Ras Um Sid Beach: A Must-Visit Beach In Egypt

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Need a combo of soft sands and calm beaches? Ras Um Sid Beach in Egypt should be your first choice. 

The beach has a perfect blend of energy and immersive activities, sure to refresh you.

Ras Um Sid sits on the edge of Sharm el-Sheikh, one of Egypt’s scenic destinations. It’s also one of the best beaches in Egypt.

Year-round, the Ras Um Sid beach is always in pristine condition. And this neatness attracts thousands of beach-goers regardless of the season.

Several side attractions also feature on this beach to guarantee a complete at-the-beach experience.

A vast number of fun activities take place by the beach. It’s less likely to visit Ras Um Sid without having much fun.

If you’re keen on powdery sands, calm waters, and an ever-bubbling beachside, Ras Um Sid is for you.

You need to know some things to maximize your time at this beach. 

And with lots of exciting activities on the beach, you’re sure to have an enhanced dose of fun every time!

Best Time To Visit Ras Um Sid Beach

For the most part, Ras Um Sid beach receives visitors each month. But many the beach-lovers throng to this relaxation spot in the summer and winter months.

Visitors intent on mingling and having a lot of fun will make the most of hitting this beach during May – December. 

The best time to visit a calm and less-populated beach is from January to April.

Ras Um Sid has humid, mostly-sunny weather year-round. 

So, if you’re looking for an escape from all that good weather, this beach is a perfect destination.

Hotels Around Ras Um Sid Beach

  • Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor – Moderately priced with free Wi-Fi and outdoor pool
  • Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort – Cheap price with outdoor pool and spa
  • Dive Inn Resort – Cheap accommodation with spa and outdoor pool and spa

Tourism of Egyptian culture

A ton of cultural attractions line the Ras Um Sid area. Since Egypt has a rich cultural heritage, it’s only fair you take advantage of your time at the beach, no?

Several relaxation spots

Relaxing for a cool sunbath or immersion in the clear water is possible at several Ras Um Sid spots. And if you’re keen on a quick suntan, Ras Um Sid has the weather your skin needs.

Fun Spots Around Ras Um Sid Beach

You can pay a visit to Sharm El Maya Bay and other exciting destinations around Sharm el-Sheikh. 

The bay is just under a half-mile from the beach and promises a lively experience year-round.

There’re other spots around the beach where camel rides, beach sports, and other fun stuff reign supreme. 

Getting immersed in all the fun becomes more accessible than ever with the massive spending tips for Ras Um Sid beach.

Spending Hacks In Ras Um Sid Beach

Cost-effective visiting time

Placing your visit to fall between January – March will save you a lot more money at Ras Um Sid. At this time, there’re lesser tourists, and most fares and rates are considerably cheaper.

Cheap accommodation

There’s a lot of competitively-priced accommodation around Ras Um Sid beach, and some high-cost options too.

But if you’re on the thrifty side, place a hotel reservation at a spot far from the beach. The hotels come with moderate pricing and will offer decent hospitality regardless.


Limiting your movements will likely beat down transport expenses. But generally, transport fares around Sharm el-Sheikh are budget-priced, and rip-offs are less likely.

Frequently Ask Questions

Where is Ras Um Sid Beach?

Ras Um Sid beach is located along Na’ama Bay and El Fanar beach. The beach sits at Sharm el-Sheikh’s southwestern end and has banks stretching close to a lighthouse.

What are the main attractions of Ras Um Sid Beach?

1. Canyon diving
2. Tourism of ancient Egyptian culture
3. Several relaxation spots
4. Canoeing

Does Ras Um Sid Beach have any music festivals?

No. There’s no music festival in Ras Um Sid. But several tourists flock to this beach during Eid celebrations.

How long is Ras Um Sid Beach?

Ras Um Sid beach stretches for approximately thirty miles, linking up with Na’ama Bay and El Fanar Beach.

Where can I stay at night at Ras Um Sid Beach?

1. Gafy Resort Aqua Park
2 . Naama Bay Promenade Resort
3. Sheraton Sharm Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh
4. Shores Golden Resort
5. Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa
6. Tropitel Naama Bay Hotel
7. Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland
8. Xperience St.

What can I wear to Ras Um Sid Beach?

You can wear clothes that aren’t revealing but spacious enough to help you relax.

If you’re planning to visit in the hotter months, stack your wardrobe with extra light but non-see-through clothes.

Can I swim at Ras Um Sid Beach?

You can comfortably swim at the El Fanar link, the public Ras Um Sid section, and the Terrazina spot.

Is Ras Um Sid Beach safe to travel to?

Ras Um Sid is safe to travel to. But you must avoid walking alone when it’s dark or in secluded places.

Final Word

Making the most of an all-out beach experience has been so challenging. Ras Um Sid Beach in Egypt is the hallmark for maximizing your dose of fun.

And when you’ve got to have that extra pampering, the city has all you need. Place a reservation, and uncover the fun you need to feel more refreshed than ever!

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