the sun too much.

Some lifeguards will be available here during the summer months.

Know the available parking areas to make the most of visiting Craigville Beach.

21. Menemsha Beach

Some people are just interested in trying to find a quaint beach.

This will be one of the amazing beaches in Massachusetts that you can check for its amazing sunsets.

This may be small, but this is a great beach to visit with your family. Allow kids to enjoy the gentle waves.

Perfecting your tan will not be complicated when you get here. This family-friendly beach can be the place you would visit if you want your whole family to enjoy it.

22. Point Beach

Some people may become more familiar with this as Beach Point is in Massachusetts.

It is located in Provincetown, and there are many things to see. You can also go to the Provincetown theatre when you are there; even the MacMillan Pier will be available.

Some people would go near the area for long stays, and you may also choose to do this. Just remember to find the right parking space so that you can also enjoy this area.

Choosing the Right Beach

Choosing the right beach south can be complicated when you do not know what you want.

Just remember that you need to check out the different things that the beaches can offer.

You need to ask questions like, for example, will Wingaersheek Beach Gloucester be good for families with children?

How family-friendly is it?

What about Good Harbor Beach Gloucester?

Will it be able to provide the comfort and relaxation that people need? Some other features that you need to look for are the following:

  • Surfing spots for those who would like to have more beach activities.
  • Tidal flats and tide pools can be fun, too.
  • A long stretch of sand
  • White sand beach
  • Harbor like the one that you can find in Boston Harbor

You may also have your own set of features that you want to look for. You may also search for specific places like the head of the meadow or Beach Dennis.

Just make sure that you choose the right area, too.


You can visit different places in Massachusetts and Cape Cod, whether during Labor Day or any other day in the summer.

Hopefully, you will be able to find the right places to visit that will allow you and your family to have a lot of fun.

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