31 Beach Party Ideas For 13-Year-Old: A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you ready to take your child’s birthday celebration to the next level? Look no further! With our fantastic beach party ideas for 13-year-old, you can create a one-of-a-kind experience that will make your child’s special day truly unforgettable. 

Enjoy these delightful activities and watch the joy and laughter fill the beach air. With each creative endeavor, competition, or moment of tranquility, you and your kids will strengthen your bond and create unforgettable memories. 

Let your imagination soar, and make this beach party a celebration of love, laughter, and togetherness. Imagine the joy and excitement as your kids and their friends engage in a sandcastle-building competition, challenge each other in beachside games, and unleash their creativity with unique arts and crafts. 

Let’s dive in and explore these exhilarating beach party ideas that will make your child’s birthday celebration a true splash!

31 Beach Party Ideas For 13-Year-Old

Get ready for an action-packed day filled with laughter and friendly competition. These activities will entertain your teen and allow you to enjoy the fun. Let’s explore some of our favorite beach party ideas for 13-year-old:

Sandcastle Building Competition

Encourage friendly competition and creativity with a sandcastle-building competition. Divide the participants into teams and provide them with buckets, shovels, and various sand sculpting tools. 

Set a time limit and let their imaginations run wild as they create magnificent sand masterpieces. To make it even more exciting, award prizes for categories like “Most Creative Design” or “Tallest Castle.” This activity will spark teamwork, unleash their artistic talents, and produce impressive sand creations!

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Beach Volleyball Tournament

beach volleyball with kids

Transform the sandy shores into a thrilling volleyball arena with a beach volleyball tournament. Set up a net and divide the players into teams. Encourage friendly competition as they bump, set, and sprint to victory. 

Cheer them on from the sidelines and provide refreshments to keep everyone hydrated and energized. Whether seasoned players or new to the game, this activity will promote teamwork, coordination, and friendly rivalry in a picturesque beach setting.

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Beach Scavenger Hunt

Embark on an exciting beach scavenger hunt with your kids and their friends, and get ready for an adventure along the shoreline. Create a list of items or clues they need to find, such as seashells, unique rocks, or specific beach landmarks. 

Encourage teamwork and friendly competition as they race against each other to complete the scavenger hunt. You’ll witness their sense of adventure come alive as they explore the beach, making lasting memories and discovering hidden treasures together.

Limbo Contest

Let the limbo contest commence and get those hips swaying with laughter and friendly competition. Set up a limbo pole using a long stick or a colorful pool noodle. Take turns going under the pole while keeping your backs arched and your feet together. 

With each round, lower the pole to increase the challenge and see who can shimmy their way to new limbo heights. This light-hearted activity is bound to have everyone cheering, sharing contagious smiles, and creating joyful memories.

Beach Soccer Match

Beach Soccer with kids

Transform the sandy beach into your soccer field and kick-start a friendly beach soccer match. Split into teams, mark out makeshift goals in the sand, and let the game begin. Feel the warm sand between your toes as you dribble, pass, and score goals against crashing waves. 

Engaging in this fantastic fusion of beach and soccer will foster teamwork and friendly competition and allow you and your kids to connect and share your love for the beautiful game.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, read the laws of the games here.

Frisbee Throwing Competition

Grab a frisbee and put your throwing skills to the test with an exhilarating frisbee throwing competition. Set up targets on the beach, such as hula hoops or colorful buckets, and take turns aiming for them. 

See who can send the frisbee soaring the farthest or hit the most targets accurately. This simple yet entertaining activity will keep everyone engaged, active, and filled with laughter as you enjoy the sun, sand, and friendly competition together.

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Water Balloon Toss

Escape the summer heat with a refreshing water balloon toss. Partner up with your kids or join a team and stand at a distance from each other. Start tossing the water balloon back and forth, taking a step back after each successful catch. 

The challenge is to keep the water balloon intact and avoid getting wet as the tosses become more challenging. This laughter-filled activity will bring out your competitive spirit while keeping you cool and creating joyful moments in the sun.

Beach Relay Races

Prepare for a thrilling beach relay race to get everyone moving and cheering. Set up a course with designated markers along the shoreline and divide into teams. Take turns sprinting, hopping, or even crab-walking from one point to another, passing a baton or a fun beach toy. 

The team that completes the relay race in the fastest time emerges victorious. This exciting and energetic activity will get your heart pumping and strengthen bonds as you cheer each other on and celebrate teamwork and determination.

