12 Beach Party Ideas for Toddlers

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You’ve been planning for weeks; now it’s time to implement your ideas. You know this party will be a blast, but you’re unsure how to start.

We have the perfect solution!

In this blog post, we will share 12 beach party ideas for toddlers to make your little one smile from ear to ear.

Let’s get into it!

12 Party Ideas For Your Toddler

1. A Ray of Sunshine

Give your little one a ray of sunshine with this super cute party favor!

You’ll need a pair of yellow paper plates, gold markers, peel-and-stick foam stickers in the shape of palm trees, and sunglasses.

The peel-and-stick stickers can be found here. Draw two palm trees on each plate for double the fun.

2. Homemade Beach Bucket Fishbowls

Beach pails are essential for any beach-themed party. However, many parents are looking for something more sophisticated than their toddlers can use repeatedly.

We have found the perfect solution! This simple tutorial converts your child’s favorite bucket into a fish bowl. 

3. Life Preserver Party Banner

If your little one loves the beach, this DIY party banner is a must-have! You only need wooden dowels, craft paint, and numbers to create this easy last-minute decoration.

4. Beach Balls as Decor

Beach balls fit the bill if you have a smaller party and need extra decorations! They can be hung from almost any location, making your space fun and festive. 

5. Beach Themed Photobooth

You’ll find yourself coming up with so many last-minute ideas that it will be hard to choose one.

Our vote goes with this adorable beach-themed photo booth! The best part is that almost everything can be found at your local dollar store for under $5.

6. Beach-Themed Banana Boat Race

Banana Boat Race

Who doesn’t love banana boats? This fun and original game will make your child’s party a success! You can manage almost everything with what you already have at home.

7. DIY Beach Hats

If you’re looking for another easy last-minute decoration, you’ll love these cute and creative hats! Head to this blog post to discover how to turn your child’s favorite beach hat into a party favor!

8. Sailboat Cupcakes

This adorable decorating idea will take you only two basic ingredients! All required are some wooden skewers, marshmallows, and chocolate chips.

9. DIY Beach Bucket Dessert Plates

These homemade beach bucket dessert plates are perfect if you’re looking for another easy last-minute decoration! They can be made of paper plates, construction paper, and glue.

10. Ocean Sensory Play

There’s just something about sensory bins that toddlers love! If you’re throwing a beach-themed party, this is simply a must-have.

You’ll need coarse blue salt, fine white sand, various beach-themed toys, and an assortment of safe, washable objects for your toddler to explore.

11. DIY Faux Surfboard Wall Decorations

These beautiful wall decorations are so easy that they can be made in less than 30 minutes! You only need a wooden board, craft paint, and a sponge brush.

12. Decorating Store Bought Sandwiches

This is by far one of my favorite ideas!

Let’s be honest; there’s nothing better than an easy last-minute decoration…especially when it looks this adorable. You only need round cookie cutters, blue or brown fabric, and white craft glue.

I don’t live near the beach. Can I still use these ideas?

Yes! Beach-themed parties are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party, family reunion, or even just for fun, you can decorate your next event to look like the shore.

I’m having a smaller party. What decoration should I make?

Why not set up an outdoor table with blue and brown linens? Then, decorate it using one of the ideas above. It’s simple, easy to clean up after, and looks great!

Can I use these ideas for a winter or rainy day party?

You definitely can! A beach-themed party is perfect all year round. If you’re planning an event in the winter, try decorating with fake palm trees and seashells. It’s fun for both kids and adults!

For The Most Part

We hope we’ve given you some good inspiration, but the best way to create an event your child will love is by including them.

So get creative and find ways for your toddler to be involved with planning their birthday bash!

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