Hostivarska Prehrada Beach Of Czech: A Standout Destination

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Regarding exceptional relaxation, Hostivarska Prehrada Beach in the Czech Republic remains a standout destination. 

Sure, there are several top-class beaches around the country, but this beach remains a chart-topper

With an alluring merge of clear, powdery sands linking the ocean, you’re sure of an eventful time every time!

Most parts of this beach remain in excellent condition year-round. Its serenity and neatness make it one of Europe’s most visited holiday spots.

And that’s not all!

This spot has a surprise package for anyone who needs diverse beach fun. 

Also, several fun attractions make this beach a place to unwind for people across ages and tastes.

If you’re willing to make the most of your beach time, you need all the info you can get. 

And when you stock up on relevant facts, it becomes more comfortable to maximize your beach experience.

Best time to visit Hostivarska Prehrada Beach

Undoubtedly, lots of fun stuff awaits holiday enthusiasts throughout the year at Hostivarska Prehrada Beach. 

Many beach lovers like to visit during the summer and winter months. Are you thinking about visiting Hostivarska Prehrada Beach around February – May? 

You’re more likely to encounter fun-seekers like you at the beach. 

Also, visiting around June – August would be excellent if you’re keen on quiet beach time.

Hostivarska Prehrada Beach has two sections (general and nude beach) that several beach-goers flock to for different reasons.

Feel the Beach

Several main beach areas have a beautiful grass covering that links to white powdery sands. 

A calm merge of the oncoming water and comfortable beach sands makes this spot perfect for kids.   

If you’re sunbathing on the pier, lover, you’re in luck! A long pier sits at the left stretch of this beach to guarantee a better linkup with the sea.

Also, several changing rooms along this beach make getting into your swimsuit and bikini more comfortable. 

And there are several spots for getting refreshed and playgrounds for kids.

Hotels around Hostivarska Prehrada Beach

Hotýlek Na Šancích

Free parking is available at this hotel, along with some decent accommodations. You may not need this if you’re looking for a stellar hospitality center.

But if you need free Wi-Fi and a cheap place to stay, this spot has many features you will surely fancy.

Hotel Kanarek

Free Wi-Fi is available at Hotel Kanarek. And this spot comes at a reasonable price with some exceptional accommodation to go with it.  

Top Hotel

Indoor pools at Top Hotel ensure a refreshing time after staying by the beach. This hotel also features a spa to ensure you get re-energized without hassle. 

All these come at a fantastic price to ensure you don’t exceed your budget.

Penzion Arti

There’s free Wi-Fi and breakfast at Penzion Arti for its guests. And it comes with scenic views of the Czech country.

Side Attractions


Hostivarska Prehrada Beach is a top spot for swimming, and several tourists come to this beach for the water. It’s a calm beach that allows beach-goers to have a refreshing time in the sun.

Nude beach

Don’t want to be around dudes and gals with clothes? There’s a nude beach a few meters down the general section. 

You can get in your birthday suit and storm this beach without feeling shy.

And as you’d have it, Hostivarska Prehrada Beach is one of the most popular nudist spots in the country. So, expect a lot of birthday suits with each visit.

Beach sports

Beach volleyball, soccer, and other sand-based sports are available on Hostivarska Prehrada Beach. Having this collection of sports on hand makes getting a fun time more possible than ever!


Hiring a boat and getting an extended beach feel is comfortable at Hostivarska Prehrada Beach.

Children’s playground

There’s a sports playground for kids and adults at this beach. With this playground, Hostivarska Prehrada Beach is an excellent place for the family to visit.



There are several kayaks for hire at this beach to enhance your relaxation and immersion in nature.

Pedal boats

These boats are available at several beach sections to ensure a fun time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hostivarska Prehrada Beach?

Hostivarska Prehrada sits at the edge of Hostivar Forest Park, a few miles from central Prague.

What are the main attractions of Hostivarska Prehrada Beach?

1. Swimming
2. Nude beach
3. Beach sports
4. Boating
5. Children’s playground
6. Kayaks
7. Pedal boats
8. Beach-side garden

Does Hostivarska Prehrada Beach have any music festivals?

There are no music festivals at Hostivarska Prehrada Beach year-round.

How long is Hostivarska Prehrada Beach?

Hostivarska Prehrada Beach is approximately two-and-a-half kilometers in length.

Where can I stay at night at Hostivarska Prehrada Beach?

1. Hotel Kanarek
2. SIVEK Hotels
3. Top Hotel
4. Hotel Selsky Dvur

What can I wear to Hostivarska Prehrada Beach?

You can wear what suits you at Hostivarska Prehrada Beach. And if you’re up for no-clothes relaxation, there’s a nudist beach a few meters down the public section.

Can I swim at Hostivarska Prehrada Beach?

Swimming is a significant part of the tourists’ checklist at Hostivarska Prehrada Beach. Visitors can swim along several stretches of this beachhead.

Is Hostivarska Prehrada Beach safe to travel to?

Hostivarska Prehrada ranks high among safe beaches in the Czech Republic. Visitors can spend most hours at the beach, but you should endeavor to avoid lonely spots.

Final Word

With tons of fun stuff to do and two orientations, you’ve got to visit Hostivarska Prehrada Beach in the Czech Republic. 

Several exciting stuff tailored to make you relax waits. When you’re through your first visit, you’ll always want to return for more!r more!

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