11 Beach Art Ideas For Toddlers (Beach Fun!)

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Beach season is just around the corner, and with it comes a new opportunity for creativity. 

Beach art is fun to spend time playing in the sand while creating something beautiful! 

In this blog post, we will discuss 11 different ways you can create beach art with your toddler at the beach. 

Whether you like making simple shapes out of sand or more intricate designs, we have an idea that will work for you!

Best Beach Art Ideas for Toddlers

Simple Patterns

To make simple line patterns, use a stick or rake to draw lines in the sand. 

You can follow those with squiggles or shapes if you have an artistic toddler who wants to get involved! 

Squiggles are fun because they resemble pictures of waves and other beachy things.

Push your thumb into the sand to create a circle to make a circle pattern! You can add squiggles, and it’s up to your toddler.

Letter Sand Art

Letter Sand Art

If you have young toddlers learning their letters, why not make sand art together?! 

Make a capital letter out of the sand and point out what sound it starts with while your child plays. 

If they are old enough to write their name, have them do some letter sand art with you too!

Beach Animal Sculptures

Kids love animals, and once those new beach toys come out of storage, your little one will need a way to play with them on the go! 

Use footprint shapes in the sand to make silly beach animal sculptures.

Fossil Sculptures

Amuse your toddler with these fossil sculpting tools and create a mini-museum in the sand! 

If you find seashells on the beach, use those to make it more like an actual museum exhibit. Learn about different animals from various eras while making fun shapes out of the sand.

Message In A Bottle Sculptures

Talk about a blast from the past with these messages in bottle sculpting tools. They make it easy to write your children’s names and draw pictures for them on the beach. 

What a sweet way to leave a little message for your toddler while they play by the shore.

Book Sculptures

If you have beach toys with books attached, have your toddler turn the pages by pushing sand into various shapes on a hardcover book. 

You can do the same thing with softcover books if you don’t want to deface one of your kid’s favorite storybooks!  

Sand Art Sandals

Sand Art Sandals

If your little one is tired of walking in the sand or you don’t want them to contaminate their feet with all the beach gunk, make some sandy shoes for them. 

You only need two plastic spoons, a rubber band, and some tape. 

Tape the end of the spoon around the mouthpiece firmly and then tape the same end of the second spoon to the first spoon. 

It should be just over your toddler’s foot width and a little longer than their foot length. 

Then, once you’re at the beach, fill up each spoon with sand and place them on your child’s feet.

You can tie a rubber band around their ankle or toe area to keep it in place. How adorable are these sandals?

Sand Dollar Art

Once your toddler is old enough to draw stick figures, you can give them this pro tip for making a cute sand dollar pattern.

To make the shape of the sand dollar, use one stick or stick figure trunk and have your child surround it with another stick figure to create the inner circle.

Crab Sculptures

These fun crab sculpting tools might be one of our favorites! We love how your little one can use them to draw their favorite sea creatures and other designs in the sand.

Sand Towers & Forts

Build a sand fort if you and your toddler are ready for a more significant project. Fill buckets with wet sand and stack them to make a small castle. 

Make some towers, and let your child draw windows in the turrets or add their decorations.

Sand People

We love these clever sand sculpting tools. They give you more control over what you want your sand people to look like. 

Add features like eyes, mouths, and hats to your sand sculpture before letting it dry for the perfect little face.

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How do I clean the sand off my child’s feet when they are done playing?

If you want to leave your shoes on, grab a dry towel and wipe their soles. They will have slightly damp feet, which is better than stinky wet feet!

How much sunscreen should I apply to my toddler?

You shouldn’t use sunscreen on babies under six months because it has chemicals. After that, apply about half as much as you would put on yourself, and let them play.

How do I keep my child busy while waiting in line at the beach?

Try drawing a grid on the ground with masking tape and then helping them color inside each square. 

They can choose a different color for each square, and then they’ll have a cute criss-cross pattern when you’re done! 

How can I keep my toddler occupied at the beach?

Make an obstacle course for your child by filling large buckets with wet sand. They can crawl through, squeeze through or climb over obstacles. 

You can also buy plastic buckets and shovels so your toddler can pretend to be digging for treasure!  

How can I make sure my toddler won’t try to eat the sand?

It’s normal for your child to put things in their mouth; it’s how they learn about the world! So, if you want to avoid them eating sand, teach them not to eat anything that is sandy. 

When they are done playing, pick them up, bathe them and then let them eat something. It’s not healthy to substitute sand for food, so don’t do it too often!  

How do I keep my kids from tracking sand into the car?

If you want to let, your kids walk around the beach in their shoes, put plastic bags over them. 

They can still play with all those cool beach toys, but you don’t have to worry about getting sand into the car.

What’s a great game to play at the beach that requires minimal supplies?

Try running around the beach and having your toddler run up to strangers and ask them, “Where do you live?” 

If they say, “At the beach,” show them one of these silly art projects and tell them to make it with their family. You can play this game anywhere, not just on the beach!  

Considering All Of The Facts

You can keep your toddler entertained at the beach with arts and crafts with just a little creativity. 

These ideas are simple, fun, and sure to please your little one. 

What’s your favorite beach art activity? 

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