Beachside Karaoke

Set the stage for a beachside karaoke extravaganza and watch your kids and their friends unleash their inner superstars. Create a lively atmosphere by setting up a karaoke station on the beach. 

Provide a selection of popular songs and a portable karaoke machine or a Bluetooth speaker. Take turns belting out tunes, and let the beach become your concert venue. This fun-filled activity will bring out the performer in everyone and create unforgettable memories of singing and dancing by the shore.

DIY Tie-Dye Station

Unleash your creativity and embark on a colorful adventure with a DIY tie-dye station. Set up a designated area with plain white t-shirts, bandanas, towels, vibrant fabric dyes, rubber bands, and squeeze bottles. 

Show your kids different tie-dye techniques, like the classic spiral or funky crumple patterns, and let them create personalized designs that reflect their unique style. 

Together, you’ll dive into a world of vibrant colors, messy fun, and artistic expression. The result will be a collection of one-of-a-kind masterpieces that you can proudly wear or use as keepsakes to cherish the memories of your beach party.

Shell Collecting Contest

Shell Collecting Contest

Embrace the natural wonders of the beach with a thrilling shell-collecting contest. Arm yourselves with buckets or baskets and quest to find the most unique and beautiful seashells. 

Encourage your kids and their friends to explore the shoreline, discovering shells of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Set a time limit and gather back to showcase your findings. 

With each shell acting as a treasure, the contest will ignite a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beach’s natural wonders. Celebrate the beauty of the seashore and the joy of discovery as you bond over this delightful activity.

Hula Hoop Competition

Swing your hips and show off your hula hooping skills with a lively hula hoop competition. Set up an open space on the beach and provide colorful hula hoops of various sizes. Challenge your kids and their friends to see who can keep the hoop spinning the longest or perform the most creative tricks. 

Encourage laughter, friendly competition, and a playful atmosphere as you all try your best to master the art of hula hooping. It’s an activity that will keep everyone moving, laughing, and amazed by the impressive tricks and twists that can be accomplished.

Beach-themed arts and Crafts

Channel your inner artist and indulge in beach-themed arts and crafts. Set up a creative station with seashells, colorful paints, glue, and other craft supplies. Let your imagination run wild as you and your kids create seashell picture frames, personalized beach tote bags, or painted pebbles. 

Explore various art techniques and encourage each other’s creativity. As you dive into these crafts, you’ll find yourselves bonding over shared ideas and the joy of making something unique. These handmade treasures will serve as lasting reminders of the wonderful time spent together at the beach.

Beachside Yoga or Meditation Session

Find tranquility by the shoreline with a relaxing beachside yoga or meditation session. Bring yoga mats or towels and guide your kids and their friends through gentle stretches, poses, and mindfulness exercises. 

Allow the soothing sound of the waves and the warmth of the sand to create a serene atmosphere as you practice deep breathing and find inner peace together. This calming activity will promote physical and mental well-being and provide a moment of connection and rejuvenation amidst the joyful beach party.

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Beach Limbo Dance-Off

Add a touch of Caribbean flair to your beach party with a lively limbo dance-off. Set up a limbo pole decorated with tropical colors and adorned with flowers or seashells. Take turns swaying and grooving to the rhythm of live music as you try to pass under the pole without touching it. 

Lower the pole after each round to increase the challenge and see who can shimmy their way to the lowest point. The limbo dance-off will fill the air with laughter, cheers, and an infectious energy that will make your beach party truly unforgettable.

Giant Bubble Blowing Station

Giant Bubble Blowing Station

Amaze your kids and their friends with the magical world of giant bubbles at a dedicated bubble-blowing station. Set up a variety of bubble wands and a mixture of bubble solutions. 

Show off your bubble-blowing skills as you create massive bubbles that float and shimmer in the ocean breeze. 

Encourage everyone to experiment with different techniques and sizes of bubbles and marvel at the beautiful formations that emerge. This enchanting activity will leave everyone in awe and create a sense of childlike wonder and joy.

Face Painting Station

Bring out creativity and transform faces into works of art with a vibrant face painting station. Set up a designated area with face paints, brushes, sponges, and a mirror. Let your kids and their friends choose their favorite designs: a colorful butterfly, a fierce tiger, or a mystical mermaid. 

Take turns painting each other’s faces and watch their personalities and imaginations come to life. The face painting station will add a touch of whimsy and fun to your beach party, truly celebrating creativity and self-expression.

Sand Art Creation Station

Unleash your inner sculptor and create breathtaking sand art at a dedicated sand art creation station. Set up a table with various containers, molds, tools, and colored sand. 

Let your kids and their friends design their sand masterpieces- a majestic castle, a whimsical mermaid, or an intricate pattern. Encourage them to experiment with layering different colors and textures to create unique and eye-catching creations. 

As the sand art takes shape, you’ll witness their imagination and artistic talents shine through, leaving behind beautiful temporary masterpieces on the beach.

DIY Seashell Jewelry Making Station

Tap into the beauty of the beach with a DIY seashell jewelry-making station. Gather an assortment of seashells, colorful beads, strings, and clasps.

Show your kids and their friends different techniques for creating necklaces, bracelets, or earrings using seashells as unique pendants or accents. 

Let their creativity flow as they design their beach-inspired jewelry to wear and cherish. This activity will allow them to express their style and serve as a tangible reminder of the special memories made at the beach party.

Beachside Treasure Hunt

Prepare for an exciting beachside treasure hunt that will ignite the spirit of adventure in your 13-year-old and their friends. Create a treasure map or a series of clues leading them to hidden treasures scattered along the shoreline. 

Buried seashells, colorful ribbons, or small tokens can serve as hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Encourage teamwork as they decipher the clues and race against time to uncover the treasures. 

This thrilling activity will have them exploring the beach, digging in the sand, and celebrating the thrill of the hunt together.

Watermelon Eating Contest

Cool off from the sun’s rays with a mouthwatering watermelon eating contest. Slice juicy watermelons into mouthwatering wedges and gather your kids and their friends around a designated eating area. 

Set a timer and watch as they devour the slices as quickly as possible, their faces covered in sticky delight. The sweet, refreshing taste of the watermelon, with the laughter and friendly competition, will create a juicy memory that will be savored for years.

Beach Dodgeball Game

Gear up for an action-packed beach dodgeball game that will have everyone on their toes. Divide into teams, mark boundaries in the sand, and let the dodgeball frenzy begin. 

Dodge, duck, dip, and dive as you aim to eliminate opponents by throwing soft foam balls. Enjoy the excitement of strategic dodges and lightning-fast throws, all while feeling the sand beneath your feet. This exhilarating game will test agility, coordination, and teamwork as you compete by the shore.

Beachside Talent Show

Unleash the hidden talents and create a stage for your 13-year-old and their friends to shine with a beachside talent show. Encourage them to showcase their singing, dancing, comedy, or any unique talents they possess. 

Set up a designated performance area on the beach, complete with a makeshift stage or blanket, and let the creativity unfold. Cheers and applause will fill the air as everyone revels in the joy of expression and celebrates each other’s remarkable abilities. 

It’s a chance for your kids to share their passion and for all to appreciate the diverse talents within the group.

Tug-of-War Competition

Gather your strength and rally your team for an exhilarating tug-of-war competition on the sandy shores. Divide into teams and position yourselves at either end of a rope. As the whistle blows, give it your all, summoning your collective power and determination to pull the opposing team toward your side. 

Feel the sand shifting beneath your feet and the adrenaline rush as you strive for victory. This classic test of strength and teamwork will create bonds and memories long after the competition ends.

Surfing or Paddleboarding Lessons

Paddleboarding Lessons for teen

Ride the waves and embrace the thrill of the ocean with surfing or paddleboarding lessons. Enlist the help of experienced instructors or join a group lesson to learn the art of riding the surf or balancing on a paddleboard. 

Feel the rush of the waves beneath you as you paddle, balance, and catch the perfect wave. Whether you ride the waves or explore the tranquil waters, these water sports will provide a sense of accomplishment, build confidence, and create unforgettable memories of conquering the majestic sea together.

Beach Olympics with Various Athletic Challenges

Turn your beach party into a spirited competition by organizing a Beach Olympics with various athletic challenges. Designate different stations along the beach for activities such as beach volleyball, sand sprint races, frisbee golf, or beachside relay races. 

Divide into teams and rotate through each challenge, earning points. Cheer on your 13-year-old and their friends as they showcase their skills, push their limits, and revel in the joy of friendly competition. This lively and energetic event will foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and a true sense of achievement.

Beach-Themed Photo Booth

Let your creativity shine and capture the joyful moments of your beach party with a beach-themed photo booth. Set a vibrant backdrop with beach-inspired decorations such as seashells, surfboards, and tropical flowers. 

Provide an array of props like sunglasses, hats, beach balls, and signs with catchy phrases. Grab your smartphone or camera, strike a pose, and snap away! Encourage your teens and their friends to express their unique personalities and create unforgettable memories through fun and silly poses. 

The beach-themed photo booth will become a hub of laughter, creativity, and spontaneous fun, preserving the cherished memories of your beach party for years to come.

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Beachside Movie Night with a Projector

Take your beach party to the next level with an enchanting beachside movie night under the stars. Set up a projector and a large screen, or use a white sheet on a wall or between poles. 

Choose a family-friendly movie or your kids’ favorite flick and get cozy with blankets, pillows, and beach chairs. As the sun sets, the magical ambiance of the beach and the captivating movie will transport you and your 13-year-old into a world of cinematic delight. 

Relax, cuddle up, and enjoy the film together, creating a memorable movie night experience that will be etched in your hearts forever.

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Beachside Bonfire with S’mores

Embrace the warmth and coziness of a beachside bonfire as you gather around the crackling flames with your 13-year-old and their friends. Build a safe and controlled fire in a designated fire pit or using a portable bonfire pit. 

As the evening sets in, roast marshmallows on long skewers and sandwich them between graham crackers and chocolate to create classic and delicious s’mores. 

Share stories, sing songs, or bask in the flickering glow of the fire, creating a serene and intimate atmosphere that fosters conversation, connection, and unforgettable moments with your kids.

Giant Jenga or Connect Four Games on the Sand

Elevate the excitement with giant versions of classic games like Jenga or Connect Four on the sandy beach. Set up a large Jenga tower or a supersized Connect Four board on a stable surface and challenge your 13-year-old and their friends to test their strategic thinking and skill. 

Take turns pulling blocks or dropping discs, carefully navigating the delicate balance of these oversized games. The combination of beach fun and friendly competition will keep everyone engaged, cheering, and laughing as the towers teeter and the strategies unfold. 

These giant games will create unforgettable memories of exhilarating moments shared by the beach.

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Make TikTok Videos Together

Join the viral craze and unleash your creativity by making TikTok videos with your 13-year-old. Choose popular TikTok dance challenges, funny skits, or creative lip-syncs, and let the beach become your stage. 

Grab your smartphone and start filming as you and your kids showcase your dance moves, act out hilarious scenes, or engage in exciting challenges. Explore different TikTok trends and encourage each other’s creativity. 

Brainstorming, filming, and editing these videos together will create laughter and joy and strengthen your bond as you share in the trendiness and excitement of the TikTok world.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I organize a beach scavenger hunt?

Create a list of items or clues for participants to find along the shoreline. Provide a map or directions to guide them. Encourage teamwork and friendly competition as they search for hidden treasures.

What supplies do I need for a DIY tie-dye station?

You’ll need plain white t-shirts, bandanas, towels, fabric dyes, rubber bands, and squeeze bottles. These supplies will allow you and your kids to create vibrant tie-dye designs.

How can I set up a beachside bonfire?

Choose a designated fire pit or use a portable bonfire pit. Gather firewood, kindling, and matches. Follow safety guidelines and check local regulations regarding bonfires on the beach.

What games can we play on the sand?

Giant Jenga and Connect Four are great options. Enjoy beach volleyball sand relay races or organize a friendly beachside dodgeball game.

How do I create a beach-themed photo booth?

Set up a colorful backdrop, provide props like sunglasses and beach hats, and have a camera or smartphone on a tripod. Let your 13-year-old and their friends strike poses and capture fun memories.

Final Thoughts

Organizing a beach party for your 13-year-old can be a memorable and exciting experience for both of you. With a wide range of activities, you can create a celebration combining fun, adventure, and creativity. 

The beach offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable party, from thrilling games and challenges to creative crafts and relaxing moments.

You and your kids can bond, laugh, and create cherished memories by engaging in activities like a beach scavenger hunt, water balloon toss, or beachside talent show. 

Whether you’re building sandcastles, competing in friendly competitions, or simply enjoying the beauty of the beach, each moment will be filled with joy and connection.

Remember to prioritize safety, be mindful of local regulations, and ensure everyone’s well-being throughout the party. Provide necessary supplies, encourage teamwork and friendly competition, and let the beach backdrop inspire and energize you.

Let the beach party become an event that your kids will remember fondly and an opportunity for you to strengthen your bond as you embark on this thrilling adventure together.

Happy kids, happy parents!

